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  1. Turman Log Cabin TURMAN LOG HOMES   Based in the state of Virginia this log home company does have a line of cabins under 1000 SF called their recreational series which include as i write this: Burkes Fork 910 SF, Indian Creek 552 SF, Little Reed 480 SF, Falling Branch 432 SF, & Little Creek 280 SF. Also, included on their website is a Flickr collection of cabin project pictures.

    ►Turman Log Homes is one of a broad range of Turman Group companies committed to providing quality products to our customers year after year. At the top of a vertically integrated chain of companies, we oversee every aspect of production, from harvesting the timber in our forests through the production of your home. Unlike many log home manufacturers, who acquire one or more of their wood products from other companies, Turman Log Homes is responsible for your logs, timbers, beams, paneling, and decking from the forest to your door. The Turman Group is the second largest producer of Eastern White Pine in the nation, therefore Turman Log Homes has no middle men and a large inventory of materials on hand at anytime. This eliminates all the problems with the supply of material to our job sites. Ninety percent of the homes we produce are custom designed. Our design team is highly trained and uses the latest technology to create a design that reflects your needs, budget, and lifestyle.◄
  2. Boyne Model TOWN & COUNTRY CEDAR HOMES   This business here does very beautiful incorporation of stone & log building. They are based in the state of Michigan, but have some other Regional Directors & Builder Partners around the US. Picture on the right is of their 1,845 SF "Boyne" model. I could not find any small under 1000 SF log cabin models on their website.

    ►From harvesting our white cedar, through designing your home to handing you the keys to move in, we truly take things to a different level and are VERY CLIENT SPECIFIC. Some, just want the traditional "package" and plan on using builder relations in the family or friends, while others, want this "arms around" approach we have developed. Most companies follow a very traditional "rep" program and are not very flexible in their approach and offering. We build networks of people, people with PASSION, who understand what we do and then plug in levels of supervision from our end, tailored, again, to the client's ultimate desires. We have done full turn-key, construction consulting/oversite, shell erection and just plain package-only across a wide area of the globe. This idea of taking what is a traditionally a disjointed, dysfunctional process, adding passion, artistry and a desire to EXCEED EXPECTATIONS is what we do.◄
  3. Picture of the 16X20 Limekiln model Cabin LOK-N-LOGS   As far as i can tell, this business is slightly different in that they have a proprietary system and/or product in the way that they shape the log for use in construction. No round logs used here. Looks more like a carefully cut log stacking system similar to what you might find in a kid's Log House building toy. This business does have at least two small cabin floor plans. Picture on the right is of their 16X20ft (512 SF) small cabin called the "Limekiln" one of their "Recreation Cabin" models.

    Nissan Genuine Parts ►In 2011, LOK-N-LOGS celebrates 35 years as one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom precut log home packages and related items. I can't help but reflect on the many reasons for our enduring success. Through the years, we have continuously refined our manufacturing processes and construction techniques, to utilize the most state-of-the-art systems possible. Further, we have invented and perfected many new log home manufacturing technologies of our own, which is a particular source of pride for me. Among our most cherished accomplishments, however, is the continued growth of the LOK-N-LOGS family of dealers, employees and satisfied customers. The energy efficiency of a properly built log home has been documented by research such as the study done by the National Bureau of Standards. Better still, the results of this study have been verified by thousands of comfortable Lok-N-Logs homeowners. Their log homes are warm in winter and cooler in summer and their energy bills are generally less than those of their neighbors who live in conventionally constructed homes. In fact, selecting a particular customer testimonial from among the many which we receive praising the energy efficiency of Lok-N-Logs homes was a difficult task. Every Lok-N-Logs home is engineered to meet or exceed all energy codes. We have never designed a log home that has been unable to pass any of the thermal codes in your particular building area. Our greatest satisfaction, however, comes from having our customers across the country tell us about their low fuel bills or that they heat their entire homes with wood stoves. Their simple and straightforward remarks are proof positive that thermal mass works for log home owners.◄
  4. Oak Log Cabin GASTINEAU LOG HOMES   I think that the most outstanding feature in this line of Log Cabins is the possibility that they offer solid oak logs in their homes. Well, this seems to be a well liked business according to their Facebook page likes count. They also have other websites - one featuring portable oak log cabins. Also, they do have a line of smaller floor size "basic" cabins.

