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  1. Alaska Tundra 3 Lam Phoenix Timber Cabin #606 PAN ABODE CEDAR HOMES   This is a log cabin "sort of" in my opinion, mostly looks like a real log cabin but the logs are milled quite differently. They also have a section featuring tiny cabins and tiny house building kits. Yes, they have cabins under 1000 SF and they ship worldwide. Picture on the right is of their: "Alaska Tundra 3 Lam Phoenix Timber Cabin #606".

    ►A refined modern Log Home! The D-Log building system is an exceptionally strong, easy to assemble log building system utilizing horizontally stacked kiln-dried laminated Western Red Cedar D-Logs made of 4-1x laminations and 1-2x lamination which is the side that is milled to a D-Log profile. The result is a 5 Lam x8 (6x8) Cedar D-Log engineered to create a solid timber wall able to withstand earthquakes and hurricane-strength winds. The Phoenix Timber wall segments are adjoined together by Douglas Fir vertical columns. Our D-Log system uses the same building technology as our Phoenix System, with the exterior face using a rounded D-Log profile. The Phoenix Timber Building System is an advanced corner-post ("Phoenix Column") system that utilizes vertical Douglas Fir dado'd columns to stabilize the kiln-dried wall timbers from differential settlement which is a big problem with conventional log construction systems. The D-Log building system gives you the look of a log home on the exterior, but without the leaking, settling, and problematic chinking of a log home. The dimensional stability of engineered laminated D-Logs are far superior to solid logs in that the reversed orientation of wood grain in the laminated logs resist the woods internal stress that causes twisting, cracks, and bowing. The interior features flat walls of beautiful Western Red Cedar that are easily cared for with no round protrusions of logs for dust to buildup. The most refined Log Home in the world.◄
  2. Log Cabin PACIFIC LOG HOMES   This business is located in Canada. They have some cabin plans with less than 1000 SF floor space. They sound to me like they have a good construction system. See Below for details. Their Plan #534 is a small cabin with a total of 794 SF (Main Floor & Loft).

    ►PACIFIC LOG HOMES LTD. has been in business since 1976 and is still under it's original ownership, shipping log homes across Canada, throughout the USA, Europe, and to Asia. We custom build to meet each customer's individual lifestyle and requirements. Our thirty acre pre-building site is located in Lone Butte, B.C. Canada. We take pride in the fact that all our homes are built at our own plant, and that we do not sublet log work out to other "would-be" builders. Five permanently mounted electric 82 FT tower cranes provide for efficient handling of the logs. The cranes enable us to work on ten or twelve buildings at one time. The full length spruce, pine, fir or cedar logs we use are a minimum of 12in mean diameter. They are winter cut, air dried, and hand peeled. Each log is scribed to fit the log below and a "wedge" notch is used on the corners. Our wedge notch has been found to be far superior to the "saddle" (or, round) notch used by most hand-hewn log builders. The wedge notch provides for an extremely tight draft and water-resistant notch. Traditionally, log homes have been built by wilderness people whose main concerns were ease of construction, ready availability of materials, and protection from the weather. Today, people who build with logs enjoy the same benefits, and many more. For today, the log home stands as a classic example of traditional construction combined with every desirable aspect of modern design. Far removed from the one-room wilderness log cabin, your contemporary log home will feature large bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, skylights, hexagon-shaped living rooms, massive kitchens - and any other modern design feature that you choose to incorporate. At Pacific Log Homes, we are builders of permanent homes. And, we build your home to meet your particular design requirements. This Web Site has been prepared to illustrate the scope and variety of our log home construction, and to present you with ideas that you can literally build on, as you prepare a sketch of the home you envision. Included in our services is an estimation based on your sketch - without charge or obligation! For modern cost and energy-conscious people, log home construction offers a number of unique benefits. Logs are basically natural insulators against both heat in summer and cold in winter - and combined with between-log linings of fibreglass, your log home will be unsurpassed in terms of energy conservation. In terms of home maintenance, once original treating of logs is completed (to ensure permanence of natural colour), there is virtually no upkeep required. If your thoughts have been turning toward the living dream of a natural log home, discuss your ideas with our designers, estimators, and craftsmen. You will learn that log home construction costs no more than conventional construction of a custom home, lasts generations longer and provides you with surroundings so rich and warm that you will see your log home as a natural choice. For now and for many years to come.◄
  3. Chandler Cabin WALDEN 19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE LOG HOMES   Now pay attention because this is a slightly different kind of business here. This business based in the state of Tennessee, uses reclaimed logs from old log cabins to build it's homes. This is their specialty. Picture on the right is of their cabin called: "Chandler", a cabin built using the original logs, etc.

    ►For twenty years, we have combing the southeast for original log cabins. Often these old log homes have been covered up in siding, hiding the beautiful logs but also offering protection from the elements. We have developed sources for finding these gems, and have perfected the art of building brand new log homes, some with modern floor plans, some re-erected exactly "as found", in a way that would fool the pioneers that built them. Almost all of the antique log homes we build are custom structures, built to our customers' ADULT DIAPERS specifications. Although the antique log homes we salvage were all well built, they are small by today's standards. Most people today prefer a house plan that is more suitable to modern-day lifestyles. That is why we modify the antique structures by cutting off the old notches, re-notching, and reconfiguring to accommodate any house plan that our customers come up with. This reconfiguring the beautiful, one-of-a-kind log homes is done very carefully and methodically. And the end result is so close to the original, even the pioneers who built our homes would have a difficult time discerning between their work and ours. We dismantle these original log homes, then ship the logs back to our site in Chattanooga. We then incorporate the antique logs into your plan for your new log home. If you don't have a house plan, we will be happy to help you design your log home based on your tastes, budget, lifestyle and your building site. Once your log home is built to your specifications on our site in Chattanooga, we number the logs, take them down and ship them to your site wherever it may be. We will then send out an on-site advisor to oversee the reassembly of the log home. Then you or your contractor will finish out the log home according to your plans. All of our logs that we use were hand-hewn over one hundred years ago. They were all hewn with a foot adz, which is a long-handled axe with the blade positioned much like a garden hoe. There are several advantages these reclaimed timbers have over new logs. One is the fact that these logs moved and creaked and twisted, natural properties of all wood as it settles, at least ninety years ago. Another advantage these logs have is that they were actually virgin timbers. Our forefathers chose the biggest, strongest trees for their homesteads, and after the "softness" was hewn from them, the dense heartwood was, and is, as hard as a rock and naturally resistant to insects and rot.◄
  4. Bird Lake Model TOMAHAWK LOG AND COUNTRY HOMES   Their smallest cabin i could find was their 1104 SF model called: "The Wintergreen". But, they can probably build a small cabin if you so desire. Picture on the right is of their "Bird Lake" model.

