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  1. Custom Designed Home AMERICAN LOG HOMES   Based in North Carolina, this is a dealer centric business and you must do your business through one of their dealers. Picture on the right is of one of their Custom Designed Homes. I found one cabin under 1000 SF called "The Waco" a 768 SF floor plan.

    ►American Log Homes located in Charlotte, North Carolina has been a leader in the log home industry for many years. Our Management staff has a combined 70 years of log home experience. Manufacturing a quality log home and service is number one. Our marketing and drafting departments are committed to providing our dealers the wealth of knowledge and industry experience American Log Homes has gained through the years. American Log Home's drafting department provides modification assistance on our 25 standard plans and has the flexibility to design and customize the home of your dreams. American Log Homes does not sell directly to the public, only through our dealer network. Our trained dealers are armed with extensive construction knowledge and are able to answer questions and inform customers on our log homes. American Log Homes are constructed with only native southern yellow pine kiln dried logs. The logs can be cut flat or round inside at no additional cost. The 6in high by 8in wide kiln dried, heart of the tree logs, provides you high "R Value" insulation, and virtually a maintenance free "Dream Home".◄
  2. Champlain Model Cabin COUNTRY LOG HOMES   This business is located in the state of Massachusetts. They specialize in totally precut log home packages. Picture on the right is of their: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 968 SF Champlain Model in the Sportman's Series section of their website. Country Log Homes offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on its log material – as long as you apply an exterior preservative according to the treatment schedule that they outline.

    Big Selection of Mens & Womens Watches ►Country Log Homes has been recognized as an innovator in log home building systems since we were established in 1978. As we work to provide the highest quality log home package possible, our customers continue to benefit from our decades of log home construction experience. Some of our competitors also benefit – a number of similar log construction systems are now available to their customers as well! Simply put, Country Log Homes provides the mostly fully precut log package available on the log home market today! All of your wall logs, gable logs, log rafters and log floor joists will arrive precut to the proper length and numbered to fit in a certain location in your log home. The notching required for installation of these components is also done at our factory. Your window and door openings will be precisely precut as will all of your corner intersection logs. These two items are among the patented log construction features developed by Country Log Homes. While some other companies imply that they offer a "ready to assemble" log package your logs may actually arrive cut into "random lengths". There will be no precut corner system and no precut window and door openings. You or your builder will be responsible for cutting each and every log to its proper length and for accurately locating and cutting your window and door openings and your corner intersection system. These cuts are among the most critical in proper log home construction. While these companies insist that a "random length" log package increases design flexibility, it actually dramatically increases both your log home construction cost and time frame. It also increases the likelihood of costly job site cutting errors and improper fit.◄
  3. Jackson Mill Jubilee Cabin MOUNTAIN STATE LOG HOMES   See the picture on the right side of this listing - It is their Jackson's Mill Jubilee Cabin, one of their small cabins available for purchase. They build big log cabins and also will build smaller homes as well. They are located in West Virginia.

    ►Welcome to Mountain State Log Homes, Inc. Thank you for visiting us! We design and produce top quality log home packages and deliver nationwide. To date we've produced and delivered over 1,400 log home packages around the nation. We offer FREE Custom Designing and Changes to our Stock Plans in our Log Home Material Packages. We have Mill Direct Pricing, as we Mill our Logs, thus saving our Customers in building a Log Home. For over a century the Craig family of central West Virginia have been involved in forestry, acquiring, milling and delivering the forest products used in log homes. Responding to customer requests for quality log home materials, Ronald Craig and his son Stephen, founded Mountain State Log Homes in 1978. Today, having produced and delivered more than 1,400 log home packages from its location in Ireland, West Virginia, MOUNTAIN STATE continues to enhance its reputation for excellence in design, materials and service. It's a family tradition of excellence you can rely on when you come to MOUNTAIN STATE for the log home of your dreams. In 2008 a move was made to Jane Lew, West Virginia, which is about 25 miles from our previous location. Along with a new production facility we have two new buildings available for viewing. Our offices are now housed in a beautiful 4100 square foot Log Home and are easily accessed off of I-79 in Lewis County. Increased accessibility and having greater control over the manufacturing process continues our family tradition of excellence in delivering log home products. When you come to Mountain State Log Homes, you can expect the quality and service our family has built upon for over a century.◄
  4. Deer Creek COUNTRYMARK LOG HOMES   This business located in Vevay, Indiana. The smallest cabin i could find was their model called: "Huron" a 1025 SF, 2-Story, 2 Beds, 2 Baths cabin. Picture on the right is of their: "Deer Creek", a 1232 SF Cabin.