    Toyota Genuine Parts ►Gastineau is a family business that grew out of a hardwood sawmill business. Our experience with oak dates back to 1954. Since our beginning, Gastineau has been unique in featuring log homes of solid oak. Although we also offer other wood species, oak has been our hallmark. If you want a log home that is strong, beautiful, durable, energy efficient, easy to maintain and naturally resistant to insects and decay without chemicals, then your best choice is an Oak log home. You are in the right place because we are the experts in Oak log home construction. (And no, an Oak log home doesn't cost more!). To find out more, click here to learn more about oak log homes. Consider such fine wood products as oak cabinetry, oak flooring and oak furniture. These are all known for their beauty, strength and durability. Imagine a log home with all of these qualities and you've just imagined a Gastineau solid oak log home. The qualities that make oak a superior wood for flooring and furniture also make it an outstanding choice for log home construction. Strength, durability, versatility and beauty all make an oak log home exceptional. At Gastineau, we understand the log home dream. We share with you the belief that log homes offer beauty, security and comfort unmatched by any other type of construction. We realize that, unlike any other type of home, a log home is an emotional as well as financial investment. We understand that many of our customers have spent years planning their dream, choosing floor plans and finding just the right setting. We try to match that dedication in helping fulfill their highest expectation. To help you discover the magic of log home living, we have a network of representatives around the country. If you are not convenient to one of our representatives, our headquarters has a full time sales staff ready to help. So join us to discover the world of Gastineau Log Homes.◄
  5. Adirondack Lean-To Cabin Model THRU THE WOODS   Oh my gosh, they are in business again. So happy. They now call themselves "Thru The Woods", their old name was: "The Adirondack Lean-To Company". Old Update, now unnecessary: As of May 31, 2012 This listing is no longer active. I leave this listing up for reference only. ☢ This company is based in Wilmington, New York. They have a very nice website and a beautiful product. I have had them listed on this website for quite awhile and they are still in business it seems. They hand craft a lovely tiny log cabin, you can see the picture of it on the right. They also make and sell a log lean-to kit which can be viewed here . . .

    ►A night of sleep in the wilderness, sheltered from the elements in a log lean-to, is part of an Adirondack tradition dating back to simpler times. Though they have been around for hundreds of years, they have not outlived their usefulness. If you have ever spent a day hiking over peaks in the North Country, you may know the comforting sight of a lean-to as you round the last bend at the end of a long expedition. A lean-to can be a refuge, a retreat, a shelter, a lunch spot, an inspiration point, and a home away from home. Now you can begin new traditions near a babbling brook, or perched on your mountain with a view of the landscape. In a solid handcrafted lean-to from the Adirondack Lean-to Company. The inside dimensions of our standard lean-to are 12 feet by 8 feet. This is enough room to comfortably sleep 6 people. The height from the floor to the peak is around 8 feet. Most folks buy a standard kit and then pick the roofing and extras to make their lean-to perfect for them. For more information on roof types, cost, and assembly see pricing.◄
  6. Log Home 1 DRY CREEK LOG HOMES   This is a small family owned and ran log home building business in Sandpoint, Idaho. They provide both Log Home Kits or on-site Log Home Building. Picture on the right is of their 900 SF "Log Home 1".

    ►For over twenty years our family has been building log homes. We are a small family-owned business that focuses on establishing good relationships with our clients. From the planning process to the completion stage, we take pride in the quality of work that goes into all of our homes. We are based out of Sandpoint, Idaho. Living in log homes ourselves, we have an extensive knowledge of the structures and the business. We look forward to helping you turn your dream into a reality, because it was also my parents' dream when they built their first log home. Crafting a log home is a complex process and we are experts in making sure every detail is done properly. Our craftsmen are dedicated to building every one of our log homes with all the skill and dedication that we know you expect. The process starts by selecting and hand peeling logs specially chosen for log homes. These logs are then hand cut, notched and fitted to match the plans by our expert craftsmen. Whether you choose one of our Kit Log Homes or a Custom Log Home our attention to detail remains the same. We believe that home is a place to step aside from the stress and pressure of everyday living into a way of life that gives solitude and comfort. To find the peace and serenity in the home of your dreams, it must be built by a skilled team who have high standards. Your home must be based on TRUST, DEPENDABILITY, and QUALITY. Choose our team and you will truly enjoy the experience of building your new log home and all that mountain living has to offer.◄
  7. Picture of Macberi Cabin CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES   These folks are licensed general contractors serving the North Carolina & South Carolina areas of the nation. Picture on the right is of a completed home called the "Macberi Cabin" in Asheville, NC. I need to point out right here that their website has a lot of pictures and general information about their services, but is missing an important page which i cannot find the link to, so please click on the picture at the right to go to their "Little Log Cabins" page. They have a number of small log cabin plans available, actually about 5 Honda Genuine Parts different sizes of log cabins under 1000 SF. But no pictures, just pencil drawing of different elevations of their different models ranging from 300 SF up to 900 SF.

    ►We have a new line called "Little Log Cabins" that range from 300 SF. to 900 SF. These are cabins the way they really were. Small in stature, yet strong and authentic, construction complete with solid pine, inside and out, energy efficient with modern insulation. Our price includes everything from the masonry foundation, all materials and labor, even down to the appliances; completely move in ready. These cabins are very affordable, compact and attractive. They are reasonably priced, according to distance, quantity, and finish choices. The "Hunt Box" at 300 SF. would serve well as rental units, vacation getaways, guest quarters, etc. We offer many options that are available upon request. Take advantage of our introductory pricing as we offer an affordable alternative to the RV concept, a real cabin, site built on your property that will appreciate in value and stand the test of time. Price does not include land or water source. If your land does not have an existing water source, well drilling may be required. We do this also. The price of a well is determined by the depth. For example: A 100ft punched 6in well with a submersible pump would cost approximately $3000.00. Well cost is $10-$12 per foot and well depth at 200-400 feet is the norm.◄
  8. Wasatch Model 670 SF Cabin YELLOWSTONE LOG HOMES   This is a classy site and they do a lot of classy building, even some commercial stuff. Also, they do have at least one cabin model that is under 1000 SF, and some others that are a little over 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their "Wasatch Model" a 670 SF lofted cabin, very nice. Looking over their material they appear to be quite professional and have many aspects to their business and products.

