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  1. Log Home Model PARADISE MOUNTAIN LOG HOMES   This company has some very beautiful smaller cabins around 1000+ SF. They are based in Idaho & the state of Washington, but guess what, they service the Hawaiian Islands as well. Smallest cabin i could find was the "Ross Lake" model, 1040 SF Total. "Serving the Western US and all of the Hawaiian Islands—CALL—808-965-8261 Building the "Finest" Handcrafted Log Homes, Timber Frame AND Post & Beam Buildings."

    ►A log home by Paradise Mountain Log Homes, Inc. is not your typical log home. They are handcrafted with the highest quality of craftsmanship. We pride ourselves with the reputation of quality, service and attention to detail from the beginning stages of the design process and throughout your building process and the positive history to back it up. Paradise Mountain Log Homes is affiliated with the #1 log manufacturing yard in North America that has produced over 1,200 Hand-crafted log homes since 1978.

    1. We pride ourselves in having no negative surprises. Before starting the design process or going to contract with a company, be sure you know what is provided with your log shell. We do lots of re-draw of plans after folks find out what's not included in their log shell price.

    2. Be aware of the low bid, it is a tactic we see over and over because so many things are left out of the total shell package. Time and time again we have clients that have gotten an early estimate from us and from the bigger company that did the drafting of the plans because of their low bid, only for them to find out at that late date what was not included, for example:
    a. Insured - Trucking (48ft Flatbed).
    b. Insured - Crane (25-30 Ton @ $100.00 - $150.00 per hour).
    c. Insured, licensed & bonded 6-man crew to assist the company's logsmith for the re-stacking of the log work. Paradise includes the experienced set-up crew, crane and trucking.

    3. Set-up costs: Talk to a local contractor, studies have shown these costs typically range from $10.00 to $20.00 per square foot. For example, your typical 2,000 square foot home you could add $20,000.00 for the re-stack.

    4. Liability costs: If you hire a log company that won't or doesn't stack the log work, will they stand behind it? Once again, studies have shown this is not the case.

    Paradise Mountain is a company that looks forward to making your log home building experience a success.◄
  2. Sample of Product PANEL CONCEPTS   Billed as "The Small Cottage Company" and they do have a lot of small cabin kits for sale. Picture on the right is of a cabin located in their "Camp & Resort Photos" section of their website. If you are looking for a small possibly easy-to-build cabin check this out.

    ►If you are looking to build your own cabin, but don't know how to get started, Panel Concepts can help. We deliver the log cabin and cottage kits ready to assemble. Our varying log cabin kits are ideal for hunting, fishing or used as pool houses. We offer the AuSable Timber Cabin, the Knotty Pine Cabin, Clark Fork Timber Cabin, Cedar Log Sauna, Economy Timber Cabin and Oak Ridge Timber Cabin Kits. Each log cabin comes in many different models, with a large variety of optional accessories and furniture available, including bedroom furniture, patio furniture, and Sun-Mar composting toilets. Panel Concepts began the business of do-it-yourself small panelized cabins in 1996. We have since grown, now offering a line of panelized cabins ranging from small camping, hunting, and fishing cabins, to larger cottages for four season. If you are looking for a quick project, the small cabin kits can be constructed in just one day. We engineer each of our cabins and cottages for your specific location and most cabins and cottages require only a minimum set of tools for construction; no heavy equipment is required. As a desirable addition, the panels within our log home kits are easy to assemble and work with any type of floor system giving the appearance of a charming and elegant, open beam, cathedral ceiling using select knotty pine decking. Basic models are available in single unit width of 12ft, 16ft, 20ft and a variety of lengths. Single units can be joined together for an unlimited variety of floor plan layouts. Two roof pitches are available (6/12 and 12/12), along with other optional items such as loft kits, covered porches, and interior knotty pine partition walls. We specialize in small log cabin kits that are easy to assemble. Panel Concepts gives you the flexibility to design your building with a specific use in mind. Browse our site and order your very own cabin kit today!◄
  3. Rustic Log Sauna VOYAGEUR LOG HOMES   This business is based in Minnesota. They have a unique gallery of previously built homes which range from the years 2001 to 2010. Also, they have at least nine stock floor plans under 1000 SF. So these people will build small cabins. And they will do custom design work. Picture on the right is of their "Rustic Log Sauna".

    ►Our mission at Voyageur Log Homes is to help you build the best log home, without compromise, while maintaining an efficient and cost effective building process. We offer, to you our knowledge of log homes through the understanding of a turn key project. Our services include but not limited to:

    • Site Layout (region specific).
    • Full construction assistance through out the project as needed or as requested by you
    • Design and Drafting
    • Complete Estimating Services
    • Log Sales
    • 1/2 Log Sales
    • Log Accent Sales
    • Roof, Door and Window Packages
    • Deliveries
    • Complete Log Erection
    • Weathertite Labor
    • Assistance with Onsite Management
    • Assistance with General Contracting (region specific)
    • Assistance with Turn Key Projects (region specific)
    • Log Home Materials Distribution
    • Log Relative Consultation

    High quality at an affordable price, with skill, experience and friendly service! We offer READY MADE, MODIFIED and CUSTOM floor plans. Visit our office 4 miles north of Orr Minnesota on HWY 53.◄
  4. Real Log Home VERMONT HOME SPECIALTIES   I think this here is a dealer representative type business. They are based in the state of Vermont. I guess they build log homes for other name brand companies. They have a long list of floor plans to choose from. Also, included in their floor plans are some cabins under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of one of their custom built cabins.

    ►Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. It is our privilege as independent dealers to represent these fine companies. Located on route 2 in Danville, Vermont is our free standing model home, main office and sales location. Office hours are staffed Tuesday thru Saturday, 9am to 4pm. Other hours by appointment. We are passionate about our home building. Timberpeg and Real Log Brands allow us to bring you the finest crafted products with design services to create the home of your dreams.