    ►Countrymark- Energy Efficient Hybrid & Timber Frame Log Homes. Whether you are searching for a design to fit a wooded surrounding, Lake Front setting or looking for classy roadside appeal, Countrymark Log Homes can custom design the home of your dreams. At Countrymark Log Homes, providing high quality, affordable, energy efficient hybrid log homes is our top priority. We offer hand-hewn, appalachian rustic, and round log profiles creating superior authenticity and eye appeal. Our Hewn Profile is handcrafted in a local Amish community here in Southern Indiana. Countrymark Log Homes designs, manufactures and sells hybrid log homes, timber frame homes and conventional style log home systems. We provide full Hybrid Log Home Packages at very competitive prices. Our systems combine advanced construction techniques with superior old world craftsmanship. From designing your dream home through construction, Countrymark Log Homes can assist you every step of the way. Countrymark Log Homes utilizes the latest 3D software to design your new affordable, energy efficient hybrid log home. We offer design consultation through face to face, phone and web meetings. You will be able to easily visualize your design in 3D on your own computer. Manufacturing the log home of your dreams: We take pride in delivering only the best craftsmanship. Our system offers hand-hewn, Appalachian rustic & round profiles creating superior authenticity & eye appeal. See our Log Home Profiles section in the photo gallery for pictures of our different corner systems and log profiles. Our corner system offers the authentic log appearance you want in your New Log Home. As the manufacturer, we can offer a very competitive cost effective system. Let us quote your Log Home today.◄
  5. CUTTING EDGE METALS (4 Aug 17) Here's what looks like a good resource for those of you needing someone to do some metal work / blacksmith type work for you. They do ornamental iron work.

    ►Whether you like quality ornamental iron, want something fabricated or need a repair, you're home. We strive to provide the best, quickest and most reasonable service and products in Duluth and the Twin Ports area. We can repair a multitude of things made from iron (steel), stainless or aluminum. We specialize in fulfilling "Off The Wall" requests. We make custom railing, gates and fencing. We also make custom brackets of all kinds. Wrought iron fireplace accessories, yard art, garden art, weather vanes, wall art, window crosses, candle holders, flower boxes, planters, trellises and more. All of our pieces are handmade, not mass produced. Cutting Edge Metals strives to give you the best quality possible. Everything is hand built from scratch out of Duluth, Minnesota and shipped straight to your home or business with pride. We also offer local pick up and delivery. With over 15 years of experience, we are confident that you will receive a piece that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. We are excited to offer you real, quality pieces at a fair price. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Thank you again for visiting our site. ◄
  6. Native Style Log Cabin ROCKY MOUNTAIN LOG HOMES   This business is based in Athens, Tennessee. Nice photo gallery here. Many nice pictures of interior finishes. They do a lot of beautiful work. They have quick delivery homes as well as handcrafted homes. They have another website called "" and on it i found this cabin deal: "Sagebrush Cabin Special: Ready for delivery today! $29,500 in 10in Handcrafted Round Logs". I think they will build a log cabin under 1000 SF.

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    ►We understand that building a new home isn't just one of the largest financial investments you'll make in your lifetime. It's a decision that will impact you and your family for years to come. Every design consideration, from the location to the log style, will ultimately influence the way your home lives and the way you live in it. Choosing the right company to work with is imperative to your project's success. That's where Rocky Mountain Log Homes comes in. Rocky Mountain Log Homes was founded in 1974 in the heart of western Montana's Bitterroot Valley. Over the past three decades we've become one of the most trusted names in the industry. We are a proud member of the Log Homes Council, a part of the National Association of Home Builders. Our log home manufacturing plant is one of the most advance in the world, and we're the only log home industry member that has a Society of American Foresters certified Forester on staff. But the thing we are most proud of is our belief that every log home should be as unique as its owner.◄
  7. Sample of Product PIONEER LOG HOMES OF BC   This is a source of big beautiful log homes. However, they also have a small inventory of smaller cabin plans under 1000 SF. Real nice looking stuff. Also, should mention that they have participated in the "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" and have some very beautiful projects. Be sure and read their "Ten Commandments" page. I think these people contacted me because they said i had duplicate content and they were worried about Google giving them lower rankings on the internet search engine results. In the past i have heard people say that duplicate content is OK as long as it is not "Plagiarizing" content which my copy off peoples website is not. I do not claim to use other peoples material as my own original writing, but sometimes i do in a harmless way. The golden rule is followed always in developing these websites.
  8. Open House Model HOMESTEAD LOG HOMES   This business is based in Medford, Oregon. Their website features mostly large homes well over 1000 SF, but they do build small cabins. In fact, they have a model called: 600 SF Koala Bear cabin, but i could not find any pictures of it. Picture on the right is of their new model home.

    ►Homestead Log Homes has been a leading manufacturer and builder in this industry since 1978. As a long standing member of the International Log Builder's Association Tom & Jim are passionate about producing top quality log home kits at affordable prices. Their main area of marketing is to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. But, over seventy packages have been shipped overseas to Japan, including a custom 5,000 SF log restaurant three years ago to Tokyo. Some of their interesting customers to date are Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Duffy, Clint Eastwood and James Brolin. "We try to build homes the way we know we would want them," says Jim. "Big, hand-crafted logs, through bolt fasteners and state of the art saddle-notched, shrink-to-fit corners." Educated log home buyers can see the difference between a fully pre-assembled package re-erected at their site, or simply logs cut with a notch on one end, dropped off next to the foundation. Homestead sells factory direct with no dealers or middlemen and offers a full color, 96 page brochure with prices and a 20 minute DVD video. A log building seminar is put on each October and March, for customers to view the manufacturing and pre-assembly process. The new model is 5 minutes from Medford and open six days a week.◄
  9. Log Home Model BIG FOOT LOG AND TIMBER HOMES   This company located in British Columbia, Canada. They offer cabin/home building almost worldwide. They are looking for international dealers. They offer log cabin floor plans under 1000 SF. They will build small cabins. They offer log home packages.