    ►The Yellowstone Log Homes family has been manufacturing log homes in Idaho since 1962. Nestled in the quiet Snake River Plain, about 90-minutes south of Yellowstone National Park and 90-minutes southwest of Jackson Hole Wyoming and the Grand Tetons, lies Yellowstone Log Homes national headquarters, and large manufacturing facility. Yellowstone Log Homes is owned and operated by a strong and close family. The company takes great pride in it's customers who have helped build the organization into a nationally recognized name for top notch quality, selection, and distribution. We are pleased to introduce the second edition of our new plan book the Log Home Planning Guide. The plan book now includes 138 color pages. There are 37 great floor plans ranging from lodge style plans, to spacious family homes, and small cabin retreats. You may purchase our Log Home Planning Guide online for just $10. The price includes shipping.◄
  9. Small Log Cabin built by 16 year old Student LOG HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION   It may seem out of place to the viewer of this website that i would add this organization here because they discourage people from buying log cabin kits and instead have a program whereby they teach people how to build their own log home from scratch. If you are a person who has a great interest in building an authentic log home but lack the knowledge of how to do it - where are you going to go to get help? For a one time cost of a lifetime membership ($795.00) you can attend one of their classes (next class September 3rd & 4th, 2011 at Harrah's Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada) which will teach you the basics of constructing your own log cabin. Please visit their website for more complete information plus they have a lot of good information and many pictures of former clients who have built their own log cabins. Picture on the right is of a small log cabin built by a 16 year old boy/man/male.

    ►The Log Home Builders Association is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to help men and women around the world build their own log homes from scratch, and in many cases build without a mortgage. The Log Home Builders Association Of North America was founded in 1965 and has over 45,000 members throughout the world. We are a non-profit educational Association. We have been offering log home building classes for over 40 years. Our two-day (22 hour) log home construction class was offered through the University of Washington's Experimental College for 108 consecutive terms (over 26 years). The primary purpose of our Association is to preserve the "true-and-pure" craft of log home building — to disseminate information about log homes — to pass the craft on to future generations — and to teach people how to "build" or "buy" the best log homes for the least amount of money. All of our memberships are covered by the following money-back satisfaction guarantee: Three month "No Questions Asked" satisfaction guarantee. We are so sure that you will agree our class is one of the best things you've ever done for yourself that if you are not satisfied for any reason, even three months after you take the class, we'll give you a full refund with no questions asked. This is an iron-clad promise to you: Come and take our class. You have nothing to lose because if you aren't happy, we aren't happy. All you have to do is return your membership card and any class materials (such as the class workbook and CD), and we'll return every penny of your tuition with no questions asked.◄
  10. Camp Cabin MERRIMAC LOG HOMES   This business located in the great North East has quite a production system going according to the pictures on their website. They take the raw material and bring it to the finished product: Nice looking log cabins in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They sell everything from "Just Logs" to a complete log home shell package. Picture on the right is of their "Camp Cabin".

    ►Merrimac Quality Log Homes is a log home company, located in Henniker, New Hampshire. We've been producing timbers and milled logs for commercial log home companies at our own mill since the mid 1970's. Now we are making our top-quality "graded" milled logs available directly to the retail customer. Most log home dealers or log home manufacturer are just people in between you and the mill that produces the logs. That adds cost to your bottom-line that simply isn't necessary. In addition most log home kits are pre-cut.
    Click Above
    While this offers some benefits it also adds significantly to your cost and does not allow for on-site adjustments. Finally, many log home dealers try to sell you items like windows, doors, roofing and framing lumber; all items that can be purchased locally more inexpensively by you or your local log home builder. We want to show you that Merrimac Quality Log Homes is "The Right Way" to build your log home. Merrimac Quality Log Homes is privately owned and is located in the middle of Eastern White Pine Country-in central New Hampshire where we take delivery of logs from local loggers and produce high quality milled logs, timbers and lumber for use in log homes/cabins and timber frame homes. We even produce a log siding and false corner log system that when applied gives the illusion of a solid log home! Merrimac Quality Log Homes specializes in real log homes and offers an assortment of pine wood products for your building projects at mill direct prices: Milled Logs, Timbers, Lumber, finished boards, log siding, pre-cut log camp cabin kits and accessories for log cabins & homes and timber frame homes are all items we produce at our mill. Taking away the middleman reduces cost, not quality. Please take a few minutes to view our products. If there is anyway that we can help you with your decision on purchasing logs for your new log home, or any other log home building product, please call us at: 1-866-637-7462 or send an email to logs@mlhnh.com. Merrimac Quality Log Homes sells log home packages mill direct . . . Saving you thousands of $$$ over standard kit home companies. To see how much we can save you, let us quote your new log home!◄
  11. Working on restoring damage to Log Cabin LOG CABIN RESTORATION SERVICES   This is an important addition to this website. Because these folks offer a service that few can provide. Note that they travel nationwide for log home repair and restoration. Click on the picture at the right to watch a video showing some of what they do.