    ►Tomahawk is a recognized leader in the industry. Our trademarked "Energy Log" construction system offers all the beauty and aesthetics of a full log home with no settling, no air-infiltration, no slip-joints, and no twisting logs! Conventionally framed, fully insulated walls covered in hand hewn, kiln dried half logs provide your home with increased energy efficiency and greater design flexibility. This hybrid construction system allows you greater flexibility in exterior and interior designs, mixing a variety of finishes both inside and out allows you to create a custom log home that fits your desires. From your initial ideas to the final details the staff at Tomahawk will take care of every detail. Assisting you throughout the design and construction of your log home is what we do! Log Homes are custom homes. We invite you to view our log home photos and log home plans to begin gathering ideas for your new home. Custom designing a log home specifically for you and your family is what Tomahawk Log Homes takes great pride in doing.◄
  5. Sample of Product TIMBER WOLF HAND CRAFTED   Nice little website here listing all the basic log home items for sale. They offer a design & plan service. Also, they now offer log & timber sales to other professional log home builders including do-it-yourselfers who want to build their own cabin. So, here is another source of logs for those of you looking for suppliers. Picture on the right is of their 1,500 SF "Shanty Creek Log Ski Chalet" a Handcrafted Full Scribed Log Home built using 17in average diameter red pine logs". I could not find any log cabins under 1000 SF on their website.

    ►Welcome to Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes. Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes is located in beautiful Northern Michigan. Established in 1993, we have developed a diverse line of high quality, handcrafted log products that allow for a variety of construction styles. Designs can be as simple as a log cabin nestled in the woods, or a sprawling lake front log home used as a place for family and friends to gather and grow. Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes combines old world craftsmanship, innovative techniques and superior value that begins in the forest and continues long after your project is complete. The results are log structures of uncompromising quality, with enduring design and inspired individuality. Building a new home is an exciting and important endeavor, and Timber Wolf wants the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That is why we provide each of our clients with access to a secure website with all of the details of their project. Whether you are at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation, Timber Wolf puts information at your fingertips about your selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more. Watch the demo video to see just a few of the ways our online client access keeps you in touch and well-informed during the construction of your new home.◄
  6. Sample of Remodel Project TIMBER RIDGE LOG HOMES   Located in the state of Nebraska. Their website gives you the viewer a fairly good education on log home building, plus links to other helpful subject matter like "Log Home Restoration" and a "learning library". The only thing is i could not find any small log cabins. Maybe they do not build small homes, i don't know.

    ►What makes us different compared to other log home builders? At Timber Ridge, we believe that your home should be built with experience, precision and dedication. Specializing in log home building, timber barns and fireplace log mantels is our way of life. If you have a dream to design an extraordinary, stunning and one of a kind structure that will endure a lifetime, then Timber Ridge is your partner. Located in Louisville, Nebraska, Timber Ridge is among the few log home builders in Nebraska, Iowa and throughout the Midwest. We have been providing the highest quality of craftsmanship and dedicated to building and remodeling homes since 1993. The foundation of our company is built on pride, quality and is service driven. Here at Timber Ridge, we are the dealer, builder and supplier. Through our unique approach, you work directly with one person during the design phase and throughout the construction process. We hand mill our own logs locally and have our experienced crew work directly on site. By eliminating the middle man, not only do you reduce the amount of stress and headaches, but also save an average of 10-15% on the total cost. We also give home builders the option of helping out in the construction phase as much or as little as wanted. Let us complete the log structure and if you enjoy building, you have the option to do the rest. Perhaps you love your current home, but want to update its appearance and increase it's value. Browse our remodeling photo gallery and learn how we can transform your home. If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, feel free to contact us for more information.◄
  7. Smallest cabin i could find STEVENS POINT LOG HOMES   This business has a "State-Of-The-Art" kiln drying process. They are not a distributor. They produce their kiln-dried, hand peeled and pre-scribed materials at their own lumber mill in Central Wisconsin. They provide itemized price lists for each project, so you know your costs up-front. Also, they produce true half-log siding. Picture on the right is the smallest cabin i could find in their picture gallery.

    ►Stevens Point Log Homes complete line of quality, log home building materials will enhance the look of your home or building for years to come. Listening to contractors and do-it-yourselfers, we developed a kiln-dried insulated TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING that maintains the natural beauty of the wood while easing installation. For years, the only way to buy log home materials was through the purchase of a complete log home package, making log homes too expensive for many people. Stevens Point Log Homes answered the log home industry's need for a direct seller of log home materials at sawmill-direct prices. We found that the process of building a log home can be confusing since product names and corner styles are branded differently. Our experienced staff at Stevens Point Log Homes will guide you through the building process. We educate, explain, and give you the tools to ask informed questions. We work with you on budget, the process and expectations. We'll help you build your log home dream with the finest product in the industry.◄
  8. Log Cabin Add-On WOOD HOUSE LOG HOMES   This business is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. According to their floor plan chart, they have quite a few standard model cabins available in their "one story plans" category at around the 1000 SF size and below. Over 50 standard models to choose from and you can choose the layout you want in your log cabin.