    ►At Big Foot Log and Timber Homes, we are committed to fulfilling our customer's dream of a home that fits their unique lifestyle. We manufacture our log and timber homes right here in British Columbia, Canada, and we sell and ship our high-quality log and timber homes around the globe. Our international sales team provides outstanding support to our customers around the globe. Our products include milled log, handcrafted log and timber frame homes. Our high standards for quality and service are well known in the marketplace. Big Foot is the only company in North America within our industry that has ISO certification and is a manufacturing and sales company of high-quality log and timber homes backed with a record of more than 5000 house sales since being established in 1995. Big Foot offers a broad range of products that enables you to design a home to fit your lifestyle by offering unique hybrid products and custom designs. By using modern CNC technology we offer cutting edge pre-cut house packages that will reduce your overall construction costs. Big Foot offers a well refined design support system that takes your rough concept and allows you to visualize your dream home. We support your dream globally with an experienced and dedicated sales team.◄
  10. The Kleisner Custom Home BEAVER MOUNTAIN LOG & CEDAR HOMES   This company is based in Hancock, New York. All of the homes displayed on their website are of the larger variety, well over 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of the "The Kleisner Custom Home", the smallest home on their website it looks to me.

    ►With Beaver Mountain's custom-built luxury log homes and timber Frame homes, you get the very best. Over the last 30 years, Beaver Mountain has helped more than 2,000 clients turn their vision of unique and custom log homes into reality. We're with you every step of the way. At Beaver Mountain, we see no reason to have you take on the project of building a log cabin home. That's why we provide all the expertise needed to guide you through the entire process, from the initial design phase right up until moving day. You can rely on us to get your new dream log home designed, built and ready for move-in. On Food Stamps? You'll appreciate our comprehensive advisory service that includes architectural log homes design assistance, building site evaluations, analyzing various log homes builders approaches and costs, dealing with building codes, and much more. With Beaver Mountain on your side, you have an objective resource for any aspect of the log cabin home building process. We even offer complete interior design services to ensure your new log home is as elegant on the inside as it is on the outside. Just sit back and relax, and we'll take care of all the details. Featuring an innovative and cost-saving approach to building luxury log cabins. The building process and the ultimate cost of your luxury log cabin home are often impacted by the builder having to cut and fit together a variety of unique materials. These can include large timbers, massive log beams, stone, etc. Our unique process pre-engineers and pre-cuts materials well in advance for the builder, which helps them easily stay on schedule. Whether we are building log cabin mansions or a cozy log cabin house, the process is time-test and very effective, making the construction process smoother than most log home builders in the industry. This all translates to very happy log home builders. Beaver Mountain's innovative process delivers eco-friendly, energy efficient custom homes. Schedule a Log and Timber Frame Home Consultation Today. Contact our expert advisers today for a consultation to review your luxury log home plans and to discuss how we can make it all possible. Call Kellie at 1-800-233-2770.◄
  11. Alta Classic II Model ALTA LOG HOMES   Located in Halcottsville, New York. They have plan books for sale. I could not find any flour plans under 1000 SF, but i did find a lot of plans at around 1000+ SF. They will build a custom home for you, so i am guessing you could go with a smaller home under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their "Alta Classic II".

    ►Since 1971 Alta Log Homes has been a leader in the industry because it provides a top quality crafted home with the most extensive design flexibility in the industry. Alta log homes are as much at home in the back woods of the country as they are in the heart of bustling suburban communities.

    The contemporary styling of Alta Log Homes is very much attuned to today's lifestyles - whether for large families, dual career or retirement couples, single men and women, or "empty-nesters." They are also great for those seeking the perfect weekend or vacation home. Our log homes are as distinctive and individual as the people who own them. Some are traditional and rustic, others are formal and elegant. Their design versatility is one of the reasons people love them so much! We use Eastern White Pine, which has superior insulation value and resists shrinkage and checking. (Western Red Cedar also available). Each log is finely machined for smoothness, and notches are precisely cut for a tight, correct fit. Our quality control staff, under the leadership of a full-time Quality Control Supervisor, rejects any component that doesn't meet our rigid standards. Logs, however, are only one component of the complete Alta log home system. Each element - from windows to laminated ridge beams - is carefully specified by our demanding engineers and designers to provide the same superior quality and durability as the rest of the system. Alta Log Homes offers a lifestyle choice. It's the choice that countless homeowners throughout the nation have made over the past 35 years. It's a choice we know is right for you and your family. When it's time to come home . . . Come home to Alta. Alta's commitment to quality and "Sophisticated Log Home Design" has been recognized with numerous awards. More importantly, customer satisfaction is consistently excellent. Please take the time to browse our floor plans on-line. For more information you can contact our Authorized Alta Log Home Builders / Dealers or to speak with a representative, contact us today!◄
  12. North Fork Cabin LAZARUS LOG HOMES   Based in Whitefish, Montana they have over 300 designs of log cabins which can be modified by the customer. They will build smaller under 1000 SF cabins for you. Picture on the right is of their "North Fork Cabin" with 760 SF priced at approximately $39,000.00. Nice colorful website here.