    ►IWR Co. (Intensified Wood Restoration) established in 1989, is a family owned full-service log home restoration firm located along the shores of Lake Superior in Munising, Michigan. IWR operates and provides Log Home Restoration, Log Home Repairs, Finish for New Log Homes, Log Replacement , and Log Home Maintenance nationwide. We have provided restoration services to buildings that are on the National Register of Historical Places. We have been around since the log home market really started to take off. If you are considering having your cabin finished or restored please feel free to contact us either by email or over the phone to schedule an appointment. With over 29 years combined experience, in some of the harshest conditions found around the Great Lakes region, you can't go wrong with IWR's expertise and precise craftsmanship to ensure you get the most out of your investment. IWR Co. uses environmentally friendly log home restoration techniques. We do not use harsh chemical strippers and are switching to using only environmentally friendly finishes. These chemicals can be very harmful or toxic to humans and our environment. Our Log Home Restoration process involves four steps: Preparation, preservation, staining, and sealing. We have developed a process that will achieve the best results for your log home. Mike Denman, owner of IWR Company fine tuned the procedures used over the past 20 years and developed his own unique system called the "Ozzy". The ozzy helps to hand sand your log home to produce a smooth log finish and remove existing log home stain. By not using chemical strippers or media blasting (this should only be used as a last option, please read below) the longevity of your logs will be more secure. Ozzying leaves the surface of your logs smooth to the touch and is easier to clean up compared to media blasting or chemical stripping.◄
  12. Full SCribe Log Cabin CARIBOU CREEK LOG HOMES   I used to live near this Mennonite business years ago. I guess they have area dealers, but they are not listed on the website, you have to call them to find dealers. Picture on the right is of their "The Friday Harbor", which looks to be a smaller type cabin and i could not find the square footage.

    ►At Caribou Creek Log Homes we believe in the quality of craftsmanship, honesty, and integrity. We believe that your home is not just a project number but your dream, and a log masterpiece. Each client is given a level of attention that is unsurpassed in the industry, and each project is treated with care, consideration and a focus toward excellence, especially if it's a "Big Bucks" project!. We invite you to get to know us, our history, our projects and our people. Learn what sets Caribou Creek Log Homes apart. Caribou Creek Log Homes is one of the only handcrafting companies in North America that specializes in all major forms of log home construction, including: Western Chink Style, Full Scribe, Dovetail, Log Post & Beam. Our talented hand crafters build each home as if it were their own, paying attention to every detail along the way. Our company was founded on a blend of craftsmanship, a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. From inspiring and award winning designs to unmatched craftsmanship, Caribou Creek Log Homes will help take your log home dream and make it a reality. If you ever have any questions, need a free no obligation quote, or just want to learn more about us, visit our contact page or feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-619-1156.◄
  13. Te Huia Log Homes TE HUIA LOG HOMES   These log homes are not your mama's typical log home. The purveyor has only about 2 or 3 floor models and they are very attractive. I guess he ships anywhere around the world because he mentions using a "shipping container" to transport the prefab home to your site. This business is based in New Zealand.

    ►Natural by design, the Te Huia Twin Peaks range of natural log homes is a classic "form follows function" expression of our desire to live within the environment rather than on top of it. A fusion of traditional log building and modern engineering experience, Twin Peaks is a fresh approach to the use of "whole" hand crafted natural log building. It is simple, contemporary, eco friendly and a tech-smart home which draws architectural inspiration from the Pacific Islands and Asian cultures. The Te Huia Twin Peaks log home can be built with several internal room variations and build options. The ready made log structure is delivered in a shipping container for quick easy re-build on site which any good conventional builder finishes as per easily understood standard building plans.◄
  14. The 879 SF Manitoban Cabin CANADAS LOG PEOPLE   Nice website here. I could find only one picture of one cabin under 1000 SF, and it is the "Manitoban" a 879 SF Log Cabin. Picture on the right is of the "Manitoban" cabin. They have some other smaller cabins on stilts it seems, by looking at the pictures on their website.

    ►Company owner and president, Theo Wiering, founded "The Log People" in 1978 and has been dedicated to building the finest log buildings possible. Our homes are built primarily with Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir and Lodgepole Pine, although we use Western Red Cedar on occasion. The logs we use are an average of 12-16 inches in mean diameter, and the tight-grained timber 360mobileoffice Offer is between 80 and 140 years old. We provide a 40-page construction and maintenance manual for our valued clients when they confirm an order with us. Since we have built our first log home over 30 years ago, our goal has been to use the best materials, best building practices and the best people in the business in helping us build our client's homes. Our handcraft log homes include Timber Frame Homes and cottages, Post and Beam Homes and cottages, log cabins and log home kits. Are you looking to build a home that is truly unique, handcrafted and a style that is proven to stand the test of time? A log cabin home is the answer. With traditional post and beam construction that gives an open aired feeling and using timbers or solid log walls, this creates an ambiance of a beautiful home. We have the perfect log home plans for everything from a dream log cabin home or a family vacation home at the lake. Call us today to learn more about our building practices and services.◄
  15. Cabin Kit Homes CABIN KIT HOMES   This appears to be a pretty good website and it offers a lot of information about pre-fab cabins which they sell and have a delivery system in place from British Columbia Canada. US headquarters in Greer, Arizona. And they sell cabin kits with smaller size cabins than the one pictured.