    ►We are a company committed to your satisfaction by providing quality products, construction consultation as well as maintenance and restoration services to the Log Home buyer and owner. Wood House Log Homes, for over 30 years, has remained a different kind of log cabin company. We don't just sell a package and leave the rest to you. Wood House Log Homes provides an estimate for construction service, dry-in anywhere in the US, and/or turnkey service in Tennessee and North Carolina. Experienced crews for your peace of mind! Wood House Log Homes has over 50 log home plans on our site with prices to help you determine what is and is not within your budget. Your log home plan or ours, we have the experience to help you design your perfect log cabin home. Wood House Log Homes offers the most economic log home packages available with the highest quality customer service in the industry.◄

  9. 24x28 Cottage ECOLOG HOMES   I like this a lot. They have a lot of smaller size homes in their inventory. Lots of Do-It-Yourself Kits available for small cabins. Picture on the right is of their 24ft x 28ft nicely designed beautiful small . . . Cottage.

    ►Affordable Log Home Kits For Residences, Cottages and Cabins from Vancouver Island BC. Imagine . . . Your own beautiful, eco friendly, energy efficient, custom log home kit for about the same price as traditional frame construction. The secret of Ecolog custom log homes lies in their simplicity and roots in pioneer construction techniques.
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    The square timbers allow efficient production and construction and avoid many challenges faced by building with round logs. The resulting product is a traditional log home, unpretentious and rustic, yet full of charm and appeal. Ecolog homes combine traditional custom log home construction and design techniques with modern applications, producing a home that will stand the test of time. The final product is delivered in form of a log home package. Ecolog Homes represent a new style of log homes: These buildings are solid wood log homes, that differ from traditional round log homes or timber frame structures in several ways: The solid walls are constructed from 8x8 inch square timbers, not from round logs. Square timbers are much easier to produce and work with . . . This makes Ecolog homes very affordable. The "Ecolog Look" is derived from the combination of the alternating 2 inch insulation and 8 inch timbers, giving Ecolog log buildings a very unique and attractive, natural appearance. Ecolog log home packages are available from: Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar. All our timbers are harvested from sustainable second growth forests on Vancouver Island. All our building kits include our energy performance modeling service, to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. Check out our sample floor plans to find your dream log home design!◄
  10. log Cabin Storage Shed RIVERBEND LOG HOMES   This business is located in New Brunswick, Canada. They have two basic categories: Home plans & Cottage plans. They offer custom design services for their clients. They also use "Eastern White Cedar" exclusively and it has proven to provide superior energy efficiency, natural resistance to decay and insects, and is one of the most attractive and stable materials available for log homes. Picture on the right might be a log cabin storage shed, they don't say what it is.

    ►Riverbend Log Homes have been manufactured in Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada since 1986. Our Eastern Canadian location ensures a long term supply of quality white cedar and efficient shipping to both Canada and internationally. For over twenty years the experienced and dedicated sales, design and production personnel at Riverbend Log Homes have had one common goal - a quality log home, designed to meet the exact needs of each customer. The Riverbend Log Homes materials package is one of the most complete available. White cedar is used exclusively and offers natural resistance to insects and decay, reduced maintenance and provides very favorable energy efficiency. Riverbend Log Homes feature a triple seal joinery system. Double tongue-and-groove combined with exclusive exterior flanges provide a system PROVEN to be one of the most effective on the market, ensuring the elimination of air and moisture infiltration. If it's time to build your dream, it's time to call Riverbend Log Homes.◄
  11. The Cherry Tree TARON DESIGN   For those of you who need a log cabin design service you might consider using this business. They do not sell log cabins, just offer a log cabin design service. Picture on the right is of their 192 SF "The Cherry Tree" with hand peeled log siding.

    ►Taron Design is an exclusively independent log home design firm that provides custom residential house plans. Our forte is working with hand crafted logs: Logs which still have their character of knots and taper and crown. If you enjoy the rustic look of natural stone and timber, you have come to the right place. I'm Rick Taron, the principal designer for Taron Design. My practical knowledge and skills which were developed in the construction of residential and commercial log and timber structures. For 18 years this was the perfect school of learning for my present trade. I now provide professional construction documents used in the planning and building of custom timber homes. My clients have the peace and confidence of knowing that their design professional knows how every joint and nail in their project is working purposefully together with beauty and integrity. My goal is to help my clients reach their goals. Please stay and browse–and feel free to call or email us for any project planning needs you may have, whether they be large or small. Our portfolio of plans shown on this site are some of the best log home designs in the world. Also, check out my page at The Log Home Neighborhood. Lots of great information about building log homes. Join the neighborhood and meet new new neighbors.◄
  12. True Log Homes TRUE LOG HOMES   Located in the state of Washington USA, they specialize in: "True Log Homes is your source for custom-built log homes." They have been in business for over 25 years and serve all of the United States and Japan.

