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  1. The Dude Model Log Home M & S LOG HOMES   On their website some of the links do not seem to work well or not at all. But there is also some good pictures of their workmanship. I could find at least one cabin under 1000 SF, it is called "The Getaway Log Home" at 864 SF total floor space including the loft. Picture on the right is their 32ft X 48ft "The Dude" model log cabin.

    ►Nestled in the hills of Wolfe County, Kentucky - M & S Log Homes sells quality log packages that can be used to build beautiful log homes of all shapes and sizes. The logs we use in our packages are 100% native Appalachian white pine cut by local loggers. Over 200 homes have been assembled with our packages on sites found in Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. Owners David L. Spencer and David M. Spencer have over forty years of combined experience in providing quality wood products. We own and operate our own sawmill. This allows us to provide our customers with the best prices and the highest quality product. Every log you get passes our own high standards. Additionally, owning the mill allows us to price our products very competitively. We can saw logs up to 45 feet long and can plane logs in several varieties including flat or rounded sides. Every log home package we sell is cut only after the customer tells us what he or she wants. On this website, you will find several examples of our homes, with some that have sample plans. These plans serve only as a starting point and can be changed as needed according to each customer's unique requirements. We also have a showcase in our office of furniture that would look wonderful in your log home. In addition we make specialty lumber to meet your needs. Call (606) 668-6282 for pricing and more details or email◄
  2. Log Cabin Front View SUMMIT LOG & TIMBER HOMES   Hot Doggies! According to their pictures, they do build some beautiful log homes. Also, they will build some smaller cabins under 1000 SF, currently at least 6 standard models to choose from, but they will probably build any design you have in mind.

    ►At Summit Log & Timber Homes, our team collectively has hundreds of years of log and timber frame experience. We have built homes across the globe―from the smallest and simplest of buildings, to large and highly complex structures. On each project our approach is always the same; we listen closely to our client's needs and create a home that matches. We believe that proper planning leads to excellent execution. Happy clients and beautiful log and timber frame homes are what we are all about. Let us help you fulfill your dream.◄
  3. Settler Log Cabin STRONGWOOD LOG HOME COMPANY   Picture on the right is of their 791 SF "Settler" model traditional log cabin. Some of the drop down menus do not work right on their website making it difficult to see all the information available. Anyway, they do have some models under 1000 SF floor space. They offer tours, seminars, & workshops. You can order a plan book and schedule individual planning sessions.

    ►At Strongwood, our heritage drives everything we do. Most log home manufacturers started as lumber mills and worked to find a way to get their product to market. They view their main business function as producing and delivering material, and when the delivery is made, their job is done and they move onto the next project. Strongwood is different. We started as a custom home builder and were led to log homes by the desires of our clients. We searched the industry high and low, and eventually acquired milling facilities to produce logs to our satisfaction. Years later, though we've grown to national and international proportions, our service model is still driven by a custom homebuilder's focus on delivering stellar service and fine turn-key homes. While we produce and deliver high-quality materials, we view the planning, budgeting and construction of your entire home as the very essence of our business.◄
  4. 560 SF Shady Brook Log Cabin STONEY CREEK LOG STRUCTURES   This business situated in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. You have to admit they have this cool little 560 SF Log Cabin in their inventory, picture on the right is it, called "Shady Brook". They can create custom designs for you. They offer four different log profiles: Round vertical, Square vertical, Butt & Pass, Saddle notch & Cope notch. Their website has a fair amount of pictures and log cabin information for your education.

    ►Welcome to Stoney Creek Log Structures. A national company that provides log home living individualized for your lifestyle whether in the wilderness, a lake front setting or in a residential neighborhood. Our hands-on design team will work with you to create a one of kind dream home. Stoney Creek Log Structures are manufactured to save you time, money and provide the highest quality materials to ensure your log home will be a dream come true and turn your vision into reality. We offer True half log or full-log complete packages from custom designs, modern green products, log home maintenance products, stain finishes, rails, spindles and log accents.◄
  5. Sing Log Cabin SING LOG HOMES   Very creative people here. They are still in business and have many different projects going. Very interesting to me.

    ►Welcome to Sing log homes. The most innovative home in the USA. The highest quality home can be achieve with a low budget. Sing log homes has invented numerous patented building materials with our cutting edge simple building method. Hardware Store Sing log homes requires a less skillful work force and less man-hours to build the finest home. Suddenly almost every home building system claims to be "Green"! The Patented Sing home is the only home system willing to put up a $1000 reward to stand behind our "Green" claim. Following are some different home building systems you might browse to compare with the Sing home system. Your choice of a dream home should be based on fact. Learning all the facts will help you understand why Sing Log Homes are the best. Besides the financial benefit of building a Sing Home, you gain a life style of simple, functional, elegant living, in harmony with the earth. In addition to our home system, we also offer a $1000 reward if you can find a better stronger floor with built in insulation, a better insulated window frame, insulated picture window, a more lightweight high strength insulated door, a stronger lightweight roof system, or stronger lightweight affordable furniture. Our Patented Honeycomb invention is the highest strength, lightest weight, dimensionally stable, energy efficient, functional, renewable & recyclable, easy to build, affordable and environmentally friendly building material. Sing Home building material is made of patented honeycomb core, which is the heart and soul of our Sing Home building system. We use clean renewable natural wood veneer to create the strongest energy efficient home building components with the lowest cost.◄
  6. Coast Mtn Log Home COAST MOUNTAIN LOG HOMES   This business is located in Coquitlam BC Canada (British Columbia).