    These are truly homes that bring memories that last for generations. Today's log homes are not what they used to be. While they are still built with the same rugged and timeless look as they have been for centuries, today's log homes are designed to be lower maintenance, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. Making sure we can offer the latest in log home advancements to our clients means we need to partner with a log home manufacturer who has continuously been at the forefront of design and technology: Real Log Homes®. We have been an Independent Representative for Real Log Homes® since 1996. Prior to this we put up buildings from five other manufacturers. During our long stead we have learned from hands on experience what it takes to help design, assemble and finish a traditional log home to the highest standards. We have also encountered a number of clients who, for various reasons, would like to participate in the project in a hands-on capacity. For these DIY folks we have always been happy to help teach and provide assistance and guidance when necessary. Our experience as builders also allows us to build homes that contain both log portions and conventional built portions. These "hybrid" style homes are a great fit for those people who like the look of a log home, but don't want their entire home to be log-built. For these clients we can seamlessly build a home with one wing being log-built and the others built with high-quality conventional methods.◄
  5. Log Cabin Home LOGCRAFTERS   This business is located in the state of Montana. Their website linked to here does not seem to be complete or something, some of the pictures do not work for me. It is dated: "2005-2006". They may or may not be in business, i am not sure. But, according to their picture history of homes built in the past, they have been quite active. Lots of beautiful homes built previously. Also, they will build small cabins if so desired.

    ►We build custom, handcrafted, log homes and timber frame homes. Priding ourselves on building custom log packages, our hand-hewn finish gives our log and timber frame homes a unique look and a very satisfied client. Look through our site to to see the beauty of a handcrafted log home. We have a unique log home company and you will see that look through our photo gallery; view our free floor plans; and feel free to call us at anytime. The hand-hewn dovetail home's aesthetic fits any location and geography.
    Andrte Rieu
    Our homes have graced much of the continent - from Alaska to Florida, New Hampshire to Southern California - to satisfy the needs of our clients; all the while retaining our handcrafted look. The square log and timber frame home is versatile to many different regions and we have also pulled the look off in residential neighborhoods. Combining historic building styles with conventional design techniques, we create hand-hewn, square log homes in the historic Mission Valley of Montana. The roots of the dovetail hand-hewn building method comes from 18th Century European immigrants. Early American settlers adapted traditional techniques with resources that were available to create a distinctive American style that has endured through the years. We replicate these techniques to give our clients a timeless home unlike anything else. Traditionally, the hand-hewn home has been a symbol of social prominence and superior craftsmanship. Round log homes were built by transient trappers who forged west building haphazard temporary structures as they pursued delusions of grandeur. Those choosing to create a permanent residence refined the cabin building technique by using the sturdy interlocking dovetail corners. Squaring timbers with a broad axe and hand adz, builders stripped away the rotten outer bark and the sapwood layer, leaving sturdy, durable heartwood. This building style became iconic of the gentry, embracing quality craftsmanship and the image it portrayed. In this time of technological advancements in our industry, we embrace rustic building methods and the value of the human touch. Be it a small fishing cabin, a resort mountain getaway or ranch lodge, each of our homes symbolize rustic elegance and heirloom quality.◄
  6. Small Log Cabin BLUE OX LOGCRAFTERS   Blue Ox Logcrafters specializes in high-end custom handcrafted log homes. Picture on the right is of one of their smaller log homes they have built for someone. They are based in Carbondale, Colorado, USA.

    360container logo ►Blue Ox Logcrafters is a handcrafted log home company specializing in custom log homes, log & timber accents, and timberframing. Blue Ox Logcrafters offer several styles of handcrafted log homes including full-scribe (Swedish-cope), dovetail, round-notch chink style, and piece-n-piece. Through the use of dead-standing spruce, pine, or fir (other species available) our log shells are assured of minimal shrinkage or warping of the logs. Although we use dry dead-standing logs we still allow for settling of the log walls. The logs come from the forest in a natural state, we then hand peel and handcraft them into the final product. Located in the Roaring Fork Valley of western Colorado, we produce high quality log joinery unsurpassed in the industry. With a crew of skilled craftsmen we are able to provide products ranging from a simple log bench to complex log homes. Our main service area is the Roaring Fork (Aspen) and Eagle (Vail) valleys of Colorado, but we also ship and work nationwide. Yard Assembly Blue Ox Logcrafters has a fully equipped construction yard where we pre-build log shells and other log and timberwork. From there, our products are shipped and re-assembled or installed by our crew, assuring quality work from beginning to end (out-of-area projects will be supplied with at least one onsite supervisor). Roger Sherman, owner of Blue Ox Logcrafters, has over 18 years experience in the log home industry. He is a graduate of the B. Alan Mackie School of Log Building and is a member of the International Log Builders Association and the Timber Framers Guild of North America.◄
  7. Jack Hanna's Log Cabin JACK HANNA'S LOG CABIN   I am putting this listing up for your possible interest. This is linked to the website: "Hooked On Houses (hookedonhouses.net)". It is one page featuring the famous animal expert Jack Hanna's little log cabin and i am sure you have seen him on television in the US. Nothing is for sale here, just pictures of a nice looking little cabin in Montana. The link to the floor plan is on the site, plus a link to his website.

    Click Above
    ►This charming, 760 square-foot log cabin belongs to famous animal expert and zookeeper Jack Hanna. It was named "Elk Cabin" because it sits on an old elk farm in Montana, just outside Bigfork, but since he shares this secluded retreat with his wife Suzi, they call it their "Honeymoon Suite". I love the front porch. I'd be sitting right here in this rocking chair right now if I could! They didn't use any drywall in the cabin. Most of it was built with 8X12 white pine logs from Idaho. They wanted the cabin to look old and authentic, but to have all of the comforts of home too. Hanna's friend and home builder Randy Baker says, "We hid the TV, refrigerator, dishwasher and all the electrical work behind custom panels designed to match the cabinetry." The cabin is small and simple, with only a living room, kitchen, bed loft and bath. We like renting log cabins for family vacations. There's just something about them that's cozy and relaxing. One like this brings out the Little House on the Prairie fantasies of my youth . . . :) You can learn more about Jack Hanna and what he's up to on his website.◄
  8. The Camp Pre-built cabin KOZY LOG CABINS   OK, it seems that their lowest cost cabins are located in their "Pre-Built Cabins's category. Picture on the right is of their "The Camp" one of their pre-built cabins. "Though we do have standard models that are most popular, all of them can be modified and customized to your specifications. Most of them can be modified to be built on wheels or delivered by trailer to any location. They all meet or exceed building codes for this type of cabin and can be ordered with log siding or full log."