    ►Welcome to one of the leading log home builders in the Northwest. True Log Homes can satisfy your building requirements, whether it be a traditional log house, dovetail house or any other log related project. We have been in operation for over 25 years and have expanded our reach from Whatcom County to all of the United States and Japan. True Log Homes has been building hand-crafted log homes since 1975. Since that time our business has expanded to the entire United States and Japan. Our 11 acre facility near Deming, Washington has two large erecting cranes to help assemble our log packages. We use only the finest winter-cut local Douglas fir logs. The logs are hand-peeled, with no visible splices, and are fitted here in our log yard. All knots, scrapes and abrasions are planed flush with the log surface. We can construct more than just conventional log homes. Our skilled staff can create a variety of other log-related products, including dovetail houses and log siding. Our office is located adjacent to our log yard, just off the Mt Baker Highway. Feel free to call or email us. We are always happy to talk to people interested in log homes. We are sure you will discover that TRUE LOG HOMES builds a quality product you can be proud of.◄
  13. Sample of Product WINTERWOODS HOMES   Interestingly enough this company appears to build really big and beautiful log homes, but they also have in their inventory a lot of smaller basic log cabins. Picture on the right is of their 600 SF "Davy Crockett Cabin" located in their "The Historic Cabin Collection" section. From what i can tell from their website they do not build homes themselves, but hire building contractors near the customers site. This business is located in Nellysford, Virginia USA.

    ►Winterwoods Homes, Ltd. is an architectural luxury log home and luxury timber frame home design and real estate investment development firm that designs and builds custom luxury log homes, luxury timber frame homes, and stone and natural element homes throughout the US, Canada and Europe. We provide customers with the ability to combine the entire luxury home building experience under one roof, creating a true one-stop experience. Winterwoods Homes materials are reclaimed, recovered, recycled or renewable ensuring that your dream home will feature the best of nature and historical materials with the modern conveniences of today. More than 40 home plans are now available. The designs range from the cozy Cabin Creek looks to multi-million dollar luxurious mountain retreats.◄
  14. Saddle Notch Corner WHOLESALE LOGS OF AMERICA   What they do here is specialize in logs cut to different shapes and accessories for building your log cabin. I don't think they have organized "Kits" available, however you could probably present them with a "Material List" and they could fill the order. They are the equivalent of a "Log Cabin Lumber Yard" located in the state of California, city location "Greenwood" up in the northeast part of the state.

    ►WHOLESALE LOGS OF AMERICA INC. is exactly what it's name implies. A company that sells high quality logs, log components, and log siding at mill-direct prices to owner/builders, contractors and log home companies throughout the United States and Canada. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services. Buying logs from us works best for them. They estimate their own materials and buy directly from the source. Log Siding can turn a regular drab looking home in a beautiful log home. Log siding can increase the resale of your home.
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    Other benefits log siding will include is increases the energy efficiency of your home, appearance and pride of ownership. Our log siding comes directly from the mill in excellent condition ready to improve your home. Don't be fooled by imitators, we are the "original seller" of wholesale logs to the public. Our mills are located in California, Utah, Montana and Tennessee. Our logs are cut from standing dead timber and are then air dried. WE NEVER CUT LIVE TREES. Our log species is Engelmann Spruce and Lodge pole Pine. Buying logs wholesale at mill direct prices will provide you with an opportunity for substantial savings. Wholesale Logs of America have been in the log home business since 1987 and in that time we have sold hundreds and hundreds of log homes and miles of log siding. We can supply you with a complete line of log home products, including Swedish cope full round logs, 6x8 and 8x8 D style logs, 6x10 D and square logs, log railing, log stairs, log beams, 2X8 log siding, 3X10 log siding. We carry a complete line of log siding products including our premier products, 3in x 10in log siding with the hand peeled look. Our designer will draw your plans for $.75 L/F. These are complete ready to build drawings and guaranteed to pass your building dept. (Does not include any engineering if needed). Because we are wholesalers we can offer these log components and log siding to you at mill direct prices. Everyone can save money buying logs wholesale!◄
  15. Log Home Plan A14 Little Pioneer LOG HOMES CANADA   Lots of nice pictures on their website. This is also a "Big Log Company", they seem to use big logs in the building of their homes. They also have a special page listing pictures and info on their: Log Home Plans under 2200 SF. I could not find homes under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their 1335 SF "Little Pioneer Log Cabin Plan A14".

    ►Welcome to Log Homes Canada®, a division of Chilliwack Mountain Log Homes Ltd., Canada's foremost domestic and international supplier of fine, handcrafted log homes, cabins, kits and plans and your builder-direct source. If you're looking to build a Premium Quality, Hand Crafted Home, while avoiding costly mistakes, you've come to the right place. We are the owners and actual builders (not a broker or an arms-length mass manufacturer) and are very pleased to be of service. We know how important building a new home can be, and, to make this exciting process easier and more rewarding, we work hard to provide support and service above the rest. With 30 years experience in this industry, and direct access to British Columbia's vast renewable forests, you can rely on us to build some of the finest log homes available anywhere in the world. Please visit our testimonials section to hear the views of some of our past customers. We are 100% family owned and operated, Canadian log home manufacturing company, located in Chilliwack, the green heart of the lower Shane Kutzer, wife Cheryl and son Donovan, mainland of Beautiful British Columbia Canada. Our father and son team offers over 30 years of combined log home handcrafting experience and employs some of Canada's most skilled log home craftsmen. We believe in providing the utmost care in building your dream log home, which means the highest quality, hand-peeled, hand crafted homes with a very personal, artisans touch.◄
  16. Taos, New Mexico Residence EVERLOG™ SYSTEMS   Billed as "Worry Free Structural Concrete Logs". The owners of this business say that their product is "Maintenance Free, Fire Resistant, Insect Free, Resistant to Mold and Decay, No Shifting, Settling, Twisting, or Shrinkage". I cannot find smaller homes on their website, but hopefully you can use their system to build smaller cabins if so desired.