    ►This Is The Best Time To Build! Interest rates are low. Labor is more plentiful, and cheaper. We have the best log home packages with free custom design out there, period. Compare our wholesale, direct to the customer approach to any log home sale or special log home price, and you will see we beat our competitors with much higher quality, much lower prices, and with the strongest wall, the fastest setup, and you can build them or have them built. First and foremost, we work quickly and efficiently on your project. We start with a plan you like, modify it to your liking (yours or ours), and price it to fit your budget. We design every home, bid it, package and ship it in weeks, not seasons. We have the lowest price you will find. Period. Our materials package is the finest out there. Our logs are drier than any of our competitors. Why? We use natural dried trees from high elevation, dry climate forest fires and windswept alpine ridges in Montana. Our unique climate makes our logs lighter to handle, settle less, harder (we use slow-growth high elevation timber), and are fully checked, making lower maintenance (stain penetrates dry logs best), stronger and better walls than any kiln dried, air dried or dry standing logs on the market. They also are prettier with unreal color. ◄
  13. Bear View 578 SF Cabin BATTLE CREEK LOG HOMES   This company has a real nice picture gallery. They also sell cabins with floor plans under 1000 SF. They are based in the state of Tennessee. Picture on the right is of their little 578 SF cabin called: "Bear View". At the date of this listing they have a 1200 SF promotional cabin called the "Walnut" model for sale at a greatly reduced price of $30,000.

    ►Battle Creek Log Homes is a family-owned and operated, full-service, company that has been designing, building and constructing log homes for more than twenty years. Founded in Alabama in the early 70's then moving, the company has since moved to its current location, in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. Battle Creek strives to maintain the art of log home building that has been a tradition in the south for generations, while utilizing the latest technologically-advanced building techniques the modern world has to offer. This combination of old world craftsmanship and modern day advancements makes a Battle Creek Log Home one of the finest quality homes in the industry today. Battle Creek starts each and every home with hand selected, kiln dried, eastern white pine. Eastern White Pine is renowned for its high "R-value," superior stability, limited shrinkage, and beautiful grain. It is also lightweight and easily stained in a wide variety of colors. For these reasons, Eastern White Pine is the wood of choice for all Battle Creek Log Homes.◄
  14. Sample of Product BAKER CREEK LOG HOMES   Baker Creek Log Homes is located in Bozeman, Montana. By the looks of some of their pictures, they will build some small cabins, maybe. I think this is a very local business and they probably service Bozeman and surrounding area it seems.

    ►We are a group of Montana craftsmen committed to building sturdy, finely-tuned homes which exceed the highest industry standards. Our success is grounded in the expertise and integrity of our staff, from the apprentices to the journeymen to the project managers. As translators of two-dimensional renderings we continue to earn the trust and respect of the architects with whom we work. Our ability to faithfully interpret and execute a design coupled with our communication skills creates an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation between Owner, Architect and Builder. This in turn makes integrating any changes that might arise open and seamless. We use our own people to do all of a project's structural work. This allows us to maintain our rigorous quality control. For the mechanical, electrical and ancillary trades, we only use proven, local subcontractors with whom we have long-standing relationships. Finally, our own people complete all of the home's finish work, ensuring adherence to our strict standards. We are hands-on builders, not merely construction managers. And our professionalism coupled with our staff's extensive knowledge and experience guarantees the successful completion of our projects. We look forward to working with you.◄
  15. Hiawatha Cabin HIAWATHA LOG HOMES   This business has a lot of different designs to choose from including a series of cabins under 1000 SF. They are located in the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan. Picture on the right is of their little cabin: 384 SF (16ft x 24ft) "The Chippawa" model.

    Honda Genuine Parts ►At Hiawatha Log Homes we design dreams, one home at a time. Whether you're looking for a custom log home or summer cabin, we offer a variety of packages, each uniquely designed with you in mind. Regardless of your vision you can rely on Hiawatha Log Homes, where we make anything possible. All of our Northern Red Pine and Northern White Cedar logs are carefully harvested and manufactured, delivering you unsurpassed quality. At Hiawatha Log Homes we are confident in the quality of our materials and offer a twenty five year warrant to ensure that you are too. In addition to our premium products, we also pride ourselves on offering outstanding service. From selecting the perfect logs to designing your custom floor plan, Hiawatha Log Homes is committed to helping you every step of the way. If you're ready to bring your dreams to life, contact Hiawatha Log Homes located in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Our team of log home experts is standing by, ready to help you design the custom log home or vacation cottage that you've been fantasizing about. Just bring us your dreams and we'll deliver.◄
  16. Sample of Log Cabin LITTLE CEDAR LOG HOMES   This business is based in Stockton, Missouri. They will build and design small cabins under 1000 SF floor space. This is what looks like to me a homemade website with lots of information about their home based business.