    ►Coast Mountain Log Homes is a privately owned Canadian company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, one of North America's busiest shipping ports. Our close proximity to shipping routes enables us to ship your log home shell world wide for less cost than other builders. Also, because of our location, we have access to the finest Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir house logs available anywhere, both of which are highly coveted and considered the best building material available. Our log home craftsmen are highly skilled and dedicated to their craft and our building practices the most innovative in the entire industry. We offer a full range of packages from log home shell only, right up to full packages, which include everything needed to completely finish your home. We offer a complete design studio to assist you in custom designing your dream home, as well as a good selection of stock plans. There are no hidden costs at Coast Mountain Log Homes. We stand by our quality and our price! Our log homes are easily shipped world-wide from our construction yard 20 minutes from the Port of Vancouver and 20 minutes from the USA/Canada border crossing at Blaine WA.◄
  7. 12ft Log Cabin PRAIRIE CRAFT SPECIALTIES   They build log cabins for campground owners and for consumers as well. Very nice looking units. They even make a small 12in x 12in one room cabin. They are located in Great Falls, MT.

    ►At Prairie Kraft Specialties we aim to make your dreams come true. Since 1980, Prairie Kraft Specialties has built a tradition of excellence in log cabins through our commitment to quality, technology and craftsmanship. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the creation of each and every one of our products. We are a well-established company with a reputation for quality, first-class customer service, and a commitment to excellence. Visit our the picture gallery. A detailed catalog of almost every aspect of our business is available. We welcome your inquiries and we will be glad to furnish references.◄
  8. Fairlea Log Cabin Model APPALACHIAN LOG STRUCTURES   The have four categories of log cabins based on square footage, but the fourth category is called "Cabins". It is in this category that they have placed some very nice small cabin designs. Picture on the right is of their Fairlea Log Cabin Model with a Main Floor: 352 SF, Second Floor: 176 SF. Total Square Footage: 528 SF.

    ►For over 30 years we have been manufacturing precut or linear foot milled log home building materials. Our Sales Office model in Ripley, West Virginia showcases three log buildings that incorporate the administrative, design and sales teams. The model home features one of most popular floor plan designs, The Fair Oaks, built in the popular authentic Appalachian style log. With a little over 2,000 SF of living area, this 1-½ story design features an open living space with an abundance of glass. Porches and decks surround the structure that includes 3 bedrooms, living, dining, and kitchen areas. Our Sales Office/Model home, located in Gaffney, South Carolina off I-85, offers visitors the opportunity to tour a log structure featuring our popular D-log profile. Appalachian Log Structures manufactures five distinct log profiles, with the D-log traditional butt and pass and Authentic Appalachian style dovetail corner joinery the most requested. Three additional log profiles and two corner styles in full 6in or 8in thickness are available from Appalachian Log Structures. These log styles are milled with a tongue and groove and are stacked to provide a solid wood wall. The Premier engineered building system also includes a precut timber frame loft floor, rafter roof, and porch system with thru-bolts, hardware, caulk and gasketing. All log wall and beams components are grade stamped for quality assurance and are covered by a 5/25-year warranty for years of unmatchable worry free protection. The sales and design staff have many years of experience and look forward to guiding future log home owners through the design and building process. We offer over 60 floor plans designed and ready to manufacture for your home site. Our design staff also provides assistance to modify or custom design the log home of your dreams. Check out our upcoming events for a listing of the Construction/Plant Tour seminars held at the manufacturing facility in Princeton, WV. This one day event is an educational seminar developed to guide consumers through the log home buying and building process. Call today to schedule a visit, attend a seminar or discuss your log home plans.◄
  9. 100 dollar Log Cabin A $100 LOG CABIN   This is another one of those great Mother Earth News articles from long ago. You can hardly buy a pizza (3-4 pizzas?) nowadays for a $100!

    ►An Oregon couple combined love of the land, a wealth of native materials, traditional hand tools, and lots of hard work to build . . .
    Living in a cozy little cabin nestled in the woods is part and parcel of the classic Thoreau-inspired lifestyle most folks dream of now and then. But, the romantic vision of log-home life is shattered — for many people — by the sheer cost of such structures, which can be as high as that of equivalent conventional homes. That doesn't have to be the case, however. My wife and I kept down the cash outlay for our "Walden" by gathering most of the materials from the land where our house was to stand, and then building the cabin ourselves, using only hand tools. As a result, our small home cost us only about $100 to construct . . . And the project was so simple that we're convinced anyone with access to a few basic implements and a good supply of timber could do the same thing.◄
  10. The 684 SF Willow Creek Model Cabin SOUTHLAND LOG HOMES   By the looks of their website, this is probably a fairly large log home company and they admit to being in business for quite awhile. Anyway, they apparently have a network of dealers and i am going to try and not list their dealers on this site because it just makes for a lot of duplication of material. If you want to locate one of their dealers just contact them and they will probably refer you to one. Picture on the right is of their 684 SF "Willow Creek" model.