    ►EverLogs™ are structural, handcrafted concrete logs used on everything from log houses and log cabins to luxury log homes. Worry Free EverLogs™ are our original product line. EverLog™ Systems family of concrete log cabin and log home products offer the exact look and texture of natural wood cabin logs while eliminating the problems commonly associated with wood log home construction. EverLogs™ are patented, structural concrete logs used in a variety of applications including exterior walls, post, beams and trusses. EverLogs™ can be found on rustic cabins to luxury log homes across the country. Concrete EverLogs™ offer the exact character, texture, and warm appeal of quality handcrafted wood logs. EverLogs™ also eliminate the structural instability, costly maintenance, and susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with wood log construction. Log profiles include hand-hewn, round, square, barn wood, recycled timber and others. Corner styles include dovetail, square, butt and pass, posted, and round. Custom profiles and colors are also available. Please contact us at: 1.877.257.5647 to receive a quote or discuss your next luxury log home, handcrafted cabin or hybrid home project!◄
  17. Log Home EDGEWOOD LOG HOMES   This company does not look to me like someone who does very many small jobs, but i may be wrong. They seem to like to use "Big Logs". Very beautiful creations by the looks of their picture gallery. Picture on the right is of a log home named: "Artiste Frnt1".

    ►For nearly 30 years, Edgewood has been designing and building exceptional custom log homes for a discriminating clientele. As you do your research on log home builders, you should know that there are distinct differences between companies' service levels, engineering, and building approach. At Edgewood, we build just a few select projects a year and we manage and execute your entire project ourselves – from design, to materials package specification and production, to onsite assembly.
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    This integrated approach is totally unique in the log construction industry. So, why do we do things this way? Because it is the only way to be absolutely sure that your project is a complete success. Developing your custom log home from concept through completion frees the design and construction process from the "Manufacturing Mindset", which primarily concerns itself with production goals and process repetition. An Edgewood log home is truly a custom home, built to your vision - not pieces and parts from previous projects put together on a new home site. Our architects and craftsmen are encouraged to "Push The Envelope" on creativity and ingenuity throughout the design and construction process, because this is the best way to deliver a one-of-a-kind project for each and every client we work with. After three decades and more than eight hundred homes completed, Edgewood has never been called back to a job for re-work of any kind. We owe this record to an unfailing dedication to the highest construction standards through every phase of your project. Yes, this takes effort, but your proud ownership of an Edgewood home is our ultimate goal. Whether you're building your dream home or the ultimate vacation destination for your family and friends, Edgewood offers you design vision, unprecedented features, proprietary construction technology, and the flexibility to flawlessly execute your new home from start to finish . . . Wherever you are building.◄
  18. Cozy Log Cabin COZY LOG CABIN   Here is a very well done video and information featuring a man who built a small log cabin with no previous building experience and with a limited budget of no more than $500.00. The cabin is 10ft x 10ft. The roof section is 11ft x 16ft. It has 52 logs, approximately 25 inches in circumference (Approximately 8in in diameter) at the base. He left them with the bark on. It only cost him $15 worth of gas, and $30 worth of oil to build the entire cabin with his chainsaw. The floor is set on 9 patio stones, with 2X4's for support, and 2¼ inch thick rough-cut Poplar floor boards on top. He made square notches in the logs, which he found to be a sturdy way to fit the logs together.

    ►This simple, but cozy bush cabin was constructed in my spare time, and was completed in 8 months. My youth group, and several people from my church were a huge help. I wouldn't have been able to complete it so quickly without them. Of course there are things that I can, and could have done, to make sure this cabin lasts 100+ years:

    1. The logs could have been debarked before I used them.
    2. In the future I can jack the cabin up and put it on footings so that the logs will be kept off the ground.
    3. In the future I can put a metal roof on, to replace the tarp.

    So why didn't I just do the above 3 things right away? I was under a strict time & budget constraint. I only had $500 and I had exactly 8 months to complete the cabin (it's a long story). Although I had a lot of people who helped on various occasions, I worked alone most of the time, often in temperatures of -30℉, with only a chainsaw, an axe, and my arms. Although I had to take a couple of shortcuts (because of my constraints), I do not regret any decision I made in the cabin's construction. If I chose to build the cabin exactly the way I wanted it to be built, I wouldn't have been able to build it at all. In the future, I plan to build a bigger log home. And when I do, I will be sure to take the time to build the cabin exactly the way it needs to be built!◄
  19. Nutrioso Log Works NUTRIOSO LOG WORKS   This is kind of interesting to me, i mean the fact that these people have developed a "niche" market for their log homes. They specialize in big logs for that big log look. "We Do Things The Old Fashioned Way! All By Hand, One At A Time".

    ►Nutrioso Log Works offers handcrafted log homes in the Scandinavian full scribe construction style. We work with Dead Standing Spruce and Pine. Log profiles are hand peeled full round "The Real Deal". We work with logs from 12-28in diameter and over the years have established a "Niche Market" being known for our large diameter log structures. Nutrioso Log Works is known for it's beautifully executed log work and dedication to detail. We totally pre-fabricate the log shell here in Nutrioso. You are always encouraged to visit our site during construction.
    We offer the service of a re-erection crew to put it on your foundation or we can send a supervising hand to direct your crew or contractor. We can provide engineered blue prints - custom designing as well as construction analysis. We work with every customer on a personal basis, we realize everyone has some idea of what that dream log home should be. We work hard to bring those ideas to life, be it a pre-drawn floor plan or a more elaborate custom design. Consulting and design services available at no charge (with purchase of a log home). At the present our log work ranges from $40.00 to $55.00 per square foot of home design (Log Package). We do a lot of custom designing of log homes. Nutrioso Log Work's was founded fifteen years ago by Carl Awtrey and his two daughters. We are located in the beautiful white mountains of northern Arizona. We are dedicated log home building professionals with the conviction that quality and craftsmanship takes first place in our building process. We have built our reputation on this quality and craftsmanship along with commitment, customer service, and a lot of good old fashion hard work. We view log home construction as a "Art Form", requiring excellence in workmanship and in depth knowledge of the subject "Handcrafted Log Homes". Being an independent log home producer gives us the opportunity to establish a personal working relationship with each customer resulting in a more enjoyable experience throughout the building process. We look forward to serving you with your log home needs. If you are ready to embrace the reality of log home ownership contact Nutrioso Log Works so they can assist you in building your dream home. For information concerning drafting or engineering services contact KIM with NUTRIOSO DRAFTING AND DESIGNS at 928-339-1978 or email to: nutridesign@frontiernet.net. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas or just for some "Log Talk". We pride ourselves in doing business on a very personal basis. If you are ready to embrace the reality of log home ownership contact Nutrioso Log Works. We have log homes from California to Vermont and all points in between. Office: (928) 339-4657 — Drafting: (928) 339-1978.◄
  20. Chuck Wagon Log Cabin COWBOY LOG HOMES   This is a good website. This business is an independent manufacturer of Log Homes. Lots of floor plans available in about any size cabin you desire, even a selection of plans under 1000 SF. Lots of good pictures of their cabins. Picture on the right is of their "Chuck Wagon Mobile Log Cabin", which uses the Swedish Cope Log design.