    ►We have been in the log cabin and log home business for an accumulated 75 years, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to your log cabin project. Kozy Log Cabins builds, markets and sells two distinctly different types of cabins; our Pre-Built, portable cabins and our more expansive selection of Custom Cabins. Pre-built cabins, completely finished and ready for furniture, are roomy, extremely well built and can be modified and customized just for you and start at around $15,500.00. The custom cabins are log cabin homes and, though we have many different standard models including the Ken Pieper designs, all can be modified to fit your lifestyle. Both lines are manufactured with the same care and craftsmanship, use the same quality materials and demonstrate our total commitment to your complete satisfaction. Our dealers and employees adhere to the simple principle of "Quality in ---> Quality out", and we will stop at nothing, spare no expense to ensure that your Kozy Log Cabin dream is alive and well. Quality is not just a word with us; we live it and breathe it every day.◄
  9. Eliza Brook Shelter THE WOODEN HOUSE COMPANY   These guys located in the state of Vermont, in my opinion produce a log cabin product which is different in that they use logs which seem larger than what most companies use to create a heavy, "Big Log" cabin look and it looks great. All their structures feature the "Big Log" look. They also make a very cool line of shelters called: "Hiker Shelters". Picture on the right is of their: "Eliza Brook Shelter". Please keep in mind that they also build very beautiful livable log cabin homes, and they include pictures on their site showing their craftsmanship.

    ►Our craftsmen compromise nothing for the quality of workmanship in each and every frame we build. Full-scribe log joinery, pegged mortise and tenon joinery, dovetailed corners, hand-hewn or planned timbers, hand-peeled logs, log gables, sanded log ends, hidden screw jacks, log archways, and curved timbers are just some of the trademarks of this dedication. John has developed a beautifully unique version of the traditional "Round Notch" for log construction, which stays tight as the building seasons. For examples of this craftsmanship please browse our portfolio. Top timber framers have asked him to train their crews in this and other techniques he continually develops. John understands wood . . . And how to shape it into long-lasting homes of beauty and strength. Our standard log is full length, large diameter Eastern White Pine (15in average diameter and larger; lengths up to 60ft). This wood is in a class with Redwood and Cedar for stability. Oak and Pine are our standard timbers for framing. Of course, we will use other materials should you request. We are very particular about the quality of wood that we purchase for use in our homes. Our massive Eastern White Pine logs have a relatively high R-value (1.3 per inch for an average of R19+ walls) and enormous thermal storage capabilities. Coupled with state-of-the-art gasketing behind tight joinery, and an R40 roof system on top of the log roof framing, our homes are very energy efficient for maximum living comfort. For more detailed information about the individual log components in our homes see Package Details.◄
  10. Cottage Cabin GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN LOG HOMES   These people do have some nice smaller size cabins. They offer three different categories of cabins: Authentic Cabins, Traditional Cabins, & Sportsman Series. Picture on the right is of their: "Cottage Cabin" which is in the "Sportsman Series" line of cabins. The Sportsman Series is their smaller cabin line. I like it when a business has a lower cost, smaller size cabin in their inventory of cabins manufactured.

    ►We have over 100 years of experience. Matter of fact over 150 years. With this knowledge, from design to hands on manufacturing of products to the craftsman that build, we are solid. Our goal is to deliver you the best home at a great price and exceed your expectations. Grandfather Mountain Log Homes offers an unlimited number of log home packages and design services. We have more homes, log styles, and products to offer you than most other companies because of the manufacturing capabilities and the Mill we use to produce our homes. You may select from our standard plans or bring us your plan. We can customize any plan because we have more log profiles, log sizes and matching log siding and all other related materials than most other companies in the log home industry today. The key to a successful built log home is not when you finish the home, but way before you even start. This is where Grandfather Mountain Log Homes excels in the Log Home World, it is because we have the "inventory" of the finest raw materials available. We tell you this so you know what to expect and what you should demand. It is your money, your investment and we want you to ask questions now. Ask us first, let us show you where to start and what to do so your home building is an enjoyable experience. We are fortunate enough to have Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Cypress to choose from depending on your choice of structure. With a combination of quality control and providing our clients with expert advice, our goal is to always exceed our clients expectations. It will be our privilege to meet with you about any phase of the log home industry from acquiring land if needed, planning, engineering, site survey, materials or construction. We provide our clients full service one stop planning.◄
  11. The Mifflinburg A PLUS MODULAR LOG HOMES   This companies' service area seems to be the east coast of the US exclusively. Picture on the right is of their "The Mifflinburg" cabin. This is not a "Full Log" builder, but use like half rounds to face off a frame system i believe. If their pictures are any indication, they produce nice looking cabins. They can do custom layouts if so desired. They are looking for dealers if you might be interested in opening your own little business.

    ►George Orren worked in the "traditional" Log Home business for over a decade, during which time he discovered the many advantages of modular log home construction: Low cost, No Log Shrinkage, No Air and water infiltration, High "R" ratings, Extra short construction time, Easy appraisals, Easy acquisition of mortgage money, especially for the "do-it-yourself" customer, Fewer bug and insect problems, Low maintenance, Lower home owner insurance costs. By combining the appearance of Log Homes with the advantages of modern Modular Construction, he pioneered a way to create beautiful and affordable log homes. As you consider the benefits of owning a Modular Log Home and review the specifications and our online portfolio, feel free to call us to set up an appointment to visit one of these beautiful Modular Log homes and take a tour of our manufacturing plant. We look forward to helping you.◄
  12. Unfinished Log Home REED LOG HOMES   They do have a picture gallery, but this is really a one page website to give you an idea of their craftsmanship. Not a lot of stuff here, but they are not a large company either. The website url "ReedLogHomes.net" does not go anywhere, they should take it down.