    ►Combining our strong commitment to personal service, dedication to exceptional quality, and reputation for bringing you the best value in log homes, Southland has long maintained its position at the top of the log homes industry. With over 30 years of experience in designing floor plans for custom log homes and cabins, Southland continues to be the leader in combining the traditional values of outdoor living with the latest advances in home construction and technology. This all adds up to Southland Log Homes being able to offer you the best quality and the best features for the best log homes prices on our log home plans and log home floor plans. Log Homes and cabins are energy efficient, have a timeless appeal, and are more durable than ever before. Now is the time to take advantage of lower building costs by letting us help you build a customized log home or choosing from our many available log home floor plans. We will create a custom log home plan to give you what you have always wanted in a luxury log home or cabin. Every one of Southland's log home plans are designed by our skilled design team to ensure the highest quality. Each log home is individually cut and numbered in our mills to provide ease in building and to reduce building costs. At Southland, our logs are kiln dried to minimize shrinkage and to reduce shipping costs. Check out the many log home chinking options and shapes we have available.◄
  11. Picture of the Yadkin Model Cabin LINCOLN LOGS INTERNATIONAL   They have a link or page displaying a lot of their models to choose from, but not too much detailed information like square footage and other pertinent information. It appears that they probably have some cabin floor plans under 1000 SF, but it's hard to tell. Picture on the right is of their "YADKIN MODEL", which looks to me to be under 1000 SF.

    ►We're a family-owned, family-operated business. Lincoln Logs International Manufactures Log Home Kits . . . A Cut Above Most Log Home Kits in Style, Comfort And Efficiency. Lincoln Logs International provides much more than just standard log home kits. We take log home plans to the next level, producing beautiful, traditional, and contemporary log homes. Plus . . . Our log home kits are easy to build. Lincoln Logs International offers quality log construction with superior energy efficiency in standard and custom log homes with a classic expression. Our log home plans symbolize a simplified life in harmony with nature. No one makes it easier to experience the peaceful lifestyle of a log home than Lincoln Log Homes. We go beyond the traditional rustic log cabin structure to create beautiful log home designs and plans that are both weather resistant and energy efficient. You may construct a Lincoln Log home for much less than it would cost to build a stick or brick home. Additionally, your log home, when finished will be worth on average 10% more than a similar stick or brick home. At Lincoln Log Homes, our level of quality starts with 8in solid southern yellow pine logs. Each log is inspected and chosen to ensure uniform size, which contributes to the ease of construction and natural beauty. Our logs provide up to six times the insulating capacity of brick of equal thickness. And remember, age enhances the natural beauty of a Lincoln Log home. You can begin living your dream right away. If desired, a Lincoln Log home can provide an opportunity to turn your dream log home into a dream career . . . By becoming a log home dealer at absolutely no additional cost (subject to availability). Lincoln Logs International provides its log home dealers with guaranteed fast 30 day delivery.◄
  12. BUILDING A LOG CABIN IN FAIRBANKS, ALASKA   This is a little different listing here in that it features using log cabins as long term rental units. No log cabins for sale here, just rental units. But the video on the right gives you a little view into the building of a log cabin, also, these are small log cabins, the kind i like. Anyway, this looks like a neat little business idea assuming you can find good renters. "Goldstream Cabins is a licensed and insured family small business that owns and operates rental cabins for university students and residents in Fairbanks, Alaska. We are dedicated to providing excellent housing at affordable rates. Our cabins are located in Goldstream Valley, close to the University of Alaska Fairbanks."

    ►Goldstream Cabins is a family-owned small business started in 2000 that rents well-built, clean cabins that feature hot/cold running water to a large kitchen sink, offering renters a taste of rustic Alaska living without the mess and inconvenience of "dry" cabins. The cabin floor, roof, and gable walls are insulated with sprayed-in closed-cell soy/urethane foam, which translates to reduced drafts, warmer floors, and lower heating bills. Other amenities are detailed under the individual cabin description pages. Goldstream Cabins are well-maintained in quiet neighborhoods close to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and adjacent to bike, ski and dog trails. Three cabins are currently offered on a long-term basis. We do not offer cabins on a daily or weekly basis. Construction of a fourth cabin is scheduled to begin in summer 2011. Please check back for updates, or send an email to to be contacted when a cabin becomes available. Thank you for thinking of us!◄
  13. 1499 SF Yellowstone Model PRECISION CRAFT LOG & TIMBER HOMES   This log home business as far as i can tell does not have floor plans under 1000 SF, but rather use the 1000 to 2000 SF as the smallest range. The smallest cabin i could find on their site was the model called the 1499 SF "Yellowstone" log cabin which is also the picture on the right.

    ►PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes has completed over 2,000 homes to date. Along the way, our clients have told us what works and what doesn't work. In response, we developed our Total Home Solution®. Total Home Solution® comprises of: an Onsite Meeting, Conceptual Designs, Cost Feasibility, Builder Identification, Best Price Bidding, and custom Construction Solutions. I am so proud of our architectural firm, Mountain Architects, Inc. No other log home or timber frame home company has the same depth of degreed and licensed architects on staff. The architectural team at Mountain Architects, Inc. is the best in our industry. Our architects understand design and style. They make every effort to capture our client's vision and show ways to enhance it. The floor plan section of our web site is arranged into distinct architectural styles because we have found that the look and feel of the home in addition to the floor plan is a reflection of our client's individuality and an expression of their unique vision. Our customers deserve the best and at PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes, they truly get the best architectural solution available. Over the years, we have added manufacturing capability in a variety of log and timber products. Today, PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes has a wider product selection than any other company in our industry: Milled log, handcrafted log and timber frame products all of the highest quality. Many of our clients' designs require a combination of different products in order to achieve the intended look and feel. We don't want our clients' homes compromised because they are locked into any one product. At PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes, we continue to ask our clients what we can do to make their experience with building log homes and timber homes even easier. After listening to our clients, we have decided to expand our services in one of the most critical areas of the log & timber home building process – the construction of your home. In addition to designing your home and producing the log & timber structure at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we now provide custom construction solutions. Our expertise now extends all the way to your building site, ensuring that your home is built on-time and with the technical expertise required to build structurally sound log homes and timber homes. Learn more about our Total Home Solution®. We invite you to order our Free Brochure. We encourage you to do your homework before selecting a log home company. Make sure you visit each company you are considering to closely observe their products, design services and manufacturing facility. Of course, you're invited to visit our facility in Meridian, Idaho anytime. Please utilize this web site and our other marketing materials to find out how PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes can provide you with the Total Home Solution® for your home. Plus, check out my Log Home Blog. Here you will find stories and articles about the log home industry. You can comment and ask me questions.   ~Jim Young, Owner and President◄
  14. Alaska Cabins ALASKA CABINS   Here's a unique log home building system for your consideration. Great for either a man or a woman.