    ►We're a unique team of individuals and building professionals with over 60 years of design, construction and development experience with diverse projects in many areas. Some of the company's past projects have included entire subdivisions . . . Like Mili Mikani, a resort development of 65 unique garden and vacation homes at the Princeville, a golf resort on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. These garden and vacation homes offered unique designs with building materials supplied and shipped from the North America mainland as complete exterior shell packages. These were the first "Cabin Kits", says Wardner. The savings were extraordinary and each customer had the chance to customize and decorate their home as they wished. Being right can be a lonely business. And while most builders and developers resist change and are slow to adopt new systems and technologies, Cabin Kit Homes takes pride in being on the cutting edge with innovative new programs and services. "Our web site is intended to be a resource of useful information," says Wardner. We enjoy a highly visible presence on the internet, and use the technology to serve our customers and to expand our client base.◄
  16. CONESTOGA LOG CABINS & HOMES   This business has a good selection of cabins under 1000 SF. Lots of nice product pictures. Picture on the right is of their 14.7ft x 21ft "Outdoorsman" model (Note: I changed my mind, put video up instead). This appears to be a really large company with state of the art production equipment. What i like about this company is that they specialize in smaller log cabins. Also, should mention that they own the website URL: conestogaloghome.com.

    ►The idea for Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes was developed over twenty years ago when we decided to be one of the best log home companies in the industry. In 1983, after over ten years of various designs and several generations of machinery, we produced our first log cabin kit for the campground industry under the name Conestoga Log Cabins. The initial concepts and processes from those early years have evolved into a streamlined 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. In addition to quality log cabins, Conestoga's product line has grown to include bathhouses, multi-purpose structures, log cabin homes and a line of furniture to complement our log structures. Since our inception, Conestoga Log Cabins has proven to be the leader in the resort log cabins kits industry with cabins in Europe, Asia, the Bahamas, and across all of North America, including Alaska and Greenland. Conestoga's greatest desire is to provide satisfaction with all of our log cabins, multi-purpose structures and log cabin homes. Our belief is that every structure should have the quality characteristics Conestoga individuals desire in the things we purchase. Making cabins that ensure customer satisfaction and instill value is our benchmark. It is this uncompromised approach that allows us to title what we do The Conestoga Difference.◄
  17. Montana Timber MONTANA TIMBER STRUCTURES   They furnish precut logs for Custom Log Homes and Log Cabins.

    ►Montana Timber Structures supplies precut notched logs for log homes and log cabins. Since 1989 this family run log/home/log cabin manufacturer has created quality custom log and timber structures, log trusses and log accents for architects, builders and home owners. To accomplish this goal we developed quality precision machinery capable of close tolerances. Our uniquely designed mill can produce lathe turned logs up to 32ft in length and 32in in diameter while maintaining a 1/16in tolerance! The payoff is a vastly superior log and a quality over quantity mentality. In addition to an advanced product we also made the promise to keep the relationship with our customers on a personal level and treat all projects with the care they deserve, regardless of size. It is this attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction that has given us the reputation as the best in our business.◄
  18. Elk Ridge Model Log Cabin WISCONSIN LOG HOMES   This is a pretty fancy outfit who tends to favor larger size cabins. Picture on the right is of their smallest (1167 SF) i could find log home called the "Elk Ridge" model floor plan.

    ►Wisconsin Log Homes believes that Dream Experiences are just as important as Dream Homes. Since hand-scribing our first log home in 1976, Wisconsin Log Homes has evolved to become one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers and builders of the most elite, elegant, and energy-efficient custom log and timber homes. While "green" and "hybrid" are the newest catch words in the industry, they precisely represent the Thermal-Log™ Building System that we pioneered over 30 years ago. Our Thermal-Log™ System blends the wisdom of modern day construction with the craftsmanship and beauty of log and timber homes, achieving up to R-45+ value, which translates into energy savings, no log-wall settling or air infiltration, less maintenance and more comfort. With our hybrid building system, you'll enjoy a custom design that reflects your style, your setting, and your budget. The sky is the limit with our custom design approach and unique product selection - log, timber, cedar, stone, and any other natural building materials of your choice. All our logs are 100% hand-peeled and every Wisconsin Log Home is exclusive; in over 30 years, we've never built the same home twice.◄
  19. Amish Log Cabins AMISH BUILT LOG CABINS   There are about 5 different styles of pre-fab log cabins shown here. This business based in Kentucky. I like the simple "Cherokee" model best. They deliver out of state.

    ►USA Portable Buildings is a family owned business located in Kentucky. We build the highest quality storage buildings, furniture, gazebos, swing sets and adventure size log cabins available anywhere. Almost all of our products are crafted by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen using the methods that have made the Amish well known for quality. While most of our products are delivered fully built, we can build on site in selected areas and can build larger size buildings.◄

  20. The Ski Hut JALOPY CABINS   This is really a great find. These people specialize in using "Real Logs" not fake ones to build these very cute small Log Cabins for sale to the general public suitable for living in. Nice website with lots of pictures. The Picture on the right is of their "The Ski Hut" a 10x16ft cabin which is currently for sale.