    ►We build excellent quality homes with just the look you want! We will build your custom log home at a more reasonable price by creating all cupboards, storage areas, moldings and trim ourselves. There is no need to order any extra pieces; we make them ourselves. Your home can be built with log, rock, brick, cedar or hardy plank finishes. We will build complete homes within a 60 mile radius of Huntsville, Texas. If you want only a shell erected we will travel farther. The log homes we build are trouble free with no cracks or shrinkage.◄

  13. Woodbury Log Cabin EXPEDITION LOG HOMES   This log home business has dealers all over the US it seems. They offer design services, and have a lot of Log Profiles & Corner Styles available. Also, they offer Full Log Building as well as Half Log or Hybrid Building System. Picture on the right is of their 960 SF Woodbury Cabin, the smallest one i could find.

    Click Above
    ►At Expedition Log Homes®, we realize that each individual has unique design needs. Blaze your own path with the help of an experienced guide. Expedition Log Homes® is here to help you map out your very own log home journey. The first step in designing your personal retreat is to examine the function of your home. We carefully take notice of the desired locations for activity zones; places for sleeping, working, eating and living. If you have already purchased your land, we help you determine what direction has the best view. Knowing which rooms need to take advantage of the view will help you layout the footprint of your home. Visit our Design Services page for more details. Having a design professional guide you will make the journey more rewarding. Take a look at some floor plan sample designs that we've developed to assist you in determining your style preference and floor plan layout ideas. For personal service, contact us today to begin turning YOUR PLANS into the log home of your dreams.◄
  14. Killarney III Model Log Cabin TRUE NORTH LOG HOMES   The owners of this business view log home living as a personal sanctuary allowing a person to get away from the hectic pace of modern living. Their motto: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away". Picture on the right is of their 960 SF "Killarney III Model".

    ►The most valuable soft wood in North America goes into every True North log home. Grown in the forests of Northern Ontario and Quebec, this winter-cut, slow growth Northeastern white pine tree is carefully chosen by True North for the log wall system of your home. Only the durable heartwood of the log is used, making the log extremely dimensionally stable. The sapwood section, or soft layers between the heartwood and the bark is eliminated in the squaring process. This assures that settlement of the logs will be minimal — not exceeding one inch in an eight-foot wall height. Western red cedar is also available upon request. True North uses only full dimensional logs to build log homes. This means, for example, the 8in x 12in log actually measures 8in x 12in, as opposed to the 7 1/4in x 11 1/4in logs used by others in the industry. True North's use of full-size logs translates into greater insulative value. The bottom line is that the larger the logs, the more thermal mass, which equals more energy efficiency! A wide variety of log shapes, log profiles and corner styles are offered by True North. The choices cover the entire spectrum of North American log dwellings and design choices, from square to round shapes, from dovetail to saddlenotch corners and from smooth to rough faces. Explore the many unique options offered by True North. The "Adzed" log face finish is gaining great popularity in North America.◄
  15. Log Cabin MEADOW VALLEY LOG HOMES   For those of you desiring a "Full Log" home manufacturer then this here company is for you. They have a nice website which explains it all. One big point they make is: "The issue of log shrinkage and settling can be an issue that needs to be addressed when talking about some full log home builders. Meadow Valley's tried and true log fastening system and window/door buck construction reduces the issue of log settling to one of insignificance. No special construction measures are required to finish a Meadow Valley log home."

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    ►Meadow Valley Log Homes has been manufacturing and building full log homes since 1983 and are a member of the Log Homes Council of America. We are a manufacturer, not just a log distributor. Our logs are graded and inspected by certified log graders. Unlike most log home companies, we have our own log construction crews that can do the entire log construction portion of your log home building project. This not only expedites the construction process, but guarantees that your log home will be properly constructed. Our customers do not have to rely on locating a local contractor that hopefully has the knowledge and experience to perform full log construction. We have built over a thousand homes throughout the upper Midwest from West Virginia to North Dakota. We will make arrangements to travel anywhere needed to build your log home. Full log gables, full log loft joists, and full log stairs are just a few of the features in our log homes that set us apart from most other log home companies. These features, along with our quality, service, and the personal attention our team gives each customer, is truly the Meadow Valley Log Homes' difference.◄
  16. A Big Horn Series Cabin WHISPER CREEK LOG HOMES   These are really beautiful homes and appear to be well made. This company does not do "Full Log" construction as far as i can tell by their website information. This company gives you the buyer a different option in that they "Square the logs" for much better fit when stacking the walls. They have dealers all over the US. Picture on the right is of their "Eagle River Cabin", a Big Horn series cabin. Currently, they offer three series of Log Cabins: Big Horn, Elk Ridge, & Buffalo Run. I guess they use a "Hand Planed" exterior log siding which gives the look of a full log cabin home.

    ►Whisper Creek Log Homes created revolutionary building methods to give primary residences and recreational log homes the appearance of a traditional "Full Log" product in an affordable manner, without the challenges and issues of a traditional stacked cabin. From the attractive "hand-planed" log exterior to the steeply pitched massive roof system, these homes speak of quality and distinction. Homeowners can choose from over 20 models with hundreds of combinations of floor plans to match every lifestyle and budget. Through our revolutionary building methods, Whisper Creek Log Homes provides primary residences and recreational cabins with a difference. Our homes have the appearance of a traditional "full log" product but without the inherent shortfalls such as shifting, cracking, checking and shrinking which is a cause of drafts and heat loss. Besides the lengthy construction time, a full log home is very expensive as well. We provide an affordable log home that is quick to build and provides long lasting, trouble-free stately beauty for years of enjoyment! Imagine sitting back and relaxing in your Whisper Creek Log Home – the ultimate in log home living!◄
  17. Cabin Series FREE LOG HOMES   Catchy name here for sure, but trust me these log homes are not free. This business by the appearances of their website looks to be a very large log home/cabin kit operation. They ship worldwide. They offer just about everything a person could want from large log homes to small log cabin kits. Picture on the right is of one of their "Cabin Series". They offer lay away plans. They have standard plans or custom designs. Their website has a ton of information and a fair amount of product pictures.