    ►Have you been wondering about building your own cabin but are not sure you are ready to undertake a long hard task? Here is a simple method using only 6 foot logs that almost anyone can handle once they are dry. There are many advantages of our construction methods over conventional log construction. The log cabin goes up fast. You don't have to make any fancy cuts or notches. Scribe fit methods take a lot of time even for skilled workers. With this method, all the cuts are square cuts easily accomplished with a chain saw. The short logs also allow for faster construction because no heavy equipment is needed for lifting. One man or woman can move these logs around on their own. If the logs are allowed to dry the weight of each log is significantly reduced. If weight is very important, smaller logs can be used. Since you only need logs that are six feet long, a well treed one acre lot can easily provide enough material to build your walls. The cabin above was built from the logs found on the one acre site. It is not necessary to find a stand of straight, tall timber. Logs of different sizes and even different shapes can be used. It is even possible to fit crooked logs together with this method without a lot of hassle. Because of the use of on site materials, it is possible in many parts of the country to build this 24X24 cabin for as little as $1,500. That of course means that one must think "low cost" throughout the project. The other costly items are your foundation, floor and roof. If those costs are kept under control, a $1,500 cabin is possible. That would not include any extras of course. The cabin pictured and others like it are being built in Alaska. Our materials costs are significantly higher here. This cabin has a metal roof, heated concrete floor, plumbing, electrical wiring, tongue and groove pine ceiling and a kitchen and bathroom. It cost about $15,000 to build. We can almost say no settling but because different tree species shrink at different rates and different ways we cannot guarantee no settling. However, compared to conventional log construction, the settling is minimal. For most log species, you don't have to even worry about it or allow for settling in the construction. While a normal log cabin will settle several inches during the first few years, this one hardly settles at all. That is because the logs do not shrink along their length but most of the shrinkage is in their width. If you stack a bunch of logs up horizontally as in traditional log building, the accumulated shrinkage of each log on top of each other results in the whole wall settling 1-4 inches depending on the amount of moisture in the logs to begin with. We use spruce logs and can put them up green and still not worry about settling. If we put them up green they do shrink in their width but that does not make the walls settle down. The shrinkage is easily taken up by chinking. Our handbook explains this method and goes into detail on how to handle and join the logs and install windows and doors. We give detailed instructions from the foundation through the roof. We have discontinued publishing of the hard copy (it was $15) but still publish the e-book. For only $8.00 you can order the e-book (It's the same thing, but it saves us postage and time). You can just click on the paypal button here. We will send you the link and the password for you to open up the digital handbook. You will be able to save it on your computer or print it out. This is copyrighted so you do not have permission to sell your copies.◄
  15. Log Home in Construction FRONTIER LOG HOMES   They do have available at least one cabin kit floor plan at 699 SF. It's called the "Vacationer". Of course they also offer custom alterations and bigger cabins.

    ►Locally owned and operated, Frontier Log Homes has been in business in Western Colorado since 1977. Our log packages are constructed at our Montrose, Colorado facility by skilled craftsmen. We use full round logs that are hand peeled using draw knives. Round notches are scribed and cut by hand using a hammer, chisel and chainsaw, making our homes fully hand crafted. We also offer: Hand Hewn logs, Dovetail notches, Log roof systems integrated into conventional constructed walls, Log componentry of all kinds using full, round, hand peeled logs. Your custom log kit is built using the floor plans that you and our drafting department have finalized. The logs are hand peeled, notched, and scribed. The kit is then built in our log yard. Each log is numbered and the built kit is then taken down and loaded on semi trailers and delivered to your building site. The log kit includes the exterior and interior log walls, log floor joists, and supporting roof logs. Windows and the roof are not included in the log kit. The average cost of log kit packages is $40.00 per square foot. Shipping, building erection, and General Contracting services are separate additional costs.◄
  16. The Woodsman Compact Log Home KATAHDIN CEDAR LOG HOMES   Located in the North East section of the US, specifically Maine, they do offer a pretty good selection of floor plans under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of: The "Woodsman" model, a true log cabin by Katahdin. At just 677 SF this cozy cedar log home makes the perfect choice for someone looking for something cozy and well built. It features one bedroom and one bath and a small loft for storage. The classic design with front porch makes this a pure log cabin perfect to have out in a tranquil, beautiful environment . . .