    ►Jalopy Cabins was an idea that quickly became a reality. For us, combining the idea of building small, efficient housing and using reclaimed materials went hand in hand with our goal of being environmentally friendly and providing unique, one of a kind homes. Small or tiny homes are very practical and more

    people are starting to realize all the benefits that come with living in a smaller space. If you're not looking to live in a smaller space, a Jalopy Cabin could serve many other potential uses for you. They make great guest cabins, home offices, art studios and tack/feed rooms. Jalopy Cabins is taking a very different approach to building small housing. Our cabins our formed from a creative vision by our builder and then assembled with the reclaimed materials that are available. Each cabin will be built using a minimum of 90% reclaimed materials and is truly a one of a kind structure. It is for this reason we do not provide catalogs or general floor plans for you to choose from. Having lived in small spaces for his entire life, builder Wolf Brooks is fully aware of the best ways to maximize space in small areas. He has also been building homes for the past 13 years and wants to provide you a cabin with the best craftsmanship. We will only be producing a minimal quantity of cabins each year allowing adequate time to acquire our reclaimed materials and give each cabin its own unique characteristics.◄
  21. Picture of their Monticello model HONEST ABE LOG HOMES   This company does have some under 1000 SF floor plans, not a lot though. Picture on the right is of their 624 SF model called the "Monticello". But, keep in mind that they offer a lot of custom design services and can draw up anything you desire, so actually, they have an unlimited amount of floor plans under 1000 SF if you look at it that way.

    ►Honest Abe Log Homes has been creating log cabin kits for over 30 years at our manufacturing and National Headquarters in Moss, Tennessee. Through our history, we have designed countless log cabin floor plans and have been involved in log construction as well. Our log cabin kits may be customized to suit your needs. In addition, our custom design service can draw your own log cabin designs or timber frame home ideas from a rough sketch. Our log kits are kiln dried to remove excess moisture and to stabilize the logs. In addition to all this, on our site you will find information on log cabins for sale, timber frames, photos and much more.◄
  22. Line Shack PIONEER CABIN COMPANY   This very professional business based in Ketchum, Idaho can build from scratch or restore older log cabins and log buildings. Plus they offer other off-the-grid services. They seem to like to build small cabins, and they are beautiful too.

    ►Pioneer cabin company is a full service construction company specializing in the procurement and production of quality rustic cabins, structures and improvements for all budgets, as well as off-grid and grid-tied power systems, including data logging, web cams, and remote communication systems. We are a great partner to our clients in the responsible development of their properties. Passionate about the land and the areas in which we live and recreate; we are committed to building and keeping quality and sustainable structures on the landscape of the American West. Our period perfect lodgings and alternative energy systems are ideally suited to sporting properties, ranches, family and corporate compounds, guest quarters, retreats, or your very own private hideaway. Our Team will guide you through your project from zoning review to on-site custom construction, or off-site built turnkey cabins. Please view Our Services for more information.◄
  23. Tryon Series Basic Model BLUE RIDGE LOG CABINS   Mandii Green (19 Feb 2013) has just recently sent me an email requesting a special favor in regards to a special promotion they are doing. She says: "Hello. I am the media coordinator for Blue Ridge Log cabins. We wanted to reach out to you and see if you would be interested in blogging about a current build we are doing. We build our solid log cabins in a state-of-the-art facility and then the home is shipped and set-up in just one day. No one in the World does what we are able to do. Currently we have asked one of our recent log home owners to keep a blog throughout the whole process from the design to the day of the build. The blog consist of videos, images and details by the home owners and weekly factory updates. On the day of the build February 27th 2013 we will have a live feed of the whole day, so anyone can tune in and see the whole build day from start to finish." Click on the picture at the right to visit the blog.

    These people have a nice website with pictures of their homes. They appear to be a pretty large business, and they have the ability to prefab large size log homes in their factory, but they also have a line of smaller cabins under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their 613 SF "Tryon Series" a basic model and it is described this way: "The Tryon series is the ideal getaway for couples looking to escape reality and settle into a cozy cabin nestled in the woods. The one-bedroom, one-bath design provides an intimate space with the living room and bedroom conveniently separated by a beautiful kitchen, complete with an open design and solid countertops. The simplicity of this hideaway invites couples to experience the beauty of the region, without the cumbersome and unnecessary burden of caring for a large home. The Tryon series works well as a hunting or rental cabin but also is a nice option for couples looking for a weekend getaway."

    ►Blue Ridge Log Cabins was incorporated in June of 1992 in response to a strong market demand for faster and more efficient construction of quality log homes. Over the years, the company has become a leader in the log home industry, creating innovative practices that reduce cost and quicken the home building process. In 2008 and 2009, Blue Ridge Log Cabins was ranked in INC Magazine's fastest growing privately held companies in America. By constructing our homes in a factory setting, Blue Ridge Log Cabins exceeds current building standards and virtually eliminate the effects of potentially damaging weather. Additionally, by building a log home in a factory, we can produce a more uniform product with a guaranteed quality. With 90-100% of the home built in a factory, Blue Ridge Log Cabins is able to accurately project the exact cost of your home, then complete your home without involving specialized, expensive and difficult to find builders and sub-trades in the construction process.◄
  24. Swedish Guest Cabin MILLER ARCHITECTS   Well, this business located in Livingston, Montana has some very beautiful designs, they incorporate a lot of rock into their homes - a combination of logs and large rocks. That is a good combination in my opinion, looks great. Don't be afraid to visit their website, it contains a lot of good pictures of their finished projects. Picture on the right is of their "Swedish Guest Cabin".