    ►Cowboy Log Homes is a full service log home company. We are ready to take your home from a pencil sketch to turn key reality. Log homes are a passion with us and we love to work personally with customers to design a home that meets their needs and reflects their dreams. Our log and timber homes include Handcrafted Log Homes, Swedish Cope, Milled Log Homes, Round Post and Beam, & Timber Frame. No matter what type of log or wood home you have always dreamed of, there is no better time to move forward with your plans. Feeling overwhelmed? Let us assist you with your log home journey. Feel free to browse through our wide variety of log home plans and photo galleries. All floor plans are fully customizable. Our log home packages include either log or timber shell only or a full dry-in package. Our milled log packages are pre-cut and our handcrafted log packages are fully pre-cut for efficient and accurate assembly. Typical log package inclusions are exterior log walls, log roof system, log support posts, log floor joists to support loft, log staircase, log railing, and construction drawings. Full dry-in packages include materials such as exterior doors, windows, roofing, fascia, exterior door & window trim, 1X6 tongue and groove for soffits and ceilings, first floor sub floor, upper sub floor, and interior framing lumber. Log species include Lodge Pole Pine, White Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar log homes. Log homes are very popular for everything from small log cabins to luxury log homes. We have also done extensive commercial log buildings and multiple log home units. When you think of a classic style of construction log homes are just that. Studies have shown log homes to be very energy efficient, appreciate in value, and be very Green. Whatever your dreams, from a small get away log cabin to a sprawling luxury log home, and even commercial log buildings, give us a call at 406-388-3458. We are located in Belgrade, Montana 10 miles from Bozeman and surrounded by the lovely Bridger Mountain range. The log home capital of Big Sky is 45 miles to the south and Yellowstone National Park is about 90 miles away. It is never too soon to explore your options!◄
  21. Log Cabin BROYHILL WILES   Located in North Carolina, i think they do mostly large type Log Homes, but who knows they may do smaller cabins. I cannot tell by their website which seems to display or feature larger projects. They call themselves "Green Builders" and follow the principles of green building.

    ►Welcome to Broyhill Wiles Log and Timber Frame Builders. We are one of America's premier builders of log and timber frame structures since 1999. We devote our passion, craftsmanship and expertise to structures that are unique and amazing. Our high-quality, high-performance homes are built using green techniques. We create reasonable time-frames and reasonable budgets. From land to keys, Broyhill Wiles Log and Timber Frame Builders will be with you every step of the way. Although we build everyday, we are always astonished by the age old construction techniques and cutting edge building technology we employ in every structure we create. With our team of architects at hand, we design and build unique homes that are engineered to last for generations. The designs, quality and craftsmanship at Broyhill Wiles Log and Timber Frame Builders create extraordinary living environments. Whether we build a Hand Crafted Log Home or an Oak Pegged Timber Frame, our creations endure the seasons in comfort and ease, evoking mountain lodges and dramatic spaces. Choosing a builder is a trustworthy situation. A sense of respect and dedication will be needed on both the future homeowner and the builder. We have been building since 1999 and have earned the trust from our respected clients. Our reputation in the log and timber frame building industry is steadfast, and our dedication is apparent not just in this website but in our presence online and on paper. As the president of the company, I am grateful to my past clients and welcoming of my future clients. We pride ourselves on personal service, staying on budget and high-performance quality. Best Regards, Kent B. Wiles◄
  22. Creek Series THE ORIGINAL LINCOLN LOGS   One thing i like about this company is that they have a selection of cabin floor plans under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their one bedroom, one bathroom, 968 SF Cottage, "Battenkill" model.

    ►The Original Lincoln Logs is a manufacturer of superior log and panelized home packages with our corporate offices and manufacturing facility nestled in the Adirondack Mountain region of New York State. The company was purchased in March of 2009 by Larry Stephenson, his wife Deborah and daughter Erin Brothers. The Stephenson Group brings 25 years of excellence in the building and retail industry with the commitment to sustain the superior quality workmanship that has come to be associated with Lincoln Logs. Lincoln utilizes fully seasoned Eastern White Pine logs inspected and graded in accordance with standards set forth by Timber Products Inspection (TPI). We offer a variety of profiles: D, Round/Round, Flat/Flat and our corner systems include notch & pass, saddle notch, dovetail along with corner posts and corner boards. Our super insulated panelized wall system "Thermo-Home®" incorporates a "GREEN" approach, utilizing pre-built wall panels ready for installation on delivery. The Lincoln Logs standard package is a weather-tight shell consisting of exterior walls, interior partitions, second floor system, operable windows, doors and a complete roof system with soffit, fascia and 30 year architectural grade shingles. Site specific engineered blue prints are also a part of every Lincoln package. Our 50+ standard designs can be modified to meet your specific needs or allow our design staff to help you create your own custom design. Lincoln Log's products are available through our network of authorized dealers and our corporate representatives. Dealerships are available in selected areas. For more information contact info@lincolnlogs.com.◄
  23. Traditional Full-Scribe Log Home WEST COAST LOG HOMES   This business does mostly custom work and they do not have a catalog or standard models to choose from. By the looks of their website, they do beautiful work. I do not know if they do log cabins under 1000 SF floor space.