    ►Katahdin Cedar Log Homes was founded in 1973 and is a leading manufacturer of log homes worldwide. From the very beginning, we've been committed to helping our customers make their log home dreams a reality. To do this, we constantly look for new ways to combine the finest materials, quality craftsmanship and expertise to create your log home. Katahdin uses only Northern White Cedar, a superior wood known for its natural insect protection, low moisture content and natural sustainability. From Andersen windows and ThermaTru Doors to a superior insulation package, Katahdin carefully chooses materials of the highest quality and value to construct our log homes. From our award-winning in-house design team and our skilled mill operators, to our professional dealers and support staff, we can walk you through the seven steps to making your log home a reality. That's why we're confident enough to offer a 25-year warranty on our homes. Call us thrifty, but we Mainers have a long tradition of "waste not, want not". From Katahdin's zero waste manufacturing, biomass boiler and corporate commitment to the environment, we think we've been on the right track for a long time. House plans provide inspiration and we have a huge selection of layouts. Or opt for a custom plan. Our team can help you define your lifestyle so that you build exactly the home you need, now and in the future. Our "builder friendly" approach saves you time and money. Our precision manufacturing process makes construction easier for your builder, and we are nationally recognized for our superior builder training and support. An open invitation to inspect our work. Katahdin is committed to helping you experience log home living personally. Year-round we offer open houses, seminars, home shows and other events to let you see, touch and live the Katahdin difference. We provide plant tours for visitors to our Maine facility too!◄
  17. Spirit Cabins SPIRIT CABINS   I can't find a phone number for this business and they have Google Adsense ads plastered all over the place. So, there is a possibility they are no longer in business. These people are selling modular log cabins. "An Instant Cabin! Our Rocky Mountain Cabin is the perfect camping cabin, coming complete with a screened in porch Kia Genuine Parts and sleeping loft over the porch, with no setup required."

    ►Our goal is to assist our clients by "building dreams together." Spirit cabins combines old world craftsmanship and superb aesthetics with modern product- ion technology in our state-of-the-art facility to produce fully assembled modular log homes and cabins that you will be proud to call your own for years to come. Combining quality with affordability allows us to deliver on-site nationwide completed modules customized to your needs that require little finishing work. Spirit cabins is a division of dream home manufacturing, llc. Spirit cabins can be customized as your vacation getaway, primary residence, retirement home, lakeside cottage, hunting cabin, children's bunkhouse, guest house or any way your heart desires. Additionally, they can be easily adapted for commercial applications such as: Pool house, bunk house, meeting hall, bath house, office, retail space, concession building, etc. We understand that you want everything to be the way you want it. So do we. Please contact one of our knowledgeable spirit cabin specialists to help you get your dream underway. We can assist you in all aspects of your project. All of our cabins are built to order based upon your individualized specifications, using only the highest standards of craftsmanship, quality and aesthetics. Our customers agree that our commitment to customer service is unparalleled. From planning and permitting through delivery, set up and final finishing, you can rest assured that we will assist you every step of the way.◄
  18. 1450 SF Chalet Log Cabin CONNOR CONSTRUCTION   Featured here is a log cabin - called the 1250 SF "Chalet" and they say "This is the perfect size log cabin". This home comes with pressure treated porch floor, porch roof. All insulated energy code windows including 4 angle windows installed. Chink log siding installed, overhangs with vents installed, vaulted ceilings in great room and 2nd floor. This home is inexpensive and will be easy to finish. Owner/builder has the option of installing dry wall or wood interior. Modifications can be made.

    ►Log Cabin Kits For Sale, Small Log Home Kits. Small Cabin Plans, Panel Home kits and small log cabin kits Made in Ellijay, Georgia. This North Georgia small town is located near Amicalola Falls the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. We have over 30 years experience in the manufacture, sale, and construction of log cabin home kits, panelized log home kits, and small pre built cabins. We offer low log cabin kits prices, high quality, fast build times. Our erected 2 story exterior shell packages cost around $21.00 per SF including first and second floors, roof system with felt paper, energy efficient doors (factory fitted ready to be nailed in) the insulated windows are installed and most of the log siding is already installed on the wall panels, a small amount of trim & log siding is included to complete the exterior. Our panelized homes are comparably priced to a log walls only kit, dumped in your driveway. If you are looking to find a log home builder or small log cabin kits, we can help. Since we first began our business we have built log cabins in several states in the southeast, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama. If your looking for that affordable, quality pre built log cabin then you should visit us.◄
  19. An example of their Ranchero Construction GRIZZLY LOG HOMES   Yes, they do have at least one floor plan under 1000 SF, it's called the "Cottage" and there are two sizes available: 864 & 960 SF. I just wished that on their "Save Money" link they would finish installing the "Insert Jay_zimmerman.jpg".

    ►We exist with the sole purpose of keeping the men and women of the Appalachian region employed. We cut, mill and sell the logs – there are no middle men involved. We are a direct wholesaler, home of the $10,000 Log Kit! In addition to offering fabulous but affordable log homes or cabins, our company was created to bring jobs back to our rural community. We have beautiful natural resources and wonderful people who want to do a great job. They have been building log homes since the founding of this country. The Appalachians have always been known for their craftsmanship. Now you have an opportunity to own a piece of history. We not only surpass the competition in price but value as well. We cut the logs from timber stands that the forefathers before us did. We have homes still in existence from earlier days made out of the same type of wood we use today. When you build one of our homes, it should be around for your children's use. We serve the entire Appalachian Community and are located in Pleasant Shade, Tennessee, centrally located between Carthage, Gainesboro, and Lafayette, Tennessee, but we ship our kits anywhere Coast to Coast.◄
  20. Log Cabins LOGHOME.COM   This website seems to be the home page for two famous publications "Log Home Living" & "Country's Best Cabins". It is well liked by the looks of their Facebook page. You can find a lot of good information here about log homes and what other people are doing with their log home projects.