    Click Above
    ►FLH (FREELOGHOMES, INSUTIMBER) is a Canadian Global Timber Company formed in 2008. Freeloghomes Limited is a United Kingdom Timber Company formed in 2011 to better service the European Union. FLH's head office's are located in Toronto, Canada. Regional offices in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and Niagara Falls, New York, United States. With drafting and design in Ampang, Selangor Malaysia and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A NEW Model Home Court is being constructed QEW Niagara-Toronto Ontario Canada, the first model will be open Summer 2013. Our European operations has offices in London England and Cork County, Ireland. FLH has a network of dealers and partners in 10 countries and is projected to expand into 3 new global marketplaces in 2013. FLH currently has sawmills in Ontario Canada and New York, United States. One co-op remanufacturing facility and two partnership operations. A new facilities in Australia will commence operations in the Summer of 2013 to supply the New Zealand and Australian marketplace. FLH' s operations include the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of log & timber house packages, wood-based value-added products, wholesale lumber division and the management of forest resources. FLH' s vision is to create a globally competitive timber home and building company. An important step towards this goal is the diversification of local distribution on all continents and regions worldwide. FLH's mission is to optimize the forest-land through certified and sustainable forest management groups and practices that will ensure a lasting supply of wood for future generations.◄
  18. Cabin Sample STONEMILL LOG & TIMBER HOMES   This professional appearing business has a nice website with plenty of information about their company. They offer construction workshops and seminars to educate customers on their build process, plus offer free, comprehensive 3-D design and technical support. Their experienced staff utilizes the latest design software to bring your log home dream to life.

    ►StoneMill Log & Timber Homes welcomes you back to the simple life. And not just for a visit, but for a lifetime. The quality and craftsmanship of a StoneMill Log & Timber Homes surrounds you the moment you pass through the door. Your body relaxes and stress fades as you watch a sunset from your porch's expansive view. Laughter fills the air as you spend time with family and friends in front of your natural stone fireplace. Exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs and trustworthy materials—from StoneMill Log & Timber Home's unique dovetailed-chinked construction to our 40 ft premium, Douglas Fir heartwood logs—provides your family a secure and comfortable home for generations to come. At StoneMill Log & Timber Homes, we define simple as "free of complications" and we think that's the perfect way to describe your experience with us. StoneMill Log & Timber Homes offers a complete approach to log home building. When you choose StoneMill Log & Timber Homes you choose a partner with 35 years of log home design, material, and construction experience. Our customers, whether local to Knoxville, Tennessee or living in Pecos River Canyon, New Mexico, receive exceptional levels of service before, during, and after a project. Find your piece of the simple life today! Call 1-800-438-8274 or email us to learn how.◄
  19. Log Cabin Guest House BANFF LOG CABIN GUESTHOUSE   This is a different listing here in that these people are not selling log cabins. This is actually a Bed & Breakfast business in Banff, Canada. I am including this on my website for those of you who would like to "Test Drive" a log cabin before making a commitment to purchase one. Spending a couple of days in this
    Click Above
    guest cabin might help you decide whether or not you would like to live in one long term. According to their website this pertains to the rental of a single log cabin, a small one equipped with a "hand crafted deer antler chandelier, beautiful black iron Queen sized bed with fluffy pillows and comfy duvet. The cast iron stove is gas, controlled by thermostat ensuring the cabin is always cozy and warm. It can be adjusted to your personal preference. Wireless internet is available, and the 16in x 28in wall mounted flat screen TV can be angled towards your bed for comfortable viewing. Our cabin has a self contained, totally private, brand new bathroom. It has a full size bath tub with shower enclosure, sink unit, toilet and a hairdryer. For your convenience, our cabin has a "kitchenette" bar fridge, small microwave and kettle for tea & coffee. There are no cooking facilities in the cabin".

    ►The Banff Log Cabin Guesthouse - Private Log Cabin for 2. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we invite you to come and stay in our Banff Log Cabin Guesthouse. Enjoy a Romantic and unique Log Cabin experience, conveniently located a 4 minute walk from the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and only a 5 minute drive to the world class Banff Springs Golf Course, 2 minutes from the Banff Bow Falls, and a short 10 minute walk to Banff Avenue (along the beautiful Bow River trail). We are located in an exclusive residential area, on a quiet crescent with off street parking. Our cozy Log Cabin offers modern amenities with Rustic Ambiance. Separate from the main house, our B&B provides complete privacy, and is the perfect romantic getaway, weekend retreat or Honeymoon Vacation.◄
  20. Log Cabin Homes ORIGINAL LOG CABIN HOMES   Actually this link here is a combination of about 3 different websites owned by one business. The Original Log Cabin Homes is the main website from which you can navigate to their other two sites called: "Alaska Edition High Adventure Log Cabins & Suwannee River Log Homes. It is all confusing to me, but they have been acquiring different log home related businesses and their website has a lot of stuff on it for sale. They have a nice website and you can find a small cabin if that is what you are looking for in a stock plan or you can have them design you a custom size cabin i am sure.