    ►Nestled in the natural forest surroundings of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast is West Coast Log Homes; the premier builder of the finest custom log homes in Canada. All our homes are built starting from scratch, using imagination, expertise and experience to build the home you have always dreamed of. In fact, we've never built the same home twice. At West Coast Log Homes, our builders combine proven traditional joinery with leading edge Log Building practices, resulting in a level of finish that exceeds the highest standards in the Log Home Building industry. Our builders create custom log homes that transcend the character of the wood resulting in structural works of art.◄

  24. 3 Story Log Cabin 1867 CONFEDERATION LOG & TIMBER FRAME   This business has a dealer network spread across the US & Canada. If you are looking for a large company to do your log home building, then you might look into this business. It is a family owned and operated business with 34 years of expertise in designing, creating & shipping beautiful log and timber frame homes to families the world over.

    ►1867 Confederation Log Homes began with an idea; our goal was to create distinctive custom homes built on tradition and offering the very best in new home technology. We wanted to take these wonderfully warm and inviting homes around the world. In 1979 three partners made that dream a reality focusing their attention not only on style and craftsmanship, but also on good old-fashioned service and satisfaction. The pride and care we take in every one of our homes has led the company to become the number one log home manufacturer in North America. Today thousands of families have shared our dream around the world. And nearly a quarter century later, we're not content to rest on our laurels – we're too busy honing our techniques and developing new technologies and materials in our quest to deliver the very best home possible. Today the 1867 Confederation Log Homes family consisting of our sales team and authorized dealer network, design team, craftsman and quality control team and our management team have won awards and accolades across the globe including the coveted "Log Home Guide Seal of Approval".◄
  25. Hunter's Cabin Model BLUE RIDGE LOG HOMES   In spite of the fact that their website is a little messed up, they have some nice pictures of their product. This listing was sent to me by "William" and i thank him for it. Picture on the right is of their: Hunter's Cabin Model. It is 12ftx14ft for a total of 168 square feet, with a small 48 SF loft and a 5ft porch.

    ►Blue Ridge Log Homes, LLC (BRLH) is a manufacturing facility in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Greenville, Virginia, near Staunton. We appreciate your interest and would be delighted to help make your dreams a reality by putting a spectacular log home on your special property! Blue Ridge Log Homes buys and mills logs locally. We sell complete log home packages for dozens of floor plans. We also sell log siding for attractive remodeling projects! Blue Ridge Log Homes sells and ships logs to all Mid-Atlantic States, however we will ship to any destination of your choice! Options we provide include: 1. You build the home yourself with BRLH assistance. 2. We take your log home package to the "dry-in" phase, which means we get your logs under roof for you, or 3. We build the entire home to a completely turn key state with our Class A contractor, a recommended contractor in your area or one of your choosing. Blue Ridge Log Homes has several log profiles to offer our customers. The popular "D" shaped log is a standard in the log home industry. We employ the "Ridge Seal" method in our packages and this ensures an energy efficient home for all seasons. Call us at 540-337-0033 to make an appointment to visit our new Model Home and Sales Office in Staunton, VA! We will answer your questions and assist you in all phases of choosing a home from our Plans Packet or in helping you with your plans, from start to the completion of a beautiful new log home! We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty, quality and cost of our homes!◄
  26. The Powderhorn Log Cabin THE LOG CONNECTION   The pictures on their website seem to indicate that this business likes to use big logs when building their homes. Lots of nice pictures of their completed homes. They use the "Cooliris viewer" for desplaying their pictures. Picture on the right is of their 916 SF model called the: "Powderhorn", an award winning floor plan in 2010. One outstanding feature of this company is that they have a system whereby as a Log Connection client, you can follow the progress of your log home on your own Project Web Page, as it is first hand-crafted in our Log Building yard, then as the log shell is delivered and set up. As construction progresses, you or your contractor can send us photos to add to your page for yourself, your friends, and family to view.

    ►Thank you for visiting the The Log Connection website: TheLogConnection.com. Over the past 23 years The Log Connection had been an industry innovator and grown to fulfill the needs of the expanding log and timber home market. We provide the three main building styles: Post & Beam, Stacked Log Walls, & Timber Frame. Please select the style you are most interested likely to build to explore our building techniques and finishing detail. The Log Connection is a leading producer of quality hand crafted log homes, log cabins, custom log homes, and post and beam style log homes. We provide high quality hand crafted log homes, precision cut timber frames and round log post and beam home packages. Start with our award winning in house design team and finish with the industries most skilled craftsmen.◄
  27. Custom Log Home WOODLAND LOGCRAFTERS   Specializing in "Handcrafted Log & Timber Homes", their website is not real big, but there is enough information to get you started in your research for a log cabin builder.