    ►Thank you for visiting Little Cedar Log Homes! We are a small family business specializing in the construction of cedar log homes and cabins. We offer our full range of services up to a turn-key home for locations within an approximate 2 hour radius of our home base near Stockton, Missouri, and shell homes and log siding installation for distances greater than two hours from Stockton. We have over 25 years of experience in the construction business, most of it building log homes. We also do frame construction (with log siding or conventional siding), additions, remodeling, and more . . . But we really love building log homes! Please feel free to call us on our office line (660-851-1517) or Alan's cell phone (417-955-0660) if you have any questions or wish to discuss your project. We sell many of the products we manufacture for our log homes. Cedar house logs, square logs, log siding, and dimensional lumber can be shipped directly to you. Please visit our products pages for information and pricing on specific items! We are not a dealer for a national franchise, nor do we sell or assemble kits. We are a self-contained log home business. When you call us, you are speaking to the owner, builder and manager. We personally complete or oversee every aspect of the construction of your home, from selecting and milling the logs to varnishing and installing the final piece of trim. Our goal is to build a high quality log home for a reasonable price. We strive for perfection and attend to every detail. We build our log homes one at at time, devoting our time and energy to getting one home finished before starting another. An average log home takes six to eight months to complete.◄
  17. Lee Woods Cabin KOSKI LOG HOMES   This is a small business located in the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan. They do not have any dealers - but, their market area is the entire lower 48 states of the US. They build your log home on their own lot then ship the completed home to your location. I imagine they can build just about any size cabin you desire up to 32ft x 44ft. They do not have "Kit Homes" or pre-fab homes that the customer can put up themselves.

    ►We are custom builders, therefore the floor plans that we have are a just a sampling of what we have built. You are not limited to using just these plans. We can work with you in designing a plan to suit your needs or we can work from a floor plan of your choosing from another company. The largest rectangle we build is 32ft x 44ft. If you want a larger home there would have to be jogs in the log walls - more corners - We build using the handcrafted Scandinavian full-scribe method with the scarf notch, and using full length logs only, no butt joints (logs are not butted up to one another end to end.) We build with red and/or white pine in sizes ranging from 12in to 36in in diameter, customer's choice of log species and log size. We sell Dried logs - lengths up to 50 feet, diameters 8 to 10 inch tips, 12-14 inch butts. We also sell Dried half-log stair treads, spindles, rails and posts. We highly recommend Sikkens wood finishes for both inside and outside our homes and we are a dealer of the product.◄
  18. Log Home MOOSE MOUNTAIN LOG HOMES   Wow! This business does some very beautiful work! Anyway, they have a lot of information on their site in the form of videos, pictures of projects, instructional material, educational material. I guess you could call them a full service log home/cabin company. This is an interesting comment they made on their website: "There is only one roof factor that will assist in achieving exceptional log joinery results; the heaviest roof possible! The best options are sod, natural slate, or concrete tile. In our experience, light weight roofs (shingle, shake or metal etc.) are not for log homes!"

    Cigarettes My Man►The craft of log construction dates back thousands of years prior to today's instant mass-produced conventional housing. Throughout history, those builders who did strive to improve on the contemporary standards of their day and succeeded, became the true learned craftsmen of log builders. Their achievements then became the new standards of excellence. Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. has made significant, perhaps even drastic improvements on the Scandinavian Full Scribe techniques, commonly referred to as the Swedish or Scandinavian Cope, and we would like to have the opportunity to prove it, beyond any doubt, to you. These improvements are so advanced they justified our patenting them throughout North America and the results are so superior we can warrant our patented log joinery to remain air and weather tight, without the need to chink or caulk ever. If in your search for your home's log crafter, you insist on viewing homes lived in for a minimum of three and preferably closer to five years, you will be able to develop an accurate comparison of log building techniques. The visual comparison of log joinery precision with the absence of caulking or chinking together in discussions with those owners, of their home's year round comfort and their builder's service, will provide a clearer picture of what is true quality and value far better than any glossy 4-color brochure. At Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc., we know that your findings will undoubtedly match those of our previous clients who painstakingly have put Moose Mountain to the test against all other log home manufacturers. However, joinery alone won't create a timeless work of art, you need superior quality logs and a sculptor's vision to take a two-dimensional drawing and be able to craft that into a setting that people dream of calling home. As President of Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. since 1978, I personally select, deep in the tall, extremely slow growing Northern Canadian Forests, forests that are in the climax of their life's cycle, the exceptional quality logs we demand. When you are ready to begin transforming your dream of a log home into reality, we have the experienced draftsman/designer or architect to help you develop your expectations to the requirements of any building code, and we are the craftsmen who can carve the best of what the forests offer, into a meticulously sculptured, one of a kind, work of art that will be treasured for generations to come. I guarantee that in your search for the best value for your investment, you will not be able to find a better or even comparably built log home than what Moose Mountain Log Homes is offering.◄
  19. 12ft x 16ft log cabin MOORETOWN MILL   It seems that the main product of this business is selling lumber, metal roofing, siding, etc. but they have available log home/cabin kits, some smaller than 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their 12ft x 16ft log cabin kit.