    ►The log cabin of the American frontier started out as basic shelter, built with the materials and tools available. It was a simple solution to the bare necessities. Those primitive hand-hewn log cabins of the frontier have undergone an amazing transformation. Log cabins of today combine tradition with technology, imagination, and ingenuity in their log cabin construction. At Original Log Cabin Homes, computer-assisted log home design and manufacturing processes make it easy for us to create a variety of log homes to suit any style. In our collection, you'll find log cabins suited to almost any lifestyle or aesthetic sensibility. Whether you're a do-it-yourself type or ready to work with a professional log cabin builder, technical support and detailed instructions from Original Log Cabin Homes make it simple to get started. When you're ready to begin your American Adventure, we're ready to help design a log cabin plan for you. Bring your imagination, and let's get started on the log cabin plan to suit your needs. The legacy of the American log home — beauty, simplicity, and quality natural materials – has been brought up to date with the latest in technology and log home design. That's the essence of an Original Log Cabin Home . . . In 1987 our company started in Rocky Mount, North Carolina with one simple goal: To manufacture the best log houses in the world. Traditional concepts combine with state-of-the-art technology and techniques in all of our designs, bringing together the best of old and new in a variety of comfortable, affordable, and infinitely variable designs. Our extensive selection of log houses includes something to match almost any budget or taste, and our understanding of the possibilities of log home construction allows us to maximize the beauty, versatility, and energy efficiency of natural wood in each of our Original Log Cabin Homes.◄
  21. Natural Log Homes NATURAL LOG HOMES   If the pictures are any indication on their website, this log home business does really beautiful work. This company is based in New Zealand, but ships to the USA if so desired. Click on the "Past Projects" link to see this cabin pictured on the right: "Located in Colorado, USA. One of the dozen log homes we successfully shipped to the USA."

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    ►If you are looking for an environment friendly, sustainable, timeless and earthquake safe building construction you came to the right place. Please read on to find out more. All of our custom log homes are built from natural logs, and all logs are fully scribe-fitted to each other. All our log home shells are handmade, and the notches and grooves are scribed and cut by craftsmen, not by machines. That's why we call ourselves "Natural Log Homes" — Our homes are 100% natural and made by hand. We use only large (350mm average diameter), naturally-shaped logs for our log home kit sets. All of our logs come from sustainable plantations in "Clean, Green" New Zealand. In fact, we are one of the only log home companies offering the option of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified-sustainable trees — that's the most environmentally sensitive, eco-friendly log home you can get. Our home designs vary in size and complexity, and we always uphold the highest standards of quality and artistic craftsmanship that homeowners have come to expect from us for a quarter of a century. We are passionate about providing our customers with log home shells that are unsurpassed in quality, value, environmental awareness, ease of ownership, design, and appearance. We invite you to read on and learn more about Natural Log Homes and the benefits we can offer you. We ship our log home shell kit sets throughout New Zealand, Oceania, Europe, and the USA. Other locations are also invited . . . Please contact us so we can help you.◄
  22. Trapper Model Log Cabin MEADOWLARK LOG HOMES   I like this listing. They have a good inventory of Log Cabins under 1000 SF. In fact, the featured picture shown below is one of their creations. They build both large and small cabins. Anyway, these cabins they sell are classified as 'Pre-Assembled' Log Cabin packages. And, they pre- assemble your handmade, hand-peeled log home or timber frame home package at their Libby, Montana plant to high standards of Amish craftsmanship, meeting or exceeding all national and international building codes. Picture on the right is of their very small 240 SF (12ft X 16ft) Trapper model Log Cabin.

    ►Woodworking has been in our family for generations, even before our forefathers came to America around 1730 and brought their cabin - building and timber construction skills with them. In 1976, we built our first flat on flat style log cabin. Meadowlark's hand built log cabins are perfect for a weekend retreat, guest house, or a luxury living space for the person seeking inspiration in life. Our specialty is not only large log homes but also cabins of any size and design. Energy efficiency is optimized by our cabin log's high insulation values. Value and quality are assured with every log cabin hand made by our skilled craftsmen. The Log Homes Council LHC GRADE STAMP is on each and every log of your cabin, which assures you of the highest level of quality control available in a hand made cabin. You will receive a log grade certificate with your log cabin! Because of the high level of quality and inspections, Meadowlark is certified to ship our log homes and related products to customers in other countries. Green building traditions are a part of every Meadowlark Log Cabin because we use ONLY logs that are from forest improvement practices, which makes the forest more healthy. Hand notching, hardwood doweling, and mortise and tenon joinery is used in the beams and support logs in every log cabin we produce. Log Railing, character logs, and other accessories are available to compliment your Amish log cabin experience. We look forward to hearing from you.◄
  23. Wholesale Log Homes WHOLESALE LOG HOMES   They specialize in producing pre-cut and slotted or grooved logs for building your own log cabin. Looks like a good idea to me.

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    ►Here at Wholesale Log Homes, we sell high quality milled heartwood logs, timbers, finished boards, log siding and log cabin home accessories for log home construction. We sell wholesale, enabling you to save money when you buy directly from us. We do not sacrifice quality for price. We simply eliminate the inflated retail log home company markups. We sell logs and log siding for any log home kits, or log home package. We provide premium logs for log homes and log cabin construction. We strongly advise against buying everything for your log home in a pre-organized package. Shop around, the way you do for everything else you buy for yourself. All-inclusive log home plans, log cabin kits or log cabin home packages may seem convenient, but in the long run they are overpriced and inflexible. At Wholesale Log Homes, you'll get the log cabin home you want, the quality you want, and the best log cabin kit prices in the industry. When you buy from us, you design your log home, and we supply the wholesale logs, timbers, and other specialty items that can't be purchased locally. All non-specialty building supplies, such as doors and windows, can be purchased from a local building products dealer. By buying logs from us and by purchasing other products locally, you save thousands of dollars in delivery and markup costs. Best of all you will have exactly the quality and brands that you want in your log cabins. Not only will your new home meet your budget, but it will meet your specifications as well.◄
  24. Silver Mountain model log cabin APPALACHIAN LOG AND TIMBER HOMES   This business has a lot of choices for you to look at. Lots of good stuff, only a small amount of cabins under 1000 SF. The picture on the right is of their 707 SF with Loft "Silver Mountain" model.