    ►Welcome to, the online guide to log homes. Whether your log home is still a dream or whether you are actively planning, building or even living in a log home, you'll find valuable information and resources on is powered by Log Home Living, Country's Best Log Homes, and much of the archives of Log Home Design, Log Home Design Ideas and Log Homes Illustrated. The collective information from these log home magazines has allowed us to compile a library of information which you can browse by clicking here: Log Homes 101. If you're looking to build a log home get straight to work by checking out these log home plans, custom log homes, log home companies and more.◄

  21. The Getaway - One Room Cabin COVENTRY LOG HOMES   This company has at least two categories of smaller cabins - some "one roomers". They are the Recreational Cabin Series and Cabin Series. So, for those of you wanting a smaller cabin they can fill the order. For those of you flush with cash they also have bigger homes and they can also custom design a home for you. This is a very nice website with plenty of product information.

    ►Want to know what's been happening at Coventry Log Homes? This section highlights the newest items on our website. Here you can find the latest video tours and picture galleries of beautiful log homes and cabins, the latest special offers on our log homes and log cabin packages, and informative and interesting articles that will help you know us and our product better. Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy! We are factory direct - so how does that help you? We don't pay dealers a commission; so it saves you money $$$ - We have complete control over the design, pre-cutting of materials, ordering & shipping, so what we say - we do, it's as simple as that. Because we are factory direct we pass on savings that no one can match - period. We pre-cut all logs for your home and that saves thousands on the jobsite - Your builder can simply stack the logs that are numbered and lettered so your home goes up fast - This will save you a lot in construction time and money - Our specially designed machines accurately cut every log and put the special notches on them - The logs are triple checked to ensure you get the right cut.◄
  22. LUMBERJACK LOG HOMES   Another family owned and run log home building business. Some good pictures of their products. They even have several models under 1000 SF. Some of these log builder businesses have their own special way of doing things and this is one of those companies. They will only use one type of tree to build their cabins, while some companies use different types of trees. Video on the right contains general information about their business.

    ►Welcome: To the beginning of a wonderful log home experience. You are considering a family-owned business whose unique log homes stand as testimonial to our outstanding history of success. Since 1981 we have offered log home plans & log home kits for log home builders, using the highest quality machine-turned, Swedish cope style logs. Each log being produced from select naturally cured, dead-standing Lodgepole Pine. This style of log has proven itself over time for it's tolerance to warp, better settling characteristics, faster shedding of water, and strong resistance to the climatic extremes presented by Mother Nature. Our cope-style process also seals tightly and allows us to cut and use longer logs in the overall design of your log home. When you've selected that special piece of land and stand ready to achieve your dreams, please give us a call with your questions and concerns. We're open 5 days a week and Saturdays by appointment. We'd love to hear your ideas and begin helping you with each step of the log home building process. You'll find our professional consultants to be friendly and knowledgeable. In fact, as you will note below, we pride ourselves on personal attention to your every detail. Our solemn business promise is to provide the highest degrees of integrity and professionalism for making your new log home a treasured and specially crafted masterpiece. From our "family" to yours, we appreciate this opportunity to serve you. We look forward to having you stop by anytime or to call us with your questions. We're located 17 miles south of Bozeman, Montana on US Highway 191 . . . The direct route to Yellowstone National Park. Until then . . . We're looking forward to your call or visit,   Lonnie & Tammy Sturgis & Crew.◄
  23. Mini Log Cabin WESTERN LOG HOME SUPPLY   This business sells some really nice looking Log Home kits. They also have an inventory of small Log Cabin kits plus can custom make a unit for you.

    ►Whatever the log styles or log types, Western Log Home Supply painstakingly dries its logs to 15 percent or less moisture content. "You don't have to worry about or allow for the shrinking, settling, or twisting you sometimes get with improperly dried logs," says Clyde. "Our logs are guaranteed." That quality commitment extends to how Western Log Home Supply treats its customers.
    "We explain everything in minute detail," says Clyde. "We stay with them throughout the process." Adds Jeff Cremer, Clyde's son and company vice president, "We even get questions from people we sold to back in 1982, about how to care for their homes, and we'll help them out and do whatever it takes, also providing the best log home maintenance products for the job".

    It is possible to achieve the dream of log-cabin living even when lifestyle needs or budget don't embrace the possibility of a full-scale residence. Mini log cabins capture all the charm of a classic log home on a modest scale ranging from just 80 square feet to a cozy 320 square feet. Ideal as weekend retreats, hunting cabins, commercial campground resort cabins, or even backyard playhouses, workrooms, or storage sheds, they can be built on concrete slabs, piers, or even wooden skids, on any flat spot you can find. Compact though they are, mini cabins can accommodate as much as a bedroom, bath, kitchen, dining nook, and porch in the 14-by-20-foot size; and you can even expand the living space without adding to the footprint by including a loft. They are designed utilizing a special 4in x 6in single tongue and groove log. They can be built on a concrete slab, piers even wooden skids. They can go on just about any flat spot you can find. We supply the kit and all of the hardware you need to assemble the kit.◄
  24. Log Cabin Home FINGER LAKES LOG HOMES   This appears to be a kinda small business but that might be good for the consumer or buyer of his log homes. Not a lot of material on the website here, but just enough to give you an idea of what they can do, which is quite a lot. They have some nice examples of their finished homes on display here. If so desired, i am sure they can build you a cabin with less than 1000 SF floor space.