    ►Located in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania near the unforgettable Ricket's Glen State Park, Mooretown Mill is owned and operated by Brian O'Keefe. Twenty five years ago Brian had a dream of carving out the land and creating a successful sawmill. Here at Mooretown Sawmill, we have blueprints available to help you decide what size of a Log Home you would like. Our base log home is a 24ft by 40ft. You have the advantage of choosing the various features you would like added to you home; such as porches,dormers, loft area or even add another bedroom and bath upstairs. You are the designer and we provide the products to fill you needs. Log home Kits start with our base model of 24ft by 40ft. After looking at the blueprints we have available you can choose many additions to the base model. Additions such as porches, dormers, decks, loft area rooms, help make the log home of your dreams. You provide the ideas we provide the material. ◄
  20. Log Home with nice big windows! MOOSE LOG HOMES   In spite of the fact that this business has built very large and beautiful log homes, they do have a floor plan list which consists of smaller under 1000 SF cabins. So, hurrah for them.

    ►Moose Log Homes is a factory-direct supplier of logs and log home components. Established in 1982, we have 30 years of experience providing builders with premium log and timber products, while also catering to the do-it-yourselfer to help them accomplish their dream of building their own home. We exclusively mill Eastern White Pine. We do this because it is the best species of wood for the application.
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    We do not mill Eastern White pine because it is the species closest to our mills; instead, we moved our mills to be closer to this magnificent tree and its abundant supplies in the US East. Among the many desirable characteristics of Eastern White Pine, one is that it is listed by the US Department of Agriculture wood products laboratory as having the least amount of radial shrinkage as any species of wood used as an engineering material. To the right is a chart showing some of the more common species of wood used in log construction and their shrinkage percentages. Along with the lack of shrinkage, Eastern White Pine is very stable. It experiences the least amount of dimensional change as a result of shrinking or swelling within moisture content limits of (again) any species of wood used as an engineering material. Another desirable aspect of Eastern White Pine is that it is more decay resistant than other pine species.◄
  21. The Trapper Log Cabin SIERRA LOG HOMES   This business based in Chico, California, does have some small cabin plans. Picture on the right is of their small cabin called "The Trapper". Our "Trapper 16x20ft model in 4x8in Red Cedar Tuscan Timber for $14,950 has been a huge hit and an awesome value"!

    ►Sierra Log Homes is a California Corporation (established in 1992 by Larry & Sheri Trimboli). Over the years, Sierra has grown to become California's premier log home company. Sierra has also evolved into successfully establishing three distinct divisions: Log home manufacturing, 3D photo realistic design & engineering, and materials packaging. We believe that by controlling design, production and packaging, we can provide our clients with the flexibility to utilize our services and products in the manner that best serves them. Also to provide those services in a format that eliminates stress and anxiety and yield the most cost effectiveness. Quality and beauty is the focus of what Sierra produces and designs, but personal service is the foundation of the company. Our credo: It's all about the client . . . We understand that log homes are something special, and they bring out something different in every person who experiences them. To some they represent the romance of the past, and to others the appeal lies in their warmth and charm. The common element is that each log home is unique in both style and feel, which is the perfect recipe for your log home dream. Our job is to make it happen!◄
  22. Little Bear Peak MODERN LOG HOMES   From what i can tell on their website, they service mostly Colorado & the lower part of Wyoming which is right next to Northern Colorado. The smallest floor plan i could find is the 1500 SF "Little Bear Peak" which is pictured at the right.

    ►Modern Log Homes is a Colorado company that understands the challenges particular to this region. When you choose a Colorado Modern Log home, you choose a Colorado custom log home builder with 25 years experience and over 450 custom log homes built in Colorado. At Modern Log Homes of Colorado, we think the plan should be yours. Each home is as individual as you are. You will not have to
    settle for a pre-packaged home. You can visit our show home to help you visualize room sizes and finishes. Bring along a sketch of your dream home and we will help you with the details. We can help you decide what fits best on your building site and into your budget. Modern Log Homes can provide you with a variety of log home choices. Whether you choose 12in round hand-peeled Swedish cope, or 8in x 8in "D" style for your logs, you can rest assured that you are choosing the highest quality kiln dried and milled logs available. Our proven log wall system is state of the art and second to none. Whether you are in Breckenridge, Grand Lake, Steamboat Springs, Denver or any other city in Colorado we will provide you with the log home design of your dreams. A custom log home could be just the thing to suit your home building needs. The Modern Log Homes concept is to provide you with the highest quality materials and custom log home design assistance for a home that is as unique and individual as you are. Because we help you design your log home, you will save the thousands of dollars that an architect would charge in designing custom log homes. When you want a first class design and concept for your log home in Colorado, call the Colorado home builders at Modern Log Homes. Whatever your choices, your Modern Log Home will give you pleasure, meet your needs and compliment your lifestyle. At Modern Log Homes, we're not happy until you are.◄
  23. Log Home RIPPLECRAFT LOG HOMES   This company based in the state of Michigan ships log home kits worldwide. On their website they do have examples of some very beautiful log homes they have built. Also, they do have at least two floor plans under 1000 SF. They also do custom design work.