    ►The Appalachian Log Home of today has a soft, rustic atmosphere combined with modern features such as master bedroom suites, great rooms, country kitchens, sun spaces, cathedral areas and open floor plans. Our home building system allows larger windows, skylights, French doors and flexible interior design. In refining the construction techniques of the early settlers, we have given a fresh look to log home living. Appalachian Log Homes are made for year-round living and are easily shipped to close or distant markets. Our straight-forward, honest and strong construction method produces some important advantages for you such as energy efficiency, ease of upkeep, durability and the beauty, comfort and security of solid wood walls. With a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, Appalachians success is in large part due to the care we offer customers. We give a great deal of attention to your personal needs and tastes. Make Appalachian your choice because we place a high priority on meeting the home-building needs that are important to you. We now offer a fully insured, transferable 10-year limited warranty against structural defects.◄
  25. Small Prefab Log Cabin w/Corner Porch TROPHY AMISH CABINS   Here's a good one for you. For those of you desiring a "Portable Log Cabin" this is it. This company specializes in small portable log cabins ready to use after delivery to your property (nationwide turn key delivery).

    ►Trophy Amish Cabins, LLC is a small family operated business, located in South Lyon, MI. Display models located in Jonesville, MI 49250. We enjoy visiting our 46 acre recreational property because we are able to appreciate many outdoor activities. At first we would set up and sleep in a tent, then pack it up to leave, it was a hassle. The closest hotel was 10 miles away, and took time away from our outdoor camping experience, not to mention the added expense. We soon decided that our weekend "Get A Way" visits would be more enjoyable with a small place to stay.
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    We looked at used pop ups, campers, trailers, and motor homes. They were all designed and built extra light duty for fuel efficient transportation, short ceilings, and required constant maintenance. We decided on building a small week end Cabin. I drew up the detailed plans and soon realized we just didn't have the time to build it, and decided to purchase a cabin instead. We had heard of some Amish built Log Cabins that were delivered. We visited many builders, inspected their cabins and found ourselves very disappointed. They were nice looking from a distance, but very cheaply built, 4in X 4in treated runners, 5/8in plywood floors, 2in X 4in stud walls and rafters, metal braces, 7/16in particle board roof sheathing, three slat fiberglass shingles, exterior Pine log siding. Hardly a Cabin, more like a fancy shed. Since we would have to finish the interior we might as well insulate and wire it, not to mention the ceiling, wall and floor covering material. Drywall was not an option; at $10 SF, Solid Pine trim was too expensive and labor intensive. Then again we would have to do all the work, locate, pick up materials, transport a generator, fuel, tools, cut and fit every piece on site, supply food, refreshments, and not to mention everyone says they will help, until you call and they have something planned that weekend. Lets not forget fuel, it's expensive to drive to and from your property and all over, picking up materials, last minute runs to the local hardware store, if there's one close by, and hopefully it's also open late and on weekends. We decided we wanted a real log cabin; it wouldn't depreciate like a camper and would last a lifetime, a long term investment. Should we decide to sell the property, the cabin would be seen as an asset, besides my wife and daughters are kind of high maintenance; if the cabin wasn't nice, they wouldn't stay in it. We traveled all over Ohio,Indiana, Pennsylvania,West Virginia, Kentucky and New York, to mention just a few states . . . We met many Amish and Mennonite builders, toured their facilities; most only built the shed type cabins or wouldn't travel more than 50 miles to a work-site. Eventually we came across a small family run Amish shop in Ohio. After meeting and speaking to the owner and touring his shop, we ordered our Cabin on the spot! Since our cabin would be custom built we decided to design it to suit our specific needs. To keep the bugs away and avoid tracking mud and snow inside our beautiful cabin, we incorporated an enclosed screened in porch to the design layout. We added more windows, located to maximize the view of the ridge and ponds, and also to provide a cool summer breeze. Lastly we had a custom solid Pine bunk bed with a built in bench on the end and stools built to compliment the decor of the cabin. The Cabin was perfect! It had taken years to finally see our dream cabin come to fruition; we felt that everyone should have the opportunity to own their own high quality custom dream cabin. That's we decided to hire an architect and developed our own detailed build specifications and partnered with the Amish shop owner. Jim Gega, Founder and President of Trophy Amish Cabins, LLC has spent 30 years in varied manufacturing industries and environments. Constant improvement, high quality materials, craftsmanship and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. All Trophy Amish Cabins are custom built in a small Authentic Genuine Amish shop, generator and phone shared at the easement, no radio, TV, internet, cameras, fax machine, or unnecessary distractions. Genuine Old fashioned high quality craftsmanship, at an affordable price. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations! That is our promise to you! Grown & Built in the USA.◄
  26. The 448 SF Bearhat Mountain Log Cabin ADVENTURE LOG CABINS   This log cabin business has a good selection of cabins under 1000 SF. It is always confusing to me with these businesses that have different "lines" of product with websites featuring their sub-lines or whatever they are called. I think this is a product line of "Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes" a business headquartered in Tennessee. Picture on the right is of their "Bearhat Mountain" Model, 448 SF, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Log Cabin.

    Leon Redbone ►An inheritance of appreciation for the beauty of Nature has been passed down through the generations of the Jim Barna family—and for decades in the Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes company. Our passion for the outdoor way of life is our family tradition. It is only natural that our corporate headquarters is nestled just outside of The Big South Fork National Park. We have built upon the pioneering spirit of America's past to bring you the best log home available today, and one that will last through generations of your family. Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes is one of the largest and most innovative log home manufacturers in the United States. Our founder and namesake did much to shape the landscape of the current log home market. Founder Jim Barna began changing the industry by changing the logs. He started the trend of milling the logs to specific, uniform tolerances and joining them together with interlocking saddlenotch corners and tongue-and-groove walls. These techniques kept the structures air- and water-tight and maintained the straight lines of the logs. Since then, Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes has developed multiple log systems that provide innovation, integrity and ease of construction.◄
  27. Sheridan Lake Cabin HIGH COUNTRY LOG HOMES   This website is a little different in that they do not list floor plans with square footage, but by looking at the pictures on the site, you can tell that they do indeed build some nice looking smaller log cabins using real logs, (big 'uns). Check out their: "The Cottage - with sleeping loft" made using big round logs. Picture on the right is of their "Sheridan Lake cabin", square footage unknown, but probably under 1000 SF.