    ►Miller Architects office is located in the baggage building of the historic Train Depot Center in Livingston, Montana. Here, our team of Montana architects brings a unique relationship-based approach to residential architecture that puts the focus on you, the client. Miller Architects, PC is a licensed architecture firm in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, but we're not as large an office as some—therefore it's our people, not just our work, that define us. Candace Tillotson-Miller, AIA, received her architectural education at Montana State University and Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked in the architectural field since 1985, licensed in 1991 and began private practice in 1992. Candace is NCARB certified and currently holds licenses in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado. Living on a cattle ranch in rural Montana sets the tone for Candace's work. Whether she's revitalizing turn-of-the-century log buildings or creating innovative new structures, her profound appreciation of the Western vernacular brings a strong degree of timelessness to her work. She creates buildings that are both elegant and casual, capturing at once the romance and the reality of life out West.◄
  25. The Weekender Cabin MAISONS PARAGON HOMES   This business located in Canada does square logs and Full Length Round Logs, from Eastern White Pine, and can use Standard 8 inch diameter Round Logs. What's good about this business is they have at least 3 small models available for sale. So, according to their website you can build small if you want or build big if that suits you better. The picture on the right is of their 361 SF "The Weekender Cabin".

    ►Paragon Homes is your one stop shop for the design, the plans, construction management or Turn-Key and your custom engineered home package/kit for your new home or cottage. All of our home packages-kits are available in conventional kit frame construction, hybrid timber frame construction, or log and timber frame. Options include Energuide in Ontario or Novoclimat in Québec and our Paragon wall system R-32. Our Kits are all carbon neutral – Reduced Greenhouse gas emissions – Meets and beats the one-ton challenge! Additionally, Paragon wood products are made from trees harvested from forests certified by third parties as sustainably managed. These wood products store carbon during their useful life, limiting the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Because we build what we sell, we know how to plan your new home design to ensure you get the most out of it in terms of space utilization, optimization of square footage, consideration for the land on which you plan to build, and respect your budget. Since 1989 we have built over 450 homes with our proven cost effective construction project management system or as a turn-Key project. We will produce a kit that will be customized and personalized for your exact wishes and needs. We will adapt our product line and services to custom built your home or cottage. We would be honored working with you in designing, producing and building your new home.◄
  26. Atrium's 100 SF Log Cabin named: The Brook ATRIUM LOG HOMES   This link here takes you to Atrium's website, plus Atrium has a link to a website called: "Honka Products", which i gather they (Atrium) is a dealer. But anyway, Atrium has a nice website with pictures of many of their products and they have a fair amount of small log cabins under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their tiny 100 SF (10X10) log cabin called the "The Brook". "The Brook is a simple sleeping cabin perfect for those overnight hunting or fishing trips. A deep eave over the entry protects you from the weather as you come in. The brook is also used as a small guest cabin. It can accommodate up to three adult persons." I think most or all of the logs used in their cabin kits come from "Finland".

    Simple Recipes ►Whether it's a hunting, fishing or skiing cabin, or a holiday home on the lake, Atrium Log Homes has developed a cabin series with the style and design to fit your needs as well as your budget. Our innovative product development insures that these cabins will meet tomorrow's challenges and will continue to rank above the competition in price and quality for years to come. Log packages consist of wood components including logs, windows, doors and interior/exterior trims and architraves. All materials are made from the same high quality and precisely measured Nordic pine from Finland. We are an independent distributor of Honka log home components. HONKA is the largest log home manufacturer in the world, offering unlimited design flexibility, patented building solutions, and beautiful architecture to a discriminating international audience. Honka has more than 50 years of experience to help you create your dream log home. Each year 3,000 to 4,000 people in over 50 countries choose Honka for their log homes, making Honka the largest log home manufacturer in the world. The versatility of Honka's distinctive look and large selection of Honka's round and rectangular logs, windows, and doors make virtually any style of architecture possible, from traditional to contemporary. From the beginning, Honka has realized their dependence on their partnership with nature. Honka grows, harvests, and uses only polar pine. Using sustainable forestry and green building principles, Honka's goal is to build log homes and structures that last for generations. Their advanced technology is unmatched by any other log home supplier in the world, and this economy of labor and resources ensures not only the highest quality, but also a competitive price. Atrium Log Homes, LLC, is proud to offer Honka log homes in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, or Anywhere Else Your Dream May Take You. Our company is dedicated to helping you with the process of building a log home as a complimentary service to the high quality of the Honka product line. It is our pleasure to see your dreams realized to your highest expectations.◄
  27. 812 SF NATURECRAFT HOMES LLC   This business displays some beautiful creations and they claim to sell "Traditional log home packages at wholesale prices". I imagine they can design any size cabin for you, but they do have at least one cabin floor plan under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their 812 SF "High Camp" model. They also offer the following log styles and options: Swedish Cope Standard Appearance, Swedish Cope Cabin Appearance, Swedish Cope Draw Knifed Appearance, Tongue & Groove D-log, Rustic D-Log, Dovetail V-Groove, & Dovetail Chink-Groove . . .