    ►RippleCraft Log Homes is a premier producer of high quality log homes and log home components such as our bleedless Half-Log Siding, log profiles, log home trim, rustic pine floor and roof decking, and both plain and pre-finished tongue and groove paneling. RippleCraft Log Homes is also a seller of other high quality building products such as windows and doors, stains, fasteners, and chinking. Read about our Rippled Splining which provide the tightest log interface in the business.
    Check out our Interlocking Corners to see why they are so incredibly strong, stable and resistant to air penetration. Read about our Kiln Drying process and why using dry timbers to build your home will help to make your home more stable and worry free. Also, make sure and check out our all-new Early American Dovetail Log! Since 1981, RippleCraft Log Homes has been producing homes both distinctive in appearance and distinguished by their quality. At the heart of our success is the application of superior engineering and common sense in response to the problems that have plagued the log home since man first discovered that trees could be used to build shelter. If you have been looking to find the right log home manufacturer for some time now, you have probably found yourself faced with more manufacturers and more product choices than you realized were even available. Many people become frustrated by the process because of endless manufacturer claims about who and what is best. How many brands of log homes can really be the best? We want you to become educated during this process, not simply numbed by it. We know you have many options in choosing a log home manufacturer, and we want you to be comfortable with your ultimate choice after you have made what might be the biggest purchase of a lifetime. A truly educated person will have to understand wood species, drying processes, joinery systems, manufacturing techniques, energy efficiency standards, and maintenance demands. While this may seem like a monumental task, most people find it to be a labor of love. In fact, it is usually these processes of discovery and design that give log home buyers a feeling of ownership that is rarely equaled by owners of other types of homes. We want this website to draw your interest toward a log home manufacturer that believes there is a right way and a wrong way to manufacture a log home. If we are able to convince you that we are a special kind of company, we hope that you feel that a phone call or visit to us is warranted. ◄
  24. Honeymoon Cabin Model SENTY HANDCRAFTED LOG HOMES   This business is located in the state of Minnesota. They have at least one floor plan under 1000 SF, it's called the "Gunflint" a 970 SF cabin. Picture on the right is of their "Honeymoon Cabin". All of their work is custom, so anything they have in their inventory can be modified to suit your needs.

    ►As master builders of handcrafted log homes, we know what it takes to create the best log structures available on the market. Not only is it important to be educated and experienced in the latest, most advanced techniques of log construction, but it is also important to understand how the log construction and general contracting of a home fit together to create a log home work of art. As a husband and wife team, we have been building log structures since 1981. We work directly on site with our highly skilled craftsmen, to make sure each and every SENTY log structure carries our signature of the highest quality and excellence in craftsmanship available in log construction today. After all, our finished product is our reputation. We often build with red pine and some white pine. Both grow locally and run in the 14in to 18in butt size. Smaller sizes are available for the more traditional old north woods look, and occasionally logs in the larger 20in butt size for a more massive look. For the most cost effective project that maintains lasting quality, red pine or white pine is a good choice. For summer cabins and year round residences, both requiring lasting quality and joint tightness, the double scribe lateral cut and scarfed saddle notch, with an under scribed notch, gives lasting quality. Periodically log home design issues, local traditions, or the comfort level of our customers, knowing their home will shrink from three to five inches, has us recommending a dry log. For this purpose we recommend western red cedar, and when available, either lodgepole pine or Englemann spruce. Although log buildings constructed of dry logs do shrink, the movement is less than that of green logs. We ship the raw logs in from the west. These logs are obtained through several major industry log suppliers, whose volume and size gives us reliable sources. Of all the logs we offer, western red cedar is known as the best building log available anywhere, because of its structural stability, low shrinkage, and insect and rot resistance. Cedar is available in several size classes, and comes graded to ANSI standards. It is a beautiful wood and takes a stain with a beauty all its own. If you are planning to build using the best logs available anywhere, this is the choice of preference . . .◄
  25. Log Cabin in Idaho SALMON RIVER CONSTRUCTION   They have two categories of log buildings: Log Homes & Log Cabins. There is not a lot of material on their website and some of the pages are incomplete. But there is enough information to get a general idea of what they have to offer. And it looks like they will probably build cabins under 1000 SF.

    ►As you browse this site you will find examples of our work on frame houses, log homes & cabins, remodeling projects, additions, decks, and information on our steel buildings alone with the specs.

    Our profession craft persons are friendly, produce quality work, and are fast working. These people are the best of the best in the Salmon/Lemhi Valley. You will not only be satisfied with the work but also the prices. We wont cut corners to sacrifice the quality but we will do the job without inflating the price. Let us give you a quote, check our references, look at our work, talk to people we have worked for and compare all that with other contractors. We are sure you will find that we can provide more quality for less dollar and in a much a more timely manner than any other contractor can offer you in the valley. There is no job too small or too big for us to handle. Whether it is a new home, log home, deck, add a room, remodel a room, garage, shop, dog house, horse arenas, barns, warehouse, air craft hanger, wine cellar or just some repair work. What ever you need we can build it.◄
  26. Well Lighted Log Home Model TIMBERHAVEN LOG HOMES   This company has dealers around the US, i mean like possibly hundred of dealers, a very long list. They have some stock plans, smallest a little over 1300+ SF. I could not find any plans under 1000 SF, but they will probably custom build a less than 1000 SF cabin. They also do custom design.