    ►Thank you for your interest in our handcrafted log homes. High Country Log Homes has been in business since 1980, under the supervision of Bob Granberg, Owner/Builder. Our Company produces approximately fifteen to twenty high quality log packages per year at our log yard in Kamloops, British Columbia. Bob accompanies each log package to its new home site and we are always available after set up for any questions or inquiries related to your new log home. We enjoy our business and our customers. All of our homes are custom built, so we suggest having a look at one of these great log homes designers . . . Dirkson Design Services out of Nanaimo BC @ www.dirksondesign.com, Crackerjack Log Works out of Bowen Island BC @ www.crackerjacklogworks.com, and RCM Cad out of Chilliwack BC @ www.loghomedesign.ca. Please have a look at their web pages for plan ideas. The average cost for a log package is based on living space, interior log walls, corners etc. We build the package in our yard including ridge, purlins, electrical cut outs, window cut outs, door cut outs and wall slots. It takes approximately six to eight weeks to build your home in our yard depending on the size. While we build the home we send pictures of the process via e-mail so that you can see the progress. When the package is complete it is taken down, trucked and re-assembled in three to six days, ready for your contractor to finish your home. If you have any inquiries please contact us at any time.◄
  28. The 'Calico' model log cabin LAKE COUNTRY LOG HOMES   This business is based in British Columbia, Canada. Please be advised they do have a lot of floor plans for cabins under 1000 SF, plus they do the large log buildings. They offer the following types of log building: Handcrafted | Post and Beam | Timber Frame | Machine Log | Lumber Packages. Lots of good pictures of their previous projects. Picture on the right is of their "Calico" model, a 480 SF, 1 bed, 1 bath cabin.

    ►25 years of character and pride live here, at Lake Country Log Homes. Pursue your dreams through the expertise of our construction and design consultants, the fine detailing of our handcrafted workmanship, the efficiency of our material handling team, and the precise quality of our machine profiling technology. We cover all aspects of custom log home construction – design, planning, coordination, manufacturing and delivery. Lake Country Log Homes takes pride in having high standards of quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. From the design process to the construction and the finishing touches, LCLH ensure well built log homes for our customers by maintaining the principles that got everything started 25 years ago. LCLH's handcrafters and master journeymen have developed some of the finest handcraft detailing in the business and our customers are amazed at the precision fit of our handcraft homes. LCLH's design and system's management expertise co-ordinates each project seamlessly from plans to production to delivery logistics. The automated machine log processor was custom designed specifically for LCLH and is the first of it's kind in the log home business. The automated machine log processor is completely computer controlled to make the entire manufacturing process faster and more accurate . . .◄
  29. Montoursville Cabin ESTEMERWALT LOG HOMES   This looks like a classy outfit, nice website, plenty of pictures and videos of their production. This companies main headquarters is located on the East Coast in Pennsylvania. Picture on the right is not really representative of what they do, but i like the cabin in the picture so i use it here (it was borrowed from their website). The only name i could see for it is "Montoursville".

    ►For 127 years and through five generations, the Propst family has been manufacturing the finest in wood products and setting the standard for excellence in log homes. We are a family run log home company; we pride ourselves on having unequaled personal service, friendly staff, and precision craftsmanship. Selecting a log home is like selecting a new car. What are you looking for? Porsche 911, Chevy Pickup, Dodge Desoto — you get the point. Cost, size, style, quality, ability to deliver on time, warranties and references are some of the guidelines you should use in making your decision. There are plenty of log home manufacturers online, and most offer extensive visuals to help you understand their specialties. You'll see references to walls-only packages, structural-shell packages, complete packages, and others. The only way to get an accurate price comparison is to compare packages side-by-side. In comparing costs, keep in mind the following: Different kinds of wood, size of the logs (thickness), manner of construction, charges for plans, cost of freight (no such thing as free shipping – fuel costs money) and what is included in the package. This last item is, by far, the most important. It is very difficult to compare "apples to apples" unless you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Will you be getting just the basic shell, or will you be getting everything necessary for drying in the house. Does your basic kit or shell include the roof system, or just the rafters? Is the sub floor and interior framing included in the price? Can you buy the materials necessary for drying in the home from a local supplier for less? – probably not. See more about log home costs in the informational article: "Building Your Dream Log Home within Your Budget", or learn more about Log Home Construction Financing. To get more detailed answers to your pricing questions, request more information from Estemerwalt or contact us.◄
  30. Their one and only small log cabin model called the 'Luberon' TIMBER BLOCK   I think the main selling point of this log home business is that they specialize in insulated logs used to build their cabins. "We often hear people ask us, "Why is it so important that my logs are insulated?" Well an insulated log from Timber Block achieves R30 insulation, while a traditional log (depending on its size) can be as low as R5. Current building codes can be as high as R20 making it difficult for traditional log homes to meet the 2009 building codes. Building codes in 2012 could go as high as R24 in walls." They seem to have only one floor plan under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their one & only 676 SF "Luberon" model located on their website in the "Classic Log Series" category.

    ►More than 30 years of construction history, tradition and integrity is engrained in the team at Timber Block. Timber Block's parent company was established as a family business in 1977. Success thrived on customer satisfaction, and today, customer satisfaction is still our number one goal. Timber Block's team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential or commercial construction, which provides clients with state of the art environmentally responsible technology combined with cost-effective building methods. Delivering stock or custom products, the team at Timber Block works with you in partnership, maximizing your dream, vision and investment, to realize your home. Initially entering the log home market, Timber Block now produces more than 40% of the log homes in its core market due to both the quality and value of every log home produced. Ease of construction, which greatly reduces the time required to build each home and the energy efficiency through a superior thermal envelope, which is "off the chart" when compared to traditional homes and especially traditional log homes, delivers exceptional long term value. Today, Timber Block's technology is being applied to commercial applications, as well as contemporary residential projects, which are both realizing all its innovative and unique array of benefits.◄

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