    ►From small one-bedroom cottages to large expansive lodges, our professional staff will guide you through the process of building a naturally beautiful home at wholesale prices. We specialize in designing and building homes reflective of the natural beauty found in mountains, forests and streams. Our goal is to provide homes constructed with modern comfort and convenience abounding in natural beauty and style. The unique options we offer include the use of standing dead timber and slow growth pine, character beams and posts, bark accents, stone accents and much, much more. We continually deliver stunning results in every project. We have worked hard to develop relationships with various suppliers to allow us to bring these amazing details to you at remarkable prices. Please contact a representative to learn more.◄
  28. Fire Damage Being Repaired LOG HOME REPAIR & RESTORATION SERVICES   This is another log home repair company and they have a nice website with lots of good pictures. They appear to be quite professional and knowledgeable. "Log Home Repair and Restoration Services offers log home expert witness services for homeowners, log home builders, insurance companies and attorneys. As licensed general contractors, we have the knowledge specific to the log home industry. As a recognized authority in log home construction since 1977, we are able to analysis construction and design issues, structural deficiencies, consumer related problems and constructions errors."

    ►Log Home Repair and Restoration Services specializes in the cosmetic repair and structural replacement in log and timber homes. Many log home companies and manufacturers are no longer in business today, therefore replacement logs are difficult if not impossible to locate. We have a large profile and species database to assist our customers in locating a close match when repairing and replacing logs in their log home. In cases where matches are not found, our experienced craftsmen can duplicate your log on the job site. Log Home Repair and Restoration was started by David Groves and his family. As a recognized authority on log structures with decades of practical experience, he recognized and pursued the need to preserve and repair valuable log homes and structures. David Groves is a log home construction professional who has worked on log structures throughout the United States and has traveled internationally in his field of expertise. He has also worked for the United States Government on projects at Cherry Point, North Carolina and Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. In 2001, Log Home Repair and Restoration Services was asked to film a five part series: Build A Log Cabin for DIY Television. Once you become a client of Log Home Repair and Restoration Services, you are part of our family for a lifetime. After your new log home is constructed or restored, we are committed to consulting with you to maintain your home. We also offer yearly maintenance contracts to assist you with keeping your home beautiful for years to come. Our best advertising is our customers. Just ask our clients!◄
  29. Front Log Cabin Home TETON PEAKS LOG HOMES   Not a lot of info on the website and the website is a little messed up it looks like to me, but don't let that stop you from checking out this business based in the state of Idaho.

    ►Welcome to Teton Peaks Log Homes. For over 20 Years we have been providing superior Swedish Cope building materials to Homebuilders and Dealers across the United States, Canada, and around the World. Whether choosing one of our popular rustic models or a contemporary plan, our hand crafted packages have been meticulously designed to compliment your lifestyle and budget. Achieving your dream may be easier than you think with a quality Teton Peaks Log Home. Teton Peaks Log Homes uses only standing dead timber from the northwestern United States, or western Canada. Lodgepole Pine, and Douglas Fir are the main species of wood used to make your log home materials. All of our wood is inspected and grade stamped for quality through Timber Products Inspections. You can rest assured that your log home, or railing material has come to you at a minimum of impact on the environment. We depend on the world's forests for our livelihood and take great care in their conservation. Our Swedish Cope Logs are each milled to precise dimensions on our giant wood lathe so that each log stacks exactly right. The standard saddle notches are measured and tested before shipping to insure proper fit on the building site making construction easy and efficient. Our "D" logs are milled on our giant log planer built specially for one purpose: Creating beautiful logs. The four separate blades on the planer each cut and smooth the logs to a smooth, glossy finish and exact dimensions so that each log is a carbon copy of the previous. The butt and pass corner system ensures swift assembly and a beautiful and classic log home look.◄
  30. 1083 SF Hunters Haven TAMARACK LOG AND TIMBER HOMES   According to the pictures on their website, they build very large beautiful log cabin homes, but they also have some small floor plans at around 1000 SF and below. Picture on the right is of their "1083 SF Hunters Haven". They also build using these traditional styles: Round Log Full Scribe, Round Log Chink Style, Round Log Timber Frame, Traditional Dovetail, & Traditional Timber Frame.

    ►Tamarack Log and Timber Homes is proud to be part of the tradition of Handcrafting Log Homes dating back 1500 years in Northern European Countries and Russia. We are master builders of Handcrafted Log Homes with 31 years of experience in designing and building log and timber structures. Our log structures have ranged in size from 500 square feet to 12,000 square feet being built in some very difficult building locations throughout North America. We have built our log and timber homes on top of mountains and one large home on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Log homes have changed throughout the centuries. We have studied log homes throughout the years, an ongoing educational learning process for log construction. This study of log and timber homes allows us to offer our clients informed answers as to the most efficient up to date methods of log and timber home construction. Our log structures are built by highly skilled craftsmen providing our client with the finest quality available in the log and timber industry. We were one of the very first handcrafted log and timber companies to offer non-toxic, safe and renewable sheep wool insulation. Also, we were one of the very first handcrafted log and timber companies to recommend and use Sansin Enviro stains as they offer great products with low toxicity.◄
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