    ►Manufactured in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania, Timberhaven Log Homes, LLC is your choice for quality, affordable kiln-dried log homes and cabins. With the most highly trained and skilled professionals in the log home industry, Timberhaven Log Homes has an employee average of 22 years experience producing quality kiln-dried log homes and cabins. We take great time and energy to make sure that every attention to detail has been met to give you the best value there is in log home living. Our log home manufacturing process sets us apart in the log home industry. All our solid and laminate logs are kiln-dried to offer nothing but the best quality log homes and log cabins in the industry. Click here to see why Timberhaven Log Homes is the right choice for your custom kiln-dried log home. At Timberhaven Log Homes we understand that the log home industry impacts the environment and we take steps to ensure the future. Sustainabilty matters at Timberhaven Log Homes and our actions show it. Timberhaven Log Homes has experienced representatives across the United States to help you through the design and building process.◄
  27. Log Home Exterior PECO LOG HOMES   This business is based in British Columbia, Canada - But, they do log home building all over the world. They have homes in Japan. And in Texas. They mention the word "Cottage" on their website, so maybe they build smaller homes, but most stuff on their website looks to be in the larger range.

    ►We are a Canadian company located in Penticton, British Columbia. We have been in business since 1979. The president, Peter Rasmussen has over 25 years of experience and is dedicated to helping you build your dream home, cabin or cottage. We serve all of North America, and Western Europe. Quality of craftsmanship and integrity of structure are combined with uniqueness and aesthetic balance with the natural surroundings to create the perfect home for you. Our commitment to these standards has provided us with a worldwide customer base with whom our reputation lies. We are an honest company with a sincere desire to give you the best that can be offered in a unique log home that you will always be proud of. We exclusively build beautiful handcrafted log homes ( we do not build turnkey or kits ), all of our logs are hand peeled for a natural authentic look. Our log home builders assemble the frame for your log home at our construction yard, and reassemble on location at your building site. At Peco we believe that happy customers are our greatest asset. We hope to work with you.◄
  28. Log Cabin Front View QUALITY LOG HOMES   This is a business located in the state of Georgia, USA. They have a fair amount of pictures displaying their craftsmanship. They are big advocates of red-heart cypress logs in the building of their homes. They sell cabin plans with floor space under 1000 SF and some are close to 1000+ SF.

    ►We Use Only Red-Heart Cypress. Red-heart cypress is nature's premier construction material for your dream home. With dense growth rings and natural resilience to rot and insects, the red-heart cypress log is unmatched in the log home industry for durability, quality, and beauty. We Deliver the Best for Less Cost. We are a debt-free company, enabling us to manufacture the world's best log home plans at a fraction of the cost you'd expect. We've been in the industry for 15 years, taking the time to build a quality business as well as a quality product. We stand by every project with our quality guarantee. We believe we can meet every expectation for your dream home, and we look forward to being your manufacturer.◄
  29. Buffalo Model Cabin PIONEER LOG SYSTEMS   Billed as the "Tennessee Log Home Builder", their website is very basic and does not display a whole lot of information, but they do have a photo gallery. Picture on the right is of their "Buffalo" 1047 SF model. This is the smallest cabin i could find on their site. They have some very nice creations though and it gives you some good information about their business. I could not find any cabins under 1000 SF on their website.

    ►Pioneer Log Systems is a manufacturer and distributor of custom log, post and beam and timber frame structures. We have over 30 years of quality and tradition in the Log Home and Timber Frame Home construction industry. We offer a wide range of log styles including hand hewn. We supply the industry with heavy timbers in eastern white pine, douglas fir, western red cedar, cypress, oak and poplar as well as reclaimed timbers. Pioneer offers a unique line of flooring products including reclaimed and antique materials. Additional products include, all types of siding, v joint, fireplace mantels, brackets and corbels. If you have an interest in any of our products please contact Pioneer Log Systems Inc. at (800) 378-5154.◄
  30. Log Cabin Front PINE RIDGE HANDCRAFTED LOG HOMES   Handcrafting log cabins is their specialty. This is another business that likes to use "Big Logs" in their cabin projects. They are members of the "Great Lakes Log Crafter Association & the International Log Builder Association". They have pictures on their website of some of their construction projects, but i could not find any mention of smaller cabin sizes like under a 1000 SF.

    ►Welcome! We would like to assist you in realizing your dream of a log home. Our handcrafted log homes are each custom built using the full-scribe method. Each log is hand peeled allowing the natural beauty of the log and its individual warmth and variance to come through. Because we live in the woods of Northern Minnesota, Mark Bookey your builder individually selects each log to be used in your new log home. He actually walks about in the woods selecting and marking each tree to be felled. We build with Minnesota Red Pine large diameter logs with 17-36 inch butts and smaller upon request. We feature a log roof system, hand-built trusses of our full round logs, mortise and tenon design pegged with wooden dowels in the old world style, log ridgepole and two purlins. We refer to experienced designers, draftsman, and architects who work to uniquely meet the needs of your personal life style. They have several plans available. Your new log home is built on our site and then moved to your ready foundation where it is reassembled — so we can go anywhere in the world! Our goal is to provide: affordable handcrafted quality to last for generations leaving behind a legacy for your children and theirs. If you have any questions please give us a call: (218) 326-9174 / Cell: (218) 244-2067.◄

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