    ►We will work with you on customizing your project from site evaluation, to ground breaking, to turning over the keys at completion. With our building yard located in Central Wisconsin, we can handcraft your log shell and roof structure at our location, then disassemble and reassemble it on your site. If a full log home isn't what you're looking for, we can design a conventional home with log accents throughout. All it takes is an idea. Your home will be handcrafted from the highest quality timber ranging from red and white pine to red cedar, white spruce and douglas fir. Kiln dried logs are another option and are also available.
    We use Large Diameter Logs: Small end (tip) diameters from 10in – 14in. Large end (butt) diameters 15in – 24in. 100% of our Log Home Shells are Handmade: Each log is peeled by hand using a draw knife. The logs are hand scribed to fit to the log beneath. The scribed logs are cut out with a chainsaw and detailed with a chisel to form a lateral groove on the bottom of the log. SOF ROD log home gasket is installed into the lateral groove and corner notch of each log. Our standard corner notch used is the compression fit saddle notch. Once the log walls are complete, the roof system is constructed and erected. The roof support system consists of posts, purlins, ridge poles and log trusses. Additional Log Components For Your Home: Log Rafters, Columns, Beams, Floor joists, Stairs, Railings. We provide the following services: General Contracting, Custom home design and building, Custom log and timber home building, Onsite property evaluation, Pre-construction, Consulting, Masonry/Foundations/Fireplaces, Carpentry, Landscaping/Rock walls, & Log Building Standards. Woodland Logcrafters, LLC is fully licensed and insured. We are members of the International Log Builders' Association (ILBA) and The Great Lakes Log Crafters Association (GLLCA). Our homes exceed the standards set by these organizations. We encourage you to contact us, whether you just want to talk possibilities or you're ready to start a project. Call Toll Free: 1-877-804-0415.◄
  28. Log Cabin LEGENDARY LOGCRAFTERS   It is a recommendation by the fact that this business will build smaller cabins for those people that want a smaller home. But, on their website all the log homes are of the large size type, probably over 2000 SF, i am guessing.

    ►Our main headquarters are in Collingwood, Ontario Canada, at the foot of the picturesque Blue Mountain and just north of Toronto. Since 1992, the company has been dedicated to building the finest handcrafted log homes available today. With hundreds of homes built across North America and several in Asia, we take genuine pride in all of our projects - whether building a cozy 600 SF cabin or a 10,000 SF lodge. The grace and inspirational beauty of our log home designs have been recognized through out countless articles and magazines including Log Home Living "Top 10 Floor Plans". Our philosophy has always been "start small and think big". We originally began by handcrafting authentic Scandinavian full scribe structures. We quickly realized the beauty and popularity of other styles of log and timber construction and started producing dovetail log homes and timber frame homes. In 1996, we introduced the most innovative roof panel system available, "Synergy Roof Panels", specifically designed for log and timber frame homes. At the turn of the century, we developed one of our greatest innovations, the super economical "Kwik-Kit" series. Theses home packages offer very practical designs with extremely quick installations. Legendary Logcrafters has a firm belief in evolving with the log home industry to ensure we offer our clients the best product at the best value. We are a very dynamic company that has developed many unique products and offer a wide variety of log styles. Theses options give you the freedom of choice like no other handcrafted or milled log home companies can. We look forward to building you a great home.◄
  29. The Log and Timber Home Show Logo THE LOG AND TIMBER HOME SHOW   This is something that may be helpful to some of you interested in getting more information for your Log Cabin planning. This is current up-to-date info for the year 2013 and next sessions start in September 2013. Click the link "Shows" and/or "Contact" below to locate nearest show.

    ►The Log and Timber home show is a unique opportunity for you to gather information for your dream home project. Our shows are convenient - We bring Log home and Timber Frame designers, manufacturers and builders from around the US and Canada to you, this saves you time and a lot of gas! Our exhibitors take pride in showcasing their unique products and services and stand ready to answer your questions. We also many times have unique furnishing decor and specialty item vendors at our shows that you simply won't find anywhere else! Meet with experienced log and timber home companies and builders, bring your plans and ideas and share them with designers and architects, and attend FREE informative workshops all weekend long! Everything you need to plan, design, build and decorate your dream home is at the Log and Timber Home show presented by Log Home Living, Timber Home Living and County's Best Cabins Magazines: Find land for sale, Review floor plan ideas, Purchase unique furniture and décor, & Attend Free workshops presented by industry leaders. Be sure and check out info on Log and Timber Home University and our Friday Night VIP reception, both of these special events are held in conjunction with many of our shows!◄
  30. Vacationer Model Log Cabin HOCHSTETLER MILLING   Yeah, they have a couple of very nice looking models of under 1000 SF smaller log cabins in their inventory. I always like to see what is available in the smaller sizes. I like log cabin companies who are willing to build smaller cabins. This business linked to here is based in Ohio, but will probably build your home at most any location. Picture on the right is of their: "Vacationer 432 SF, 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath, log cabin".

    ►Nestled in the rolling hills of north central Ohio, prospective log home buyers will find a log home manufacturer that is known for transforming dreams into reality. In fact, Hochstetler Milling has been manufacturing some of the finest log homes – and fulfilling many dreams - since 1986. At Hochstetler, you can choose among Hochstetler's 25 existing plans or work with the company's in-house design professionals to modify any existing plan or design your very own custom log home. Levi Hochstetler founded Hochstetler Milling to make the look and warmth of a classic log home affordable to those dreaming of the log home lifestyle. And at Hochstetler, the company has masterfully blended "affordability" with traditional fine craftsmanship – the Amish trademark for generations. In fact, Hochstetler Milling uses only the finest quality materials, mills every log from the "heartwood" or "core" of the tree, and never substitutes conventional lumber for authentic timbers. So how do we do this? Hochstetler Milling uses the latest, most efficient milling equipment and operations to reduce labor and processing costs. And when buying from Hochstetler Milling, you are buying "mill direct", thereby eliminating the middleman and related costs. Now with the second generation joining the company, Hochstetler Milling is poised to continue fulfilling the dream of a quality, affordable log home lifestyle to hundreds – if not thousands – of satisfied homeowners throughout Ohio, the Midwest, and even around the world. Stop by or call us, today. We would love the opportunity to share our story with you!◄

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