    ►The idea that eventually became Finger Lakes Log Homes started 25 years ago. Owner Michael Griffin had already built his own log home the hard way. He cut his own pine trees down, hauled them out of the woods and trucked them to his building site. The logs were then draw-knifed and were put up by hand without any machinery other than a chainsaw. They were left round which required them to be chinked in the old-style way. Chinking was a very long and tedious job that never seemed to end. After living in this home for a while, Mike saw the popularity of log homes increase dramatically. People were now building them from packages or kits supplying logs that were machined so they went up much faster, looked better and didn't require the tedious chinking.
    Since Mike Griffin had experience with construction in general and liked the beauty and charm of log homes, he decided to enter into the log home business. Several companies were now machining their logs, and Mike found that the best quality logs were tongue & grooved. This allowed the houses to go up much more easily and provided a good seal between the logs without the time-consuming chinking that Mike had done with his own home. The easiest way to enter the business was to become a dealer for one of the many companies that were selling log home kits. Mike traveled to visit many companies, trying to decide who provided the best quality and pricing and would be a reliable company to deal with. He had almost become a dealer for a particular company until he discovered (through other dealers) that the company could take away his dealership if he didn't meet a sales quota. Was the risk worth it? No. Mike also felt that the prices many companies charged for their packages were quite high and their service was often poor - especially if the log home company was located in another state. After much deliberation, Mike felt that by starting a small company and keeping all costs and overhead to a minimum, he could produce a high-quality package as good as or better than the other companies and at a much lower cost than the other companies. He then proceeded to purchase the necessary machinery, built buildings and designed some affordable home packages. With much hard work he had started his own log home manufacturing company. What he didn't do was to build a fancy model home, print color brochures or hire salesmen and a lot of staff. The new company was named Finger Lakes Log Homes Inc after the Finger Lakes area of New York State that Mike grew up in.◄
  25. Log Cabin Model RANCH CREEK LTD   This is a little bit different operation here than most log cabin kit providers. They specialize in the use of one particular type of tree which has been affected by the Colorado Pine beetle infestation. They use this tree for different products like wood furniture and firewood, but also for making log cabin kits. They can sell log cabin kits for as low as $15 a square foot, i mean this appears to be a quality product, as the infested logs are not made unsuitable for use in building log homes.

    20ft Shipping Container For Sale
    ►Our mission is to provide quality products and services at an affordable price, while making use of timber salvaged from the Colorado Pine Beetle epidemic. We provide products with excellent quality and durability, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Ranch Creek Ltd is located in the North West Rocky Mountains of Colorado in a town called Granby. Ranch Creek Ltd is devoted to finding uses for the timber in this area that has been hit by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic. This timber is still of great value and will be for several years to come, but if it is not used it will eventually go to waste. By buying Ranch Creek products, such as our Colorado log cabin packages, you are helping to make use of this wood and helping to make way for new growth timber. At Ranch Creek Limited, we are dedicated to providing the best Lodgepole Pine products available. All of our Colorado log cabin packages and other products are made from blue stained Lodgepole Pine. Our quality products include custom house railings, fencing and other agricultural products, and firewood. As a recent addition, a house log machine is in service to produce log home kits. There is no better way to build green than to build with pine beetle wood. Beetle-killed Lodgepole Pine contains a blue stain from a fungus left behind by the pine beetle. It does not affect the integrity of the wood or the products made from it. It simply has a blue stain throughout it that people find to be very appealing. By using blue stain wood, you use timber that will otherwise go to waste. Call us for a free quote today for a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) log cabin. Ranch Creek Ltd. offers log cabin kits and home packages starting at $15.00 per square foot, for all outside walls and connection materials. We will work with you to create just what you want at a very affordable price. We can start with one of our log cabin plans or you can customize your own log home plan to work with. We can ship log cabin kits to other states, whether it's California, Alaska, Kansas, Texas, Alabama, or Vermont. Come visit us in our new model Log Home/Office. The log home packages are a solution to affordable, green home building in this weak economy. You can still afford to build a beautiful, warm, cozy, new log home with one of our log home packages.◄
  26. The Empty Nester GOLDEN EAGLE LOG HOMES   They do have a small inventory of Log Cabins under 1000 SF. Of course, they can probably supply anyone with a custom plan under 1000 SF if so desired. Picture on the right is of their 915 SF "Empty Nester" 1 bedroom, 1 bath log cabin.

    Nissan Genuine Parts ►Owned and Operated by the Parmeter Family, Since 1966. Let your imagination run wild. We offer full log, half log, and hybrid timber frame options. We are best known for our "One Stop Shopping Complete Package" but we also offer shell packages. We've specialized in amazing & affordable homes since 1966. You can relax knowing we offer construction services, personalized kitchen & bath design, and customized plans. The Parmeter family has owned and operated Golden Eagle for over 45 years, and have over 5,000 satisfied home owners including ourselves. Our package options will fit into any budget. You will find that our basic shell includes more than many of our competitors shell packages while not sacrificing any of the quality that Golden Eagle Log Homes is known for. 45 years has brought a lot of experience and history to our facility. We have grown from a small office into a 23 acre campus. We give daily tours to provide future homeowners an experience that they won't find anywhere else in the industry. We've structured our services so that you don't need to visit us to have your perfect home, but our visitors receive many perks. You will be able to explore our 8,000 SF showroom and our professionally decorated model home (Double Eagle Deluxe). You will become acquainted with the manufacturing process, as we show you how we dry your logs in the kiln and mill each log uniquely to fit the style of the home. If it is your goal to have your home designed before you leave, then it will happen. Thousands of homeowners have been able to offset traveling expenses through our travel bucks program.◄
  27. Log Home HIGH MOUNTAIN LOG HOMES   Very nice website with plenty of pictures and pertinent information about their product.

    ►We build, ship and erect our log home shells anywhere in the world! High Mountain Log Homes is a family-run business with over 40 combined years of experience in the building and log home industry. We specialize in hand-crafted, custom log homes and log cabins using your choice of Lodgepole pine, Engelman spruce or Douglas fir logs with an average mean diameter of 12-16 inches. The majority of our log cabins and homes use the popular "Norwegian Saddle Notch", however the "Wedge Notch", "Diamond Notch" and "Dovetail Notch" are also available. The logs we select are full length with no butt joints and are hand-peeled, hand-scribed, and hand-cut utilizing the Scandinavian full scribe method, allowing each log to be tight fitted to the log below. All of our log homes and cabins are sanded inside and out and all exterior log corners are curled and thoroughly sanded for a decorative finish. We also provide custom features such as mortise and tenon log stairs, log picket railings, archways, log trusses and dormers. On our 20 acre work site located in Clinton BC, Canada, we are well equipped to make your log home dreams come true. High Mountain Log Homes is happy to ship your log home or log cabin anywhere across Canada, throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Professional assistance is available to help set up your new log home or log cabin on your site. We are experienced in erecting log homes in locations all around North America, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington, Idaho, Missouri, Arkansas, Wyoming, New York, Alberta and British Columbia.◄
  28. Salado Model 588 SF Log Cabin SATTERWHITE LOG HOMES   Satterwhite logs are cut from dead standing Engelmann Spruce found high in the Rocky Mountains (usually Colorado & Utah). The trees are located at about 10,000 FT elevation, and have been dead for over 40 years. This company has a line of smaller log cabin kits under 1000 SF called "Salado". They have four to five different versions of the "Salado". Picture on the right is of the 588 SF Salado Log Cabin. They have better pictures on their website, but they are pictures of cabins with much larger square footage.

    ►Satterwhite Logs are manufactured from Engelmann Spruce trees found high in the Rocky Mountains of the American West, principally Colorado and Utah. Most Satterwhite homes use Western Red Cedar, conventionally cut and dried, for exterior trim, gable ends, and porches. Satterwhite Logs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most people choose our popular D-shaped logs because they allow a traditional log appearance on the outside while yielding a flat interior wall. Flat interior wall surfaces preserve the rich look of real wood and make installation of electrical switches and outlets uncomplicated, while eliminating "dust catchers". Of course, Satterwhite offers a variety of other log designs which allow a wide range of customization. Some people prefer the rustic log look on interior as well as exterior walls, so Satterwhite offers a full round log with curved surfaces on both interior and exterior walls. Other materials include thinner logs designed for interior partition walls. These partition logs match the inside look of D-shaped house logs, but are flat on both sides for exposure to both rooms on either side of the wall. One of our newer log styles is a square rough-cut log designed to accept chinking and yielding a hand-hewn log home appearance. For ultimate flexibility, Satterwhite can custom mill logs to your specifications. Beveled exteriors, single tongue-and-grooves, triple tongue-and-grooves, rustic unmilled exteriors, and many other options are available. We even offer saddle-notched full round logs with coped bottoms.◄
  29. Picture of the REAL LOG HOMES   This company does have mostly standard size home plans, but they do have a section for smaller cabins which i like close to or under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their tiny 432 SF Liberty model, part of their REAL LOG CABINS series: "The Real™ Log Cabins series of plans from Real Log Homes® provides a great system to get the warmth and appeal of a log home in a smaller more compact package. These log cabins are quick and easy to construct and are great solutions for hunting cabins, guest homes, camp site homes, lake getaways or ski retreats."

    ►So why would you want the same log home as someone else? At Real Log Homes®, our award winning log home designers take great pride in creating comfortable and well thought out plans made just for you. You can see many of their plans in our log home floor plans section. Keep in mind that our design department is ready to work with you in any capacity; from slightly modifying an existing plan to starting completely from scratch. The quality of our log home plans and our log home package materials simply can't be matched. We have set the highest standard in the industry for extensive precision pre-cutting. We are one of the very few log home companies to cut our log home packages on our state of the art computer controlled, precision cutting machine called the Hundegger, which means less waste and much tighter fitting logs. This, combined with our Interlock™ Joinery System, creates one of the most weather-tight log packages available; and our naturally dried, treated logs withstand the test of time. Our attention to detail during the manufacturing process is what makes a REAL LOG HOMES® brand log home more economical to build, more comfortable to live in, and more satisfying to own.◄
  30. EDMUNDS & COMPANY LOG HOME RESTORATIONS   This website is loaded with pictures of their workmanship or repair jobs completed, with before and after pictures. There does not seem to be very many of these type companies around, but they travel all over, so if you have the cash, they have the time and equipment.

    ►Restoring log homes is our business . . . Our ONLY business. Thank you for your interest in our log home repair services. We are located in Northern Wisconsin and we specialize in solving all sorts of problems with log homes and log cabins. Take a look at our photo album to see some of our work. Let us tell you a little bit about our company, which specializes in the restoration and preservation of log structures of all kinds: Cabins, homes, boat houses, historic buildings, saunas, etc. Our company was born out of necessity in 1978, when the Edmunds family bought a log home in northern Wisconsin. Our immediate problem was that we could not find anyone, at that time, with any experience at restoring log cabins that could help us or give us advice. So, we did the work ourselves. Soon, other log cabin owners were asking us about their buildings and now, over 30 years later, restoring log buildings is our only business and we employ two full time crews. While our primary territory is Northern Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota, we will work anywhere in the United States. We have done log restoration and repair jobs all over the nation - from Vermont to the Arizona and from the Northwest angle of Minnesota (300 yards from Canada) to Southern Florida. We will go anywhere a log home or cabin needs repair or restoration. We make special arrangements on these types of jobs. Many times, we review the project or given issue with the homeowner by use of digital photos or a video. This reduces the initial bidding cost of these long distance projects.